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A Phantom's Fidelity by alphabelat
A Phantom's Fidelityby jam làion
[Fantasy] He wants her to see him. She's dying to know if he is real. He tries doing something to make her see him. She tries to recognize it... but she still can't see...
  • believe
  • fidelity
  • lollipop
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Rosebud: Nightmare or Daydream by babygirlxkayla
Rosebud: Nightmare or Daydreamby Kayla
~~ BOOK THREE IN THE ROSEBUD SERIES ~~ For most people graduating high school means getting ready to go off into the real world or the crazy world that is college, but f...
  • romance
  • exfromhell
  • lovestory
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Believe! by aspiringwriter2_
Believe!by Sheeshu
Minaal was never an outspoken girl. She did what she was asked to do. She said what she was expected to say. But in all this, she wasn't happy and she wasn't being herse...
  • voice
  • selflove
  • speaknow
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Love is Destiny (COMPLETED) by Lovelyjamero28
Love is Destiny (COMPLETED)by Lovelyjamero28
A very short kind of story! My first english translation story. I'm hoping that you'll support this also. Thank you and enjoy reading! I still believe in destiny that yo...
  • ending
  • relationship
  • wish
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Forever In One Night [Short Story] by paperstars007
Forever In One Night [Short Story]by Ishei Garduque
Anita Gardener is something else. To start off, she has this long blue colored hair and a wide variety of strange beliefs. You would even mistake her for a kid if she te...
  • romance
  • heartbreak
  • shortstory
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Overachieving equals success but can also lead to self destruction by answeringthecall
Overachieving equals success but Inspiringminds
This book takes a look at how I faced the challenges of being an over achiever through my successes and my failures.
  • believe
  • improvement
  • selfhelp
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Answer by gladys_g_n_i
Answerby 이소녀
Everyone has a problem. This story tells the experience that a girl went through. I just want to share this with you guys. ♡♡I hope you can get the lessons!!💜
  • love
  • fake
  • relate
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Snapchat  {a Justin Bieber snapchat story} by whothefuckismrdisco_
Snapchat {a Justin Bieber whothefuckismrdisco_
In which Justin Bieber replies and starts snapping with a fan of his
  • believe
  • snapchat
  • purpose
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          CONRAD'S LETTERS  by BarbaraRatliff3
CONRAD'S LETTERS by Barbara Ratliff
There's some written letters, found in an abandoned warehouse, a young woman finds them accidentally and reads them. They're just what she needs, and she can't stop read...
  • conrad
  • believe
  • choices
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SOBIA(a hausa love story) by khadyjatt
SOBIA(a hausa love story)by khadijah faransa ibrahim
Read and see for yourself.
  • believe
  • highschoolexperience
  • truelove
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TEMPTATION  by serena_kimxx
TEMPTATION by serena_kimxx
Joy Anderson a 22 y/o simple ordinary,classic and shy girl Wanted to start a new in the city of New York . After what happened to her mother joy promised to never trust...
  • love
  • beat
  • seduction
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When Left Alone... by lostyetfinding
When Left lostyetfinding
Thoughts are the one thing we can't stop on our own. They bombard us and remind us of the times when we were weak and tired. When were are left alone with our thoughts i...
  • loveyourself
  • family
  • share
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Love Comes With A Cost by BriBri6678
Love Comes With A Costby Brianna Procaccini
This is about how my life since now has sucked when it comes to love. If I could see what my heart looks likes, I'm sure it wouldn't be there at all anymore. I've hurt a...
  • believe
The  Passover I had to  cross Over     by king_lyonspoemslyons
The Passover I had to cross king_ lyonspoems
This story entails an experience I once had in my Christian journey. Although I've encountered such an experienced, it's not a conclusion of the many encounters I...
  • calm
  • writer
  • god
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Verse of the Day  by annethyst_
Verse of the Day by Miss C.
This will remind you about verses everyday. Date Starts on: June 1, 2019
  • believe
  • inspiration
  • hope
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Inspiring Lines for a Day by a_vampireknight19
Inspiring Lines for a Dayby VK19
Time to refresh your mind and inspiring lines are here to cast out all your badvibes,bad aura and darkmood.
  • inspirational
  • believe
  • determination
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I Believe in Love by aellison04
I Believe in Loveby Ashley
Based on the song by Yellow Days
  • romance
  • love
  • highschool
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Sapphire Speaks  by Just_Shavonne
Sapphire Speaks by Just_Shavonne
You can do all things because you are all things. You are thoughts, power, and energy manifested.
  • nerd
  • believe
  • born
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Meeting of the Mind Control by worldstealers
Meeting of the Mind Controlby World Stealers : A Fan Fictio...
Senate Staffer, Ms. Dumaine, is working for a former astronaut turned politician, Senator Campbell. They visit a seemingly pointless branch of the FBI, gathering researc...
  • believe
  • danascully
  • mindcontrol
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