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Wendy Darling by jmz1014
Wendy Darlingby Jackie
In this adventurous twist on Peter Pan, young fourteen her old Wendy Darling is kidnapped and is claimed to be "The truest believer". Peter is set out to get W...
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Crossing the Mind by LifesAnHourglass
Crossing the Mindby Ice
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Quran Quotes... ✓ by Binthabee
Quran Quotes... ✓by أمة الرحمن 👑
Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuh.... Alhamdulillah, we are Muslim and we believe the Quran (kareem) is revealed by ALLAH (subhana wa ta'ala) to MUHAMMAD (...
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Neverland, Heaven or hell by killstomusic
Neverland, Heaven or hellby Jade
Sarah is a neglected and often abused as she grows, her "parents" are always drunk and yelling. For many years Sarah wants to die, to be dead like her little...
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What is life? by yep_yep_i_got_choo
What is life?by yep_yep_i_got_choo
Life, what is....
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Mermaid Randomness by Emmsthemermaid
Mermaid Randomnessby Emmsthemermaid
Says it in the title
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Reality of Lies by LifesAnHourglass
Reality of Liesby Ice
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Toxic  by Creating_xx
Toxic by Creating Writes xx
Even in the rain the sun is only hiding . And even if it's months later it will still re appear .... I want to be like the sun always there , always shining just not alw...
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GOD SPEAKS🙌 by AdityaMakhija8
GOD SPEAKS🙌by Aditya Makhija
Everything happens for good. ❤❤
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It's not about kindness - it's about you! by Lady_Luci_
It's not about kindness - it's Lady_Luci_
What is inner beauty? My opinion on the matter a an entry to the Beauty and the Beast contest. Thanks if you read it!
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The Truth. by heyimkathleen
The Kathleen
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Do Mind Maps Ever End? by lucynellie
Do Mind Maps Ever End?by Lucy :)
My life used to be normal...well somewhat until that day. My life has been a crazy mind map leading everywhere since then. Will I always be alone or is there some type o...
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Why Would Anyone Love Me? (Justin Bieber FanFic) by Zaynah120
Why Would Anyone Love Me? ( Zaynaaahhh
Katie Miller your average teenager,always being good and never had a complaint but, what happens when no one knows about her past and she moves to a new place and she's...
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The Ship Of FreindShip by sahebam3923
The Ship Of FreindShipby sahebam3923
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Live up to it by JaylinMoton
Live up to itby JaylinMoton
A story about a young troubled talented basketball player
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Loving my steps walking away from things not meant for me by yasminelm4
Loving my steps walking away yasminelm4
On a Sunday evening at a high cliff, Mila finds her self drowning into the sunset with her deep mind reflections. After a few tough years, she finally realized how much...
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REMEMBERANCE by watch98726
REMEMBERANCEby watch98726
Meanwhile our run for happiness of every sort,our disapproval of God ,let us look back at him the lonely god. (the poem is completed)
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WHAT IS PRIORITIZED? by yasoosama2005
This is an entry for the Planet Or Plastic Contest.
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The fighter found a bad boy by Like44444444
The fighter found a bad boyby bitch
Alyssa is a strong girl that takes shit from no one, she has dark red hair and dark brown eyes, she is a underground street fighter that she fights for money for her fam...
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