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Dominoes+Chill-Behzinga (SMUT WARNING) by DanandPhilMania
Dominoes+Chill-Behzinga (SMUT YUMEKO WAIFU
This is a fanfic about Ethan Payne (aka Behzinga) who is a member of the sidemen. You met Ethan on tinder and had gone on a couple of dates already when he finally invit...
The Art Of Having No Idea ~ Harry Lewis  by ItsAFanThingOk
The Art Of Having No Idea ~ It's A Fan Thing Ok
Life for Sophia takes a sudden turn when Harry enters it. Shes older than him, a single mum and not into the same things he is... But they still manage find things in co...
hopeless | salia  by taliasxix
hopeless | salia by taliasxix
"yeah i know im ugly" "holy shit you're fucking gorgeous" in which one youtuber accidentally messages another and they fall hopelessly in love. STAR...
uplifting || behzinga by maisbae-
uplifting || behzingaby mais😎
bestfriends to what?.. ,,, one night, everything changes, feeling start.
his assistant | salia  by taliasxix
his assistant | salia by taliasxix
"i cant date him. im just his assistant." talia mar is looking for a job so she can send her sister to uni. she knows the sidemen are looking for a personal as...
Remember Me || Behzinga by dripkay
Remember Me || Behzingaby ☹️
"promise me you will always remember me?" ethan said as tears fell from his eyes. "fuck you." was all i managed to get out before turning around and...
Okay // KSImon by Minijide
Okay // KSImonby Minijide
°Okay, Okay, Dirty habits, Well you don't say, Don't say..° Sad/Angst Started on 24/11/19
I'm Lost Without You (Sidemen/Simon FF) by mini_simon7
I'm Lost Without You (Sidemen/ mini_simon7
Riley Evans is a famous youtuber and known for doing FIFA videos and other random stuff. When she is snooping through her moms stuff she will figure out what her mom has...
NEVER NOTICED/ KSI x wroetoshaw  by roomydolan
NEVER NOTICED/ KSI x wroetoshaw by Something:(
"No one ever thought about us so we never thought about each other" Something you wouldn't expect SHORT STORY #1 ksishaw (4-18-20) #3 kshaw (5-1-20) #13 ksimon...
The Guy I Fell For (Tbjzl/Sidemen) by mini_simon7
The Guy I Fell For (Tbjzl/Sidemen)by mini_simon7
Sophie hasn't seen her brother Ethan since bad things went down in there family. Which was some teen years ago. The only time she sees him is when she watches his videos...
Mr.lonely -wroetoshaw by Laxxashtxx
Mr.lonely -wroetoshawby no one needs to know
another day of painted walls and football on the TV. no one sees me.
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violet.ethan payne  by Sidemen101
violet.ethan payne by Sidemen101
feeling out of place for some reason
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My Best Friends Sister | Miniminter FanFiction by sidemen7katie
My Best Friends Sister | Katie x
Olivia Bradley is 20 years old, and the younger sibling of Youtube star, Joshua Bradley, also known as Zerkaa. She has been travelling for 4 years after finishing school...
The Sidemen Groupchat. by mintersmini
The Sidemen 🌩💛
Literally a groupchat with all the sidemen in and some chapters written in first person if they all decide to go out
About Last Weekend • Harry Lewis/w2s by MiniDass
About Last Weekend • Harry Lewis/ MiniDass
After an awkward first encounter with the famous YouTuber, Eleanor Walsh develops a dislike for Harry, but this quickly changes when she is helping him home from a party...
Biological by ThierSideChick05
Biologicalby Chloe Barn
Chloe, Jenna and Birgitta find out they are all related but try to figure out how............ They are from different sides of the world. How can they be sisters??
crush (1) - ethan payne by -scripts
crush (1) - ethan payneby Isabelle
he couldn't figure out why he'd never liked her... and then it all made sense. ethan payne shorts series : 1
Instagram // Harry lewis by harry1ewis
Instagram // Harry lewisby <3
Millie minter - 21 London Make sure to check out my other storys :)
Little Zerker | SDMN FF by PyroSinned
Little Zerker | SDMN FFby Lucas,,
Taylor-Jay was a young, lonely little girl. At the age of 11, her father passed away, and when she was 12, her brother ran off, leaving her with an abusive mother. Seven...