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Tales Of The Hearts❤✨ (Completed✔) by shriyashimishra
Tales Of The Hearts❤✨ (Completed✔)by Shriyashi Mishra
Falling in love is easy But being with your love for the whole lifetime is something which is not of everyone's capable.... So here presenting a story of a flirty boy an...
Destiny's Play (Completed) by Bepannah_love
Destiny's Play (Completed)by Dharini
Mahir Sehgal, the CEO of Sehgal group of Companies, didn't want to get married at any cost but due to pressure from his parents, he agreed to get married to his dad's be...
Behir SS: Till The End  by mskattie
Behir SS: Till The End by mskattie
" i don't believe in this marriage" bela said pointing towards mahir " the feeling is mutual " he replied blowing off the candle and pulling of the f...
the story of love by Kyy_family
the story of loveby Kyy_family
cover by- @yoursonly_clichegirl 5 rich brothers who hates there parents but love their sister.., 5 orphan girls who love their life a lot......1 sister of 5 over protect...
Best Friends Forever✔️ by behir_love
Best Friends Forever✔️by Behir
"Pyar dosti hai" did you hear this of course everyone does. Love is the best feeling in the whole universe, can you imagine how this feeling will became when t...
MY L❤VE HURT ME TWICE..💔 ( Tayyeba
How You Feel When The One Whom You Trust And Love Unconditionally❤❤ Broke Your Heart Not Once But Twice...💔 . . Peep To Know Such Story Of Two BestFriends...👫BEHIR...❤...
Its a compromise!!! (COMPLETED) by vpsisthename20
Its a compromise!!! (COMPLETED)by VPS
Dedicated to Behir ❤️ Mahir Sehgal a software engineer working as an SME and Team lead in a reputed IT company in Bangalore didn't want to settle down. He was simple fun...
Crush❤ [Completed]✔️ by Craziest_Soul
Crush❤ [Completed]✔️by saloni
A small and sweet story on Behir.❤
Hitler Wife ~ A Behir SS  by mahfuja_mishu
Hitler Wife ~ A Behir SS by Mahfuja Akter Mishu
He is handsome and she is cute. He is polite but she is arrogant. But she was not like this. She used to be happy, she used to love everyone. She has her parents but he...
Haa Maine Bhi Pyar Kiya Hain  by KajalPanghal4
Haa Maine Bhi Pyar Kiya Hain by Kajal Panghal
The story about three couples teeno hi main hai story main first : Abeer and mishti (misbhir) (shaheer shaike and Rhea sharma) second : Rishi and Ishika (Parl v puri and...
Behir FF : Ishq-E-Fitoor ✔️ by difaxxps
Behir FF : Ishq-E-Fitoor ✔️by DR
Bela is living happily with her husband Mahir. She used to be a girl who doesn't care about limits and society. Doing unnecessary drama is her life. What will happen w...
Saathiyaa (Completed) by The_dreamygirltales
Saathiyaa (Completed)by TheDreamyGirl
Meet the Mahir Sehgal and Bela Sharma.. they met, became friends but marriage? The had to marry, at the spot all of a sudden.. One side is mahir who wants to give a chan...
Our Journey Of Love by authorzysha
Our Journey Of Loveby Zysha
[ COMPLETED ] A behir story. Meet Mahir Seghal. The renowned businessman who doesn't have time for anything even for his family. What will happen when the workaholic gu...
je t'aime: behir one shots by UniqueNImperfect
je t'aime: behir one shotsby UniqueNImperfect
'je t'aime' is a french translation of 'I love you' and hence the main theme of all one shots here is LOVE. I can take up someone's point of view, or narrate the story...
AROUND YOU : Behir Story ✔️ by difaxxps
AROUND YOU : Behir Story ✔️by DR
It's the story of Bela who is a modern free willed girl stuck in an arrange marriage proposal from a rural landlord royal family. The supposed groom is the son of her fa...
Love in BB house by ritika_love_pearl
Love in BB houseby pearl ki deewani
L0√€ Love happens without our is also love will bloom!? ... Surbhi Jyoti: a great actress,writer,singer who is madly in love with her prince charming...
Galatfahmiyan by palak__t
Galatfahmiyanby palak__t
Veer Singhania The most powerful and feared mafia in and around Mumbai. He is a cruel and ruthless devil for the world who doesn't forgive any mistake. Bani Sharma A...
Stuck With You!! by ShammaraRiyaz
Stuck With You!!by ShammaraRiyaz
Have you ever been stuck with someone forever. I guess it's mostly a No!! But let's see What destiny has in store for Bela and Mahir. That they are Stuck with each other...
How You Feel When Your Love Ask You To Marry SomeOne Else❤...And You Get Married And Hurt That SomeOne On Your Love's Call...💔 . But What Happen When Your Love Ditch Yo...