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Ako pa naman, 'Di ba? by MissMischief_
Ako pa naman, 'Di ba?by Riyelle
"He was once mine. He was my person." "What changed?" "Everything. As cliche as it sounds, everything changed. Better, for him." "And...
Public Journal - ㄱㄹㅎ by LYNNUVERSE
Public Journal - ㄱㄹㅎby 려🌻 - 바라기
In which this author is lonely, and just wants people to talk to. (NO GUILT TRIP INTENDED-)
Fly High [L.S SHORT STORY] ✔️ by louisbeartomlinson28
Fly High [L.S SHORT STORY] ✔️by Tommo The Tease
Louis is dying but he just wants to fly.
Me and my inner self  by Stonnin2
Me and my inner self by Stone
It's mostly about how people can come out of the things which are quite common these days getting bullied,depression,harassment etc.......... This is something people sh...
My poems by seriouslydood
My poemsby seriouslydood
These are just some of the poems I have written,enjoy.
Daughter of the wilderness by MistickMage
Daughter of the wildernessby MistickMage
There is beauty in the setting sun. There's magic in the woodland glade. There are incredible things around us, if only you would stop and look. I do. I see. And I write...
The Hunger Games one shots. This one shot book explains what would happen if katniss never volunteered. If Rue never died. These would be REALLY change the trilogy. In s...
broken peices and confusing feelings  {a lesbian love story} {girlxgirl} by rose_dixon20
broken peices and confusing Rose
🏳️‍🌈LGBTQIA romance novel🏳️‍🌈 love is love dont be ashamed of who you love 🤪im to gay to think straight🤪 you are valid dont let anybody tell you otherwise homophob...
Sucess by Georgiayaaa
Sucessby Georgia
Sometimes breaking the rules will give you a better outcome then just sticking with them. You don't have to play by the rules to be or feel successful. You also don't ha...
Agonisingly beautiful by afterparty13
Agonisingly beautifulby afterparty13
A poem about struggles in life talking about mental illness.
Deals With The Devil by Hayls1313
Deals With The Devilby Hayley Badner
It hurts when it's true
Tashas Rhymes by MissFancy101
Tashas Rhymesby MissFancy101
Reveal Me Fake smiles Forced laughs Pretending to be something you really aren't Force yourselves to be happy When its just another fake piece of art Maybe the show'll e...
Welcome by muchatib__
Welcomeby muchatib
you let them tear up your soul and never ask why
   The boy who thought it was a game by buster988
The boy who thought it was a buster988
This story is about a boy who was bullied. He doesn't want to admit it to a teacher because he thinks he will be bullied more
No name yet by monekybananastyles
No name yetby Nobody to u
Hi Coming soon Updating slowly Waiting for yall actually