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Amberprice love story by Wat3rStr3am
Amberprice love storyby Brooklynn
>WARNING< this story contains strong language!! So if you don't like strong language I suggest you leave. This is a life is strange before the storm story. If Rach...
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Broken Teenagers // Chloe Price x reader by darksky144
Broken Teenagers // Chloe Price Joe mama
Chloe Price, a high school drop-out who has experienced too much loss. (y/n) Bowers, a scholarship girl whose just trying to do her best. With Rachel Ambers disappearanc...
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Amour Doux (Nathan Prescott) by KailynKms
Amour Doux (Nathan Prescott)by Kai
This story is written in the perspective of our main character, Sophie, who is an exchange student from France, going to Blackwell high. While attending Blackwell, she...
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Closer (Amberprice FF) by jesuseatsreika
Closer (Amberprice FF)by jesuseatsreika
Chloe wants to be closer to Rachel, but will she let her? Rachel wants Chloe closer too, so what's the problem? AU somewhere right after bts where Rachel realizes her la...
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The Many Faces of Rachel Amber by RavenGirl97
The Many Faces of Rachel Amberby The Raven Girl
Taking a look at all of Rachel's beautiful portraits. I swear, Rachel is such a cutie!
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Lion and Tiger ~ Amberprice by amberpriceonice
Lion and Tiger ~ Amberpriceby Ada
wip book ^^ rachel and chloe go to college together at blackwell and live in a pretty high up apartment. all is well and the most they can do is try to be happy
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The Many Faces of Chloe Price (LiS 1) by RavenGirl97
The Many Faces of Chloe Price ( The Raven Girl
Taking a look at everyone's favorite gay little rebel, Chloe Price. I apologize if I make any comments about Chloe's hotness...
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Behind the Storm & Silence by GiGlee_
Behind the Storm & Silenceby Shan Wagh
Lord Dalgleish pointed his pistol at Mr.Amrbose. He had his back to the blonde headed Lord. I snapped my head towards them. As if in slow motion, the world moved. Somewh...
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Missing: Rachel Amber  by eddiegimeno
Missing: Rachel Amber by Eddie❤️
Top #200 in Mystery/Thriller Jenna and Rachel grew up together, and experienced life at each other's hand. The older they got, the closer they seemed to get. But Rachel...
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Amberprice Drabbles/Oneshots by Megagirlgamer
Amberprice Drabbles/Oneshotsby Megagirlgamer
Some Amberprice prompts that came from the top of my head
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Amberprice: Before The Storm by Chargedlion
Amberprice: Before The Stormby Chargedlion
What was missing from the life is strange storyline. Rachel and Chloe one-shots (intended to be friendship)
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Liberosis by ArcaneGhost
Liberosisby ArcaneGhost
Rachel Amber has been crushing on Chloe Price for the longest time, but has never been able to approach her. How does she?
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Stay With Me - AmberPrice FanFiction by kaylaminecraft2
Stay With Me - AmberPrice AmberPrice4Life
Lets Just Completely Forget About Rachel In The Dark Room And That Never Happens And This Is The Ending All Amberprice Shippers Want! This Story Is Like Before The Storm...
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Chloe Elizabeth Price  by -Frxckled-
Chloe Elizabeth Price by ☜γ F☞
you, after 30 years, you, were at your friends funeral. " i-im sorry chloe.. "
before we end. - amberprice  by xclemster
before we end. - amberprice by 🧸
imagine rachel and chloe never kissed, but what happened then in the 3 years (2010-2013) before Rachel got kidnapped and killed? And how felt Chloe after all this before...
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LIS REACTS TO SHIPS by animeandgamingnerd
in the title
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Life is strange season 1/2 imagines and preferences  by nerdfuck
Life is strange season 1/2 nerdfuck🥀
Hey fellow dwellers of BlackHELL! Follow my imagines and prefsof all characters x reader. Requests are open. I do GxB GxG BxB -No Jeffershit x reader...he can only be...
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oneshots [amberprice] by lifeisdamnstrange
oneshots [amberprice]by lifeisdamnstrange
|| A collection of Amberprice oneshots ||
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My Love by bringbackrachel
My Loveby AmberPrice 4 Ever
It was Chloe who gave the best days of Rachel's life. Rachel will never forget.
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𝐄𝐱𝐢𝐭 ˢᵉᵘⁿᵍᵇⁱⁿ by SEOCAFE
𝐄𝐱𝐢𝐭 ˢᵉᵘⁿᵍᵇⁱⁿby ᵏᵃᵗᵉ ᵐᵃʳˢʰ
we could just run away and pretend that our problems never existed ©seocafe 2019 a seo changbin and kim seungmin fanfiction
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