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The Mark of a Demon (A Beetlejuice × Adam Fan Fiction) by Another_musical_fan
The Mark of a Demon (A Grace
Adam Maitland, Barbara Maitland, and Lydia Deetz have been living a normal life ever since the whole Beetlejuice incident. But when Beetlejuice starts talking to Adam th...
BeetleJuice Boyfriend Scenarios by BeetleJuice_Trash
BeetleJuice Boyfriend Scenariosby Beetle▪Juice♡
I made this because I was bored and I really was upset to see no one has done these... (I know Beetlejuice's name is spelled 'Betelguese' but I feel more comfortable wit...
Time Ends (Sequel to Timeless) by That_smol_emo_bean
Time Ends (Sequel to Timeless)by Smol Emo
The next chapter of Timeless. Years have passed, and many things have changed. The characters will embark on the adventure of a lifetime, but can they handle the powerfu...
Demons of a Different Time (A Beetlejuice Highschool AU) by Another_musical_fan
Demons of a Different Time (A Grace
Beetlejuice is the new kid at Roaring Tiger's High School. He meets a very handsome boy named Adam and tries his best to flirt his way into a new relationship. Will Adam...
The Devil on My Shoulder (Beetlejuice x Reader) by That_smol_emo_bean
The Devil on My Shoulder ( Smol Emo
(Y/N) is just a normal eighteen year old. Undecided about what she wants to do with her life, she finds herself unsure of her future, and needing a friend to lean on. L...
Beetlejuice The Musical The Musical The Musical by RyanMoore7
Beetlejuice The Musical The Ryanjob62 Stories
This story concerns a deceased couple (Ryan and Barbara Maitland) who try to haunt the new inhabitants of their former home and call for help from a devious bio-exorcist...
Strange and Unusual  by stranger_things17
Strange and Unusual by Scream_Queen17
Y/N is the Daughter of Lydia Deetz. Your father died and Your Mom, Your Twin Brother, and you move to the house your mom grew up in. A lot of Strange and Unusual things...
Beetlejuice Christmas! Christmas!! Christmas!!! by SailorRose19
Beetlejuice Christmas! Miss Rosey Rose
The holiday season has arrived at the Deetz-Maitland house and everyone is getting into the holiday spirit along with the house's literal spirits the Maitlands and the b...
Beetlejuice × Adam One Shots by Another_musical_fan
Beetlejuice × Adam One Shotsby Grace
This is a little book of One Shots for the ship Beetlejuice × Adam from Beetlejuice on Broadway. It will contain mostly fluff, with some angst. Make sure to leave sugges...
💚My•Love•Bug💚 (Beetlejuice x Fem! Reader) by Kayoki_Writes
💚My•Love•Bug💚 (Beetlejuice x Kayoki
I'm deathly into Beetlejuice, the movie, the cartoon, the musical, I love it all! I decided to mix some aspects from each BeeJ, and obviously he's still gunna be baby at...
beetlejuice's instagram  by creati-
beetlejuice's instagram by ❤️ momo yaoyorozu ❤️
this is a roleplay book that takes place during the modern day. Tell me if you'd like to rp as a character.
The Death of a Demon by livetoconnive
The Death of a Demonby livetoconnive
It's the medieval era and a humble peasant man is arriving home from his job as a blacksmith's apprentice. ⚠️Tw: M!rder, Su!c!de, Ab!se, intrusive thoughts⚠️
Build Me Up, Buttercup         || BEETLEJUICEXOC || by RedWingWriting
Build Me Up, Buttercup || Cas
Now, when you think of a story about someone being transported into a different universe, you picture them being the same age, right? Like, goes into the other universe...
Beetlejuice  by RyanMoore7
Beetlejuice by Ryanjob62 Stories
After Barbara and Ryan Maitland die in a car accident,they find themselves stuck haunting their country residence,unable to leave the house. When the unbearable Deetzes...
~Miraculously Strange and Unusal~ by banditsbirthday
~Miraculously Strange and Unusal~by banditsbirthday
The Deetz's found a way to move the Maitlands to a new home, meaning that the Deetz's can finally move to where Lydia's mother grew up, Paris, France! Along with Beetlej...