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Pacific Rim - (Raleigh Becket) by trident_03
Pacific Rim - (Raleigh Becket)by Georgia Twilight
Kristen has lost her whole family to a Kaiju. She had lost her parents while running from one and her sister while fighting. Kristen meets Mr Becket, Raleigh after 5 yea...
Like Minds - To my beloved Maraclea by MicheSpade
Like Minds - To my beloved Maracleaby Michelle Cohrs
A thousand year old secret leads to murder. Alex Forbes is a brilliant student that goes to his father's boardingschool: St. Barnabas College. He's cheeky, popular and i...
Lost in Time- Sequel to Larger than Life by Imnotwhatyouwant
Lost in Time- Sequel to Larger Deviant_Paradise
It's been five years since Aliah lost Yancy. Five years since she last saw Raleigh, Dominik, and Stacker Pentecost. When Aliah is approached to rejoin the fight against...
Sparrow's Revenge by p-k-b-
Sparrow's Revengeby p-k-b-
Charlotte has lived in Port Royal for years and she lived a life like any other citizen. Well that was until a certain Pirate by the name of Captain Jack Sparrow came to...
The Great Escape: Larger than Life {Pacific Rim} one shots by Imnotwhatyouwant
The Great Escape: Larger than Deviant_Paradise
During Aliah Hansen's time at the Sydney shatterdome she befriends Peter and Dominik who send her life into a tailspin. Not only do Aliah and Keegan become closer, but f...
Canadian Fighters - Pacific Rim by smnthac
Canadian Fighters - Pacific Rimby smnthac
Mikaela Grimm and her brother Hansel Connelly are the pilots of Canadian Jaeger Specter Horizon. They are sent from the Canadian Shatterdome to Hong Kong. Follow the sto...
Pacific Rim One Shots by TheCrazyWolfgirl
Pacific Rim One Shotsby TheCrazyWolfgirl
Character x Reader inserts for both movies since I could find any Chuck Hansen is bae Send request for a character or I'll just do what I want.
The Hanged Man - A Pirates of the Caribbean Tale for Halloween by ShahbanouSheherazade
The Hanged Man - A Pirates of ShahbanouSheherazade
Lord Cutler Beckett learns that it is wise to understand both the gift and the giver. Written for a Halloween ghost story project in a writers' forum.
Memories in Time (A Jack Sparrow fanfiction) #JustWriteIt by Padfoot211
Memories in Time (A Jack Sparrow Captain Alice Holmes
Adrianna Vietri has a past the that's filled with black holes and spider webs. One day, at Comic Con, while she's waiting for her friend, she decides to go to the bathro...
The Tycoon's Daughter by Senserstarshine
The Tycoon's Daughterby Sophia
Primrose Whittington is the daughter of Jude Whittington, the head of nearly all of the train lines in America, Japan, France and England. This means she is super-super...
We are Stronger Together than We are Apart by iBubblesTheMermaidi
We are Stronger Together than We Bubbles
Two Rangers with a storied past, take a while to figure out that they are stronger together then they are on their own. {Raleigh Becket x OC} {Pacific Rim Fanfiction} {S...
Loved and Bruised by missesmundane
Loved and Bruisedby missesmundane
Sometimes, when you ask people about their childhood they would say how fast it went. How they loved the time they spend with family and friends, while some people would...
Run Away//5sos DISCONTINUED  by blossomyoongi
Run Away//5sos DISCONTINUED by I’m back!
"Je raakt me niet weer kwijt Calum"
The Resistance [Pacific Rim] by ifyoucatchmydrift
The Resistance [Pacific Rim]by Elle Bell
This story wasn't just about the resistance to be killed off, it was also about the resistance of a boy and of a girl. (( During and post movie. Spoilers ahead. And a lo...
the night after halloween by bladbot
the night after halloweenby bladbot
it's halloween but there is a problem a girl went missing but that girl was the mayor's daughter he ask her friends lacey katheren and justice to help find her and he...
Lost And Found by TheCupcake24
Lost And Foundby TheCupcake24
Becket live in a foster home I the hopes Of being adopted when she gets adopted by One Direction things go good until Her families killer finds her will she get found ...
Asesinato en la catedral - T.S. Eliot by laurix_211
Asesinato en la catedral - T.S. laurix_211
Tomás Becket, arzobispo de Canterbury, es asesinado en 1170 por orden de su rey, por no querer someterse a las Constituciones de Clarendon, y cae, atravesado por las esp...