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The Hot New Teacher by x_writer23
The Hot New Teacherby x_writer23
Bechloe teacher AU. Beca Mitchell had never aspired to be a teacher, yet she finds herself at her 3rd year teaching at Barden University. What will she do when the hot...
It Was Inevitable by x_writer23
It Was Inevitableby x_writer23
Bechloe Teacher/Student AU. Beca Mitchell is in her last year at Barden. When she's faced with a struggle in a class, she is offered tutoring by her teacher. Will what...
The Amazing Spidey-Beca (a Bechloe AU) by Ben10thejoker
The Amazing Spidey-Beca (a Benjamin C. McBrayer
This is a pitch perfect AU where Beca Mitchell is spider-woman and this is gonna be kinda a cross between pitch perfect and spider-man so please make a note of that and...
The Amazing Spidey-Beca's Last Stand by Ben10thejoker
The Amazing Spidey-Beca's Last Benjamin C. McBrayer
Book 3 of The Amazing Spidey-Beca trilogy. Book 1: The Amazing Spidey-Beca (a bechloe au). Book 2: The Amazing Spidey-Beca Returns. If you haven't yet, please read those...
Bechloe - Easy For You To Say by Doctor_Mobius
Bechloe - Easy For You To Sayby Doctor Mobius
Idea by @Darkshine14. Set in an alternative universe, Beca and Chloe have been dating for a few years and are hopelessly in love with each other but one day their happy...
Just friends  by bechloeloversx
Just friends by bechloeloversx
Beca and Chloe had decided they were just friends..who happened to share a bed and basically do anything around each other..until beca kisses Chloe and they're feelings...
It's not us, it's them [Bechloe] by asteroidhearts
It's not us, it's them [Bechloe]by Bechloe 🥀
In a society revolved around perfection, nobody has a choice in what they do. Shadows are cast against anyone who dares rebel against the system that everyone believes t...
Happily Ever After  by AlyssaCarreiro2
Happily Ever After by Eclypselover101
Beca and Chloe have the perfect life after the Bellas
Where it all started by kierahicks101
Where it all startedby kierahicks101
One of the girls got a job and Barden university and comes weirdly close with the other but what happens from there
Everything Will be Perfect in the End by BechloeISreal_x
Everything Will be Perfect in BechloeISreal
Its 6 months after graduating from Barden University and it's killing Beca not being able to see her favourite redhead everyday, she misses spending time with her, only...
Bechloe  by Amelia_Bechloe
Bechloe by Amelia_Bechloe
Chloe is stressed. About the worlds, the bellas and her love life Until Her partner in crime helps her
And I Don't Stand A Chance When You Smile by blurryface1698
And I Don't Stand A Chance When blurry face
"Sometimes she would be pretty convinced that her girlfriend couldn’t possibly be real. Chloe Beale was so beautiful. And god, she loved her so much." or the...
My Lover Girl [Bechloe] by asteroidhearts
My Lover Girl [Bechloe]by Bechloe 🥀
Soulmates will always end up together. No matter how much love got lost, no matter how much distance there was. You lose each other to find each other again. That's what...
bechloe...chapter 1 by bechloeloversxo
bechloe...chapter 1by bechloeloversxo
This is just gonna be a series/chapters of my fave 'couple' Bechloe ofc⭐️