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Your Beauty, Your Beast by LRussell18
Your Beauty, Your Beastby LRussell18
My father always brought me a rose from the market. One day, he didn't return. I went to find him... When I did, he was terribly sick and had been taken captive by some...
  • boyxboy
  • yaoi
  • billdip
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The Flower and the Avenger by askfindmenever
The Flower and the Avengerby askfindmenever
When Miss Sakura Haruno went to the village of Konoha seeking a job, everyone is terrified of the job request that she had accepted. At the Uchiha Manor, there was a dar...
  • uchiha
  • uchihadownfall
  • fanfiction
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Beauty and the Beast (or the Bunny) ♡ vkook disney fairytale series #2 by imtaeriggered
Beauty and the Beast (or the ┬┴┬┴┤ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kim Taehyung is a very lovely lad in a small village, while Jungkook is a cursed beast that decided to stay inside his palace forever. He's considered frightening, that'...
  • suga
  • taekook
  • jin
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Beauty and the Beast (Klance AU)  by SSB4rules112
Beauty and the Beast (Klance AU) by DarkLight
Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle. Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind...
  • beautyandthebeastau
  • allura
  • klance
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The Eyes and the Heart by askfindmenever
The Eyes and the Heartby askfindmenever
Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno-turned-Uchiha has battled through love, pain, loss, and fear. AN entire plethora of events are subjected to Sakura- and it's about damn t...
  • hinata
  • sasuke
  • uchihaclan
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Beauty and the galra  by HorrorstoryC_C_F
Beauty and the galra by Chrisy
Lance x Lotor Also Beauty and the beast stuff belongs to Disney And Voltron characters obviously belong to DreamWorks
  • yaoi
  • fairytales
  • lancexlotor
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Who Could Love A Beast? by LavenderD1amond24
Who Could Love A Beast?by LavenderD1amond24
Our story begins with the classic beauty and the beast theme, but it's Klance. Can Lance truly learn to love a beast like Keith? Yes I know this AU is old and kinda move...
  • beautyandthebeastau
  • voltron
  • klance
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Silence [RSDS] by theavadakedavra
Silence [RSDS]by Ava
A bunch of scribbles and dribbles inspired from Sir Rob's Storm and Silence series. The usual stuff inside: romance, danger, dramatics and a lot of cussing. [Formerly k...
  • gangnamstyle
  • collegeau
  • lillyismyspiritanimal
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My Little Monster {A KiriBaku Beauty and the Beast AU} by IrishHamilfan
My Little Monster {A KiriBaku IrishHamilfan
When it is seen that there is no love in his heart, a curse is placed on the egotistical Prince Katsuki Bakugo and the servants of his castle. A curse that turns him int...
  • bakushima
  • deku
  • kirishimaxbakugo
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The Speedster and the Archer  by SotheBalanceShifts
The Speedster and the Archer by Dani
When Barry was very young, his mother was murdered by some strange force and his father was ripped from his grip, crying out to Barry, telling the small eight year old b...
  • oliverqueen
  • gaston
  • arrow
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Beauty And The Beast (Beast!Link X Reader)  by Honey-Milk277
Beauty And The Beast (Beast!Link Hearts And Stars
When a young and beautiful girl finds her way to Hyrule castle, and discovers the beast hidden inside, what will happen? Will love bloom or will this story meet an ill f...
  • readerxcharacter
  • legendofzelda
  • beautyandthebeastau
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ωнαт ιѕ ℓσνє? by Kat_Puzzld
ωнαт ιѕ ℓσνє?by Kat_Puzzld
~A Miraculous Ladybug one-shot~ It's a Beauty and the Beast AU with my favourite ship: Marichat! I musy warn you, it's very fluffly.
  • reveal
  • beautyandthebeastau
  • marichat
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Tale as Old as Time by IceQueenOriginal
Tale as Old as Timeby Gabrielle Sparro
Prince Virgil has been cursed and transformed into a hideous. He needs to fall in love and earn the boy's love in return. Virgil fears this will never happen until he me...
  • patton
  • princxiety
  • deceit
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Captive of Loki by lilthflames
Captive of Lokiby lilthflames
Loki Laufeyson of Bifrost sprawled before her, one long leg crossed over the other. Cloaked in a aura of power and dominance that seemed to consume the room. A dangerous...
  • avengers
  • magic
  • darkworld
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Knight and the Beast by Sianithekid17
Knight and the Beastby Sian Taylor
When young knight Clay Moorington finds himself trapped in a castle with a cursed Jester and his group of monsters, he has trouble adjusting to the situation. But as Cla...
  • beautyandthebeastau
  • claymoorington
  • clastro
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Iron Heart And Bookworm (GaLe) (Modern au) by EtherealMagicQueen
Iron Heart And Bookworm (GaLe) ( ❤︎Hiatus❤︎
(ON HIATUS UNTIL 30 NOVEMBER 2019) Levy McGarden is a woman who works as a librarian in the city of Fiore, she dreams to be an author. She lives in an apartment with her...
  • friendship
  • gale
  • librarian
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The One Behind the Schemes by fatedramblings
The One Behind the Schemesby i. marie wright
Mara Moriarty... the youngest. Cunning, sharp, dramatic, and always quick with a remark, Mara would do anything for her brother and to keep him safe, and she promised th...
  • fandom
  • beautyandthebeastau
  • âu
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