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Because I Will Never Stop Loving You by subhaaaaaaaaaa02
Because I Will Never Stop Loving your writer
"promise me , if you ever feel out of love you will first tell me " Aarana mumbled between her hiccups . "No" Ekansh answered without even thinking f...
Just a House LA One Shots by shawnmendes5432
Just a House LA One Shotsby shawnmendes5432
One shots of the hottest house in La, *drum roll pls* JUST A HOUSE!!!! Girls: Anna, Eva, Sab, Mads, Emma, and Dev.
Their Lunatic Minds by Teyah3
Their Lunatic Mindsby Doctor Lunatic
1# in teenfiction @2020 Featured by @undiscovered stories. Featured by @humor on 'Young. Dumb. Full of Fun!' reading list. Featured by @Anime on 'Light novel' reading li...
Unexpected by httpthatrandomgirl
Unexpectedby Ally J. Jackson
Chelsea Beaumont, the most popular girl in school, never thought she'd fall for a quiet emo boy she used to make fun of. But it happened. Although, neither of them are w...
Pastoral Hiistory Of Space by Suzieveca
Pastoral Hiistory Of Spaceby Suzieveca
Author:麻麻不哭 This novel is from Raw Novel Website Chinese site This novel is adopted from MTL VERSION Tian Tian Modern Charming Girl Has Pass Through...
I change just to have my revenge with that hateful b*tch! by Zushikina-kun
I change just to have my revenge Brix Arquisal Directo
Odagiri Rin is in love with a girl. He did everything to make that girl like him. But that girl did not cared even ones for him and even used him as she pleased until Ri...
A Mary(Ongoing) by pearlmary90
A Mary(Ongoing)by Mary Maria 💓
The novel titled "A Mary" , is a fictional novel, that talks about a sweet young beautiful teenage girl called "Mary". "Wow!, I'm every guy's d...
The Beautiful CEO's Hubby by BryanPagado
The Beautiful CEO's Hubbyby Thorin
He was orphaned at birth, and was adopted by a strange man, he ended up in the Underworld, killed his first man when he was 7 years old and through the years he climbed...
Accidentally Fortune   by mihamisa
Accidentally Fortune by miha misa
What if when you are heading towards a dream u got something unexpected actually unpredictable which you can't deny but also hesitate to accept? A normal teen girl fight...
Suicidal Tendencies by CreepInTheCorner
Suicidal Tendenciesby Luna
***TRIGGER WARNING*** *Suicidal Thoughts or Attempts* *Self Harm* *Sexual content* *Profanity and abuse* Reader Discretion is advised
Come With Me (Niall Horan) by SierraFarted
Come With Me (Niall Horan)by ☹ ☻
COMPLETED (written when I was 13) (Please do not read this story. It makes me cringe so much, I hate it. I would delete it if I didn't have so many reads.) ♚ Niall Horan...
One of the Boys by LoveNoLimit
One of the Boysby Bubbah
Meet Claire; a hyper, sarcastic, tomboyish hottie with a big-ass ego the size of Texas. She hate's girls, doesn't understand girls, seems to be always in her period, hat...
You Caught Me by joph24
You Caught Meby Joph
"I would not be surprised if one day, with your short-temper and potty mouth, will get you in trouble." said one her friends before which indeed happened to be...
There's beautiful girls and then there's me by KycerLemon3
There's beautiful girls and then KycerLemon(On-hiatus)
A story of a nerd, chubby, otaku student who loves nothing more than anime and junk foods. surprisingly, she attracted...few...girls at her school. how can a fatass attr...
In My Veins (Previously Dangerous Love) by httpthatrandomgirl
In My Veins (Previously Ally J. Jackson
Ryan Henderson- the hot mysterious boy I've had a crush on since he joined my school. He's the guy every girl lusts after but what if there's something pulling the two o...
anomaly | camren one shot by camzilo
anomaly | camren one shotby m
The universe had its course for you. Lauren lived in the normality of bustling New York City, the occurrence of noise everywhere she went. People who ran around to place...
Darkstalker's toes by Darkstalkeruwubaby
Darkstalker's toesby Darkstalkeruwubaby
A really hot stor yabout Darkstalker's toees. (satire)
Wattpad Cast [Beautiful] by LaSyJd
Wattpad Cast [Beautiful]by Lasy
For you who want to see pretty faces.
Star-Crossed Lovers by lamashley
Star-Crossed Loversby Mal Halsey
Same story, 3 different versions Inspired from the feature films The Crush (1993), Beautiful Girls (1996), and Hick (2011). WARNING: The theme of this story may not be s...
Estate of Intimidation by H_Gold307
Estate of Intimidationby H_Gold307
Cressida Shipley shifts to her new Estate with her father, where her father's business partner lives with them. Is he a prospective groom for her? Or his charms and good...