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Great Beast Group Roleplay by HalawirTheEagle
Great Beast Group Roleplayby The Great Harpy Eagle
While the Great Beasts lived as spirit animals, there came to be a great betrayal. The Greencloaks turned on animals and began slaughtering those bound to them through t...
  • silvercloaks
  • rp
  • spirit
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning the Heavens (497++) by ShunDarkKnight06
Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine ShunDarkKnight06
THIS IS NOT MY STORY OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY Author(s): Xiao Qi Ye, 萧七爷 chapters: 497 to current chapters that have the same title are being compressed into one so...
  • romance
  • cultivation
  • beasts
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Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss (Chapters 451+) by destinylikesus
Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine
This is not my own story. For reading offline purposes only. Original sources can be found online here: 🔽🔽
  • genius
  • cultivator
  • beasts
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To Eat or Not To Eat by littlefoodi
To Eat or Not To Eatby 🌼Dilly🌼
Ghoul lived a peaceful life in woods near the suburbs for years. Her peaceful life is ruined by a raggedy band of humans that are in need of help. They were too loud but...
  • zombies
  • survival
  • ghouls
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The Sun Will Rise  by BigLonelyTiger
The Sun Will Rise by ꌚꁹꂑꉣꌚꁹꂑꉣ
"A hundred and fifty of these things? Scattered across the world? What kind of idiot would let these things loose" "..." "Don't look at me like...
  • arrows
  • monsters
  • bow
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World of Beasts  [PDF] by Tinalynge by kenagepy71949
World of Beasts [PDF] by Tinalyngeby kenagepy71949
Read World of Beasts PDF ebook Listen to World of Beasts Tinalynge audiobook Read Online World of Beasts (Condemning the Heavens Book 1) book in EPUB Find out World of...
  • world
  • pdf
  • tinalynge
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I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much by yorukasenpai
I Leveled up from Being a yorukasenpai
*THIS STORY IS NOT MINE* *OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY* (Can be read in Credits to the author.... Caught up in a ritual performed by a deity of another world...
  • beasts
  • cheats
  • demons
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Its Speed and Agility vs. Size and Strength. Who would win if these two beasts had a fight?
  • fight
  • beasts
  • monsters
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The Red God by Oraceon
The Red Godby Trevor Williams
The Red God is an entity that is regarded as a myth and a reality. In a land where war rages affirmed by human greed we find ourselves following the threads of destiny...
  • seraphim
  • beasts
  • prince
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Shards of Felwyn by ThWallNeededAHug
Shards of Felwynby Uplifted Bagel
Late at night Cosmo, an orphaned boy of sixteen, finds himself lured to a mysterious cave by a disembodied voice. After being sent through a hellacious series of halluci...
  • war
  • wizard
  • spellbook
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Wʜᴇʀᴇ Nᴏ Oɴᴇ Gᴏᴇs [BOOK 1] by Sharaug
Wʜᴇʀᴇ Nᴏ Oɴᴇ Gᴏᴇs [BOOK 1]by Sharaug Pro.
"Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets." - Unknown ~•♢•~ Éliveon Sunshine was the next in line for the throne - after her sister, Kida Nightmare, of...
  • travel
  • comedy
  • adventure
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Support the male leads system by InnocentYoungMaster
Support the male leads systemby innocent♥Meng
The real owner of the bookr: @Yuukianaya [I would like to recommend that you dear readers to go and read the real book since I would just continue it instead of changing...
  • fantasy
  • danmei
  • yandereml
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New Era by FirstInTheCosmos
New Eraby FirstInTheCosmos
A wandering Immortal bestows a great opportunity to Earth, Will it lead to the rise or fall of us Earthlings?
  • king
  • hero
  • beasts
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Fantastic beasts  by Becca0002
Fantastic beasts by Becca_Gryffindor
"My momma, your momma, gonna catch a witch..." English, Slovak, Czech
  • fantasticbeasts
  • fantasticbeastsfan
  • beasts
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The Beast Within The Balloon by MatteoFerrare
The Beast Within The Balloonby Matteo Ferrare
My first short story. Tell me what you think.
  • health
  • creepy
  • emotions
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Sabrina's kids by TheFlyingWolf
Sabrina's kidsby TheFlyingWolf
When the Nordic Magic Academy gets the heads up that they are the next to be hit by the powerful sorceress Sabrina Black, they all go into panic. They all know who Sabri...
  • blackmagic
  • beasts
  • animals
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Plush by Mobslayergamer7
Plushby Mobslayer 7
When a stuffed Pokemon toy comes to life, Ni, who was once a Plush, needs to figure out what's going on. Note: It switches from 1st person to 3thrd person.
  • sm
  • ultrabeasts
  • pokemon
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The Storyteller Before Me by chilip08write
The Storyteller Before Meby Ethan Marius Gamble
A child, eager to hear from the great story teller of Khamuo, begs to hear his greatest, most exciting story. He obliges, telling them of the great storyteller, Deali Wo...
  • underdog
  • fiction
  • iambicpentameter
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The Maze of the Beast by Akeeys003
The Maze of the Beastby Bilgis
DELTORA IS A LAND OF MONSTERS AND MAGIC....... Sixteen-year-old Leif, fulfilling a pledge made by his father before he was born, is on a great quest to find the seven ge...
  • beasts
The Life And Times of Gellert Grindelwald by BirgerSchmittiz
The Life And Times of Gellert Birger
A series of short stories about the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald. From his school years at Durmstrang, to his meetup with Albus the summer 1899, to his conquest of wi...
  • jkrowling
  • wizardingworld
  • harrypotter
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