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Brayden Wade and the Rain Catchers-A Percy Jackson Fanfic by AutumnFoliage
Brayden Wade and the Rain AutumnFoliage
Camp Half-Blood is back with a new batch of heroes rising to the plate! An unlikely team, these demi-gods must take on a quest that many dare not seek. Of the twenty cab...
  • leovaldez
  • pipermclean
  • percyjacksonandtheolympians
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Kaleidoscope || t. scamander by nutmeggu
Kaleidoscope || t. scamanderby Nutmeggu
Grindelwald's wizard gathering had left Theseus Scamander still reeling from his fiancée's loss, which led him to take a few months off to get his sanity back. But when...
  • romance
  • theseusfanfic
  • scamander
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Dawn of Redemption [A Fantasy Novel] by NarissaChambers
Dawn of Redemption [A Fantasy Narissa Chambers
(REWRITTEN) "Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens." Katherine lived a simple life that made her lack certain knowledge. But that tragic day...
  • action
  • fiends
  • war
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World of Words by NIBlack9
World of Wordsby N.I. Black
Welcome to the World of Words! where there are various, poetries and verses. This book is for the citizens, the citizens who find colors, emotions and more than just wor...
  • happiness
  • love
  • illusions
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Exorcists Travel the World by Shirotaka
Exorcists Travel the Worldby nani
a group of amateur exorcists and a priest band together and travel the world to rid this wretched world of wickedness
  • comedy
  • demons
  • creatures
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By Law | Sirius Black by KyanaKnight
By Law | Sirius Blackby Kyana Knight
When a ridiculous bill is passed in the ministry of magic thousands of lives are changed forever. The Marriage law has been invented to purify the wizarding world of so...
  • jkrowling
  • hermione
  • ronweasley
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New Era by FirstInTheCosmos
New Eraby FirstInTheCosmos
A wandering Immortal bestows a great opportunity to Earth, Will it lead to the rise or fall of us Earthlings?
  • villains
  • beasts
  • king
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Blue Steel and Paper Wings by TatumKing
Blue Steel and Paper Wingsby Tatum King
The Greens, beautiful and pure, are of light. The Reds, cunning and deadly, are of shadows. The Blues, brave and loyal, are of destiny. The Golds, rare and powerful, are...
  • teenfiction
  • fantasycreatures
  • romance
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning the Heavens (497++) by ShunDarkKnight06
Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine ShunDarkKnight06
THIS IS NOT MY STORY OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY Author(s): Xiao Qi Ye, 萧七爷 chapters: 497 to current chapters that have the same title are being compressed into one so...
  • historical
  • beasts
  • transmigration
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Sabrina's kids by TheFlyingWolf
Sabrina's kidsby TheFlyingWolf
When the Nordic Magic Academy gets the heads up that they are the next to be hit by the powerful sorceress Sabrina Black, they all go into panic. They all know who Sabri...
  • blackmagic
  • ya
  • magicschool
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Some Art and Character Sketchs by Deltaknightart
Some Art and Character Sketchsby A 90’s Kid
So my last art book sucked. A lot. So here's a new one that sucks a little less! I'm pitching to become an animator, so for all you peeps that have a little time, pleas...
  • realism
  • pokemon
  • beasts
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Plush by Mobslayergamer7
Plushby Mobslayer 7
When a stuffed Pokemon toy comes to life, Ni, who was once a Plush, needs to figure out what's going on. Note: It switches from 1st person to 3thrd person.
  • beasts
  • ultrasunandultramoon
  • stuffedanimals
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The Legend of V by naryfary
The Legend of Vby naryfary
*ONGOING* V is one of the master hunters of the beasts of Jargon, a legend among the hunters. The hunters hunt down the beasts of the Forbidden Forest. But it has been m...
  • kookie
  • namjoon
  • bts
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Transformers Prime: Legend of the Guardians by Enspirephantom
Transformers Prime: Legend of Optics Edge
Guardianos... that is what those monstrous Quintessians called us. Yet intriguing enough, they no longer set out to extinguish us, instead, they fought amongst themselve...
  • war
  • beasts
  • art
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Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss (Chapters 451+) by destinylikesus
Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine
This is not my own story. For reading offline purposes only. Original sources can be found online here: 🔽🔽
  • beasts
  • genius
  • cultivator
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Support the male leads system by InnocentYoungMaster
Support the male leads systemby innocent♥Meng
The real owner of the bookr: @Yuukianaya [I would like to recommend that you dear readers to go and read the real book since I would just continue it instead of changing...
  • ancient
  • adventure
  • beasts
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Huntress(copyright) by Erikapunt
Huntress(copyright)by Erika Punt
Humanity has failed her. With no name to call her own and no one left breathing to speak of her existence a young girl finds her solace in the brutal life of Weldoro for...
  • adventure
  • warrior
  • life
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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Wild Emperor's Beast-Tamer Empress by xioata
Miracle Doctor, Abandoned xioata
Novel translate by google translate 531- UP 1 chapter isi 20-30 bab total chapter : 5561 (Ongoing) Author : MS Lotus, MS Phù Tử, MS芙子 Sinopsis : Puteri berusia 13 tahun...
  • cultivations
  • beasts
  • femaleprotagonist
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The Sun Will Rise  by BigLonelyTiger
The Sun Will Rise by ꌚꁹꂑꉣꌚꁹꂑꉣ
"A hundred and fifty of these things? Scattered across the world? What kind of idiot would let these things loose" "..." "Don't look at me like...
  • people
  • arrows
  • ren
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The Darkness Within by Oh_ThisIsNice3000
The Darkness Withinby Bea Azevedo
Lillian Baker, a British Auror called in by MACUSA to help with the sudden attacks in New York. She is head of Care of Magical Beasts at the Ministry of Magic, and the U...
  • scamander
  • hhogwarts
  • lily
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