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fuck the law (polly gray x reader) by Littleone088
fuck the law (polly gray x reader)by Littleone088
trapped in an unhappy marriage y/n longs for an escape from her dreary existence, working with the peaky blinders she has grown close to polly gray and cares for her dee...
BBC Merlin Fanfic Book 2 - Fearless by xKatnipx
BBC Merlin Fanfic Book 2 - Fearlessby xCSx
The adventure and fulfilment of destiny's continue in this book! (Based upon season 2 BBC Merlin series)! Read Book 1 first so you understand whats going on and the char...
Losing you (Sequel to Meeting again) {Finished} by movie_freak_lover
Losing you (Sequel to Meeting Annika
The sequel for my first Sherlock x reader
The Girl Who Arrived to 221B Baker Street.  【E  D  I  T  I  N  G】 by DeyaRedfield
The Girl Who Arrived to 221B Virtual Dream Plaza
Isabelle is a little girl who had the misfortune to witness her mother's murder; during that event, She hears the name Sherlock Holmes being mentioned by the killer, and...
The Soldier, The Messiah & the Pariah by Vigilante24
The Soldier, The Messiah & the Vigilante24
Alexander Stronghold, a woman with a hidden past and the resident of the apartment 221 B1 in Baker Street. She meets Sherlock, a high functional sociopath, John Watson...
Kod A234: Zaginięcie | Short Story by Ligimka
Kod A234: Zaginięcie | Short Storyby Queen liGia
Każdy z nas ma jakąś słabość. Większą lub mniejszą. Skrywaną i pilnie strzeżoną, lub powszechnie znaną. Może być nią bliska osoba, zachowanie, przedmiot. Co może być sła...
A Study in Pink by veerayh
A Study in Pinkby Vee Holmes
This is my first Fanfiction. Basic on Sherlock BBC series. I know, and also, I read lots of them, there's many other story out there about our lovable Sherlock and his R...
The Thought Of Losing You by Sassyandsarcastic15
The Thought Of Losing Youby @Sassyandsarcastic15
An Alex/Petal fanfiction set after season 2, so there are a lot of spoilers for season 2.
The Adventures Of Arthur & Merlin by theyoungpendragon
The Adventures Of Arthur & Merlinby theyoungpendragon
Arthur and Merlin have a strong bond that began the day they met, when Merlin saved Arthur's life. Merlin may not appear to like his job but he secretly does because he...