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The English Girl by daisyofpomona
The English Girlby Maggie
The future is what worries 15 year old Cecilia Oliver the most. With the Second World War raging across the Channel and German Luftwaffe bombing nearby London, Cecilia i...
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The Will To Live by deanwinchesterisbi
The Will To Liveby deanwinchesterisbi
A squadron of British RAF fighters, desperately trying to hold off the looming German invasion as the Battle of Britain rages on.
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Luftwaffe Boy-The Battle Of Britain by WarWoman
Luftwaffe Boy-The Battle Of Britainby The Obsessor
German boy Gunter Weber, longs to fly. He goes to train with other boys like him, his training is boring and fun, hard and easy. Months pass, and he becomes part of the...
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The Battle of Britain, a comedy by Edgy_Nationalist
The Battle of Britain, a comedyby oofer gang
some really autistic shorts from when I was younger, enjoy the cringe.
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The Painter by violetbells_12
The Painterby 12 violet bells
"How can I ever know the colour of your eyes? Are they blue?" "I hate the man with that funny little mustache." "Run, Isabella. Run."
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I was a Waitress by MichaelMcAshley
I was a Waitressby Michael McAshley
I left my house, headed for work, thinking it would be a normal day. I'd file some receipts, wait tables, kick the occasional sleazebag. Instead, I somehow got involved...
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MY STORY SERIES: A new dawn, A story8xenomorph
The world has changed, a once peaceful society is now bathed in war against the xenomorph race. "In the end, we're all alone." Will the human race be oblitera...
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Wings of Glory by oraiste4
Wings of Gloryby Irene
August 1940. As the Battle of Britain rages overhead, young men and women fight to keep their country free. The war persuades three young brothers, Will, Jack and Fred...
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The Few - A Wartime Ghost Story by burkey99
The Few - A Wartime Ghost Storyby burkey99
A new Spitfire pilot gets unexpected help in the Battle of Britain.
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One of the Few by Willsie05
One of the Fewby Willsie05
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Blitzkrieg by ChasingRenegades
Blitzkriegby -Sniper-
This is first story, so forgive if there are mistakes! This is WIP and I try to update as often as I can. So stay tuned! The war was over, but new one was just about to...