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Book 1: Mr. Cassanova And Me (Completed✔) by AllexzaVillanueva
Book 1: Mr. Cassanova And Me ( Ma mi ta
Book 1 Sa isang fixed marriage naganap lahat.Na hindi nila inaasahan na yun pala ang solusyon para mag bago ang ikot ng kanilang mundo. Siguro para sa kanila isang malak...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
The Not So Ordinary Life Of A Devil by Princesshimechan
The Not So Ordinary Life Of A Devilby Princesshimechan
After fleeing Ente Isla, Sadao Mao settles into life as a normal human. Young Rin and Yukio have lived their lives in Gehenna and due to the war, are sent to Assiah to l...
Liminal States ⌯ Percy Jackson by XOIZYS
Liminal States ⌯ Percy Jacksonby (ง'̀-'́)ง
Selena (Ongoing) by 3RCNOVA
Selena (Ongoing)by R.CNO
A girl with a mysterious past, a girl who wants nothing but answers, a girl with a peculiar life. What will happen to her if she is surrounded by pure evils and life thr...
DRAGON NEST by avidreaderjune
Athena was born with a strange gift. The gift... to see dragons. Only she knows about the beings that keep nature in balance, making the flowers grow, and the snow blow...
Battleground (Slaxl) by Slaxl_is_life
Battleground (Slaxl)by Red
Slaxl short story.
Half a heart, half a crown by Kchanaa
Half a heart, half a crownby i.k
"Love does not last forever," -"but power does." WARNING : Grammatical errors
The Warrior Princess by fidelitygoddess
The Warrior Princessby sigyn
[ 1st Book In The Dark Chronicles Trilogy] Princess Adalynn Of 50th Legion of Hell Not your average princess, although she is sweet, kind, headstrong, smart. She has be...
The Larcenist And The Fallen King by Keyjem101
The Larcenist And The Fallen Kingby Jem 👀
Ygritte Ashtroy, a lost soul, a wanderer, a skilled larcenist and a freeman of the east camp. One day the Hierophant gave her a task that goes with a thin line between l...
Star Institute Academy (The Survival Battle of Kiera Luxy Ainsley) (On-going) by Maheyrivers
Star Institute Academy (The Maha Rivera
Ang paaralang Star Institute Academy. Isang napakaganda at napakaranyang paaralan. What will you do if you enter that school without knowing the history where the said s...
Tf2 short stories by kinnaraJ
Tf2 short storiesby Kinnara Jewel
Team fortress 2 does not belong to me nor do I claim it does, I just am simply writing short stories involving the characters from it. All credit for the characters and...
Realms & Reapers by KeyHazel
Realms & Reapersby Alexandra Inglorien
Most of us have heard that we have 7 doppelgängers in the world who resemble us enough to pass as us, but in a mysterious town located in a valley no newcomers ever come...
Elements of Lykos  by Bloodmoon75
Elements of Lykos by Z
There once lived a pack of raptors, known as the "Moonstone Pack". This particular pack was once very well-known and guarded the forest of Lykos against all th...
BATTLE GROUND by hummingjay25
BATTLE GROUNDby hummingjay25
sisters ripped apart by family past fights for what they want.............. In The BATTLE GROUND
Brothers  by PoppyPhillips0
Brothers by Marcos Ignacio
They was both educated nerds. Both of weird children since then. Liked different things then other people. Enjoy things that's so different from other people. There dis...
leave me alone by meagansly3
leave me aloneby meagan sly
this story is about a werewolf who's mate is always pissing her off and making her hurt a lot but don't worry...........she'll get her revenge on him
Elemental Battlegrounds by EriixnTheFireGirl
Elemental Battlegroundsby Eriixn
When one girl named Erin loses her power to an creature, she and her friends must help her and embark on a huge journey that they have ever known. Will they successfully...
All I Need Is The Military Me and You by Nerdy_Girl_4_Life
All I Need Is The Military Me I'm Very Weird
Izabel. My name is Izabel. I'm in the Military and I serve in the U.S. Navy. I have never been to war but hopefully that will change soon. I have a blonde pixie cut and...
Press 'Play' by Israeltruth
Press 'Play'by Israel Bunmi Alimi
Kirikiri! Boom! Boom! 'Everyone take cover!' (throws grenade) 'General Yeshua, this is Sergeant Israel; we are under attack by the enemies and they have a battle tank...