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Star Wars: Against All Orders by Storm-Shadows7
Star Wars: Against All Ordersby K. Ramsuer
CT-5555 has been through the mill. Shot and left for dead, he awakes to find himself in a strange ship. At first, he thinks it's to enslave him like so many brothers wer...
Outer separatist by Plister29
Outer separatistby Plister29
this is my second series of separatist series about a droid commander who decided to run away to safety since the clone wars end and seeing the horror how the empire des...
separatist revenge by Plister29
separatist revengeby Plister29
episode 10 its time the separatist to show themself to the FO first order for revenge for what palpatine did to them and the Separatist alliance will destroy every trace...
Kyber by Sanosuke-kun
Kyberby Sanosuke-kun
Main battle-droid B1-2384 has seen his fair share of action during the clone wars. But what happens when B1 finds himself in a scrap yard on Kamino, with no memory and a...
Characters I've Decided to Create pt 3 by TravisChessie1990
Characters I've Decided to burn me i dare u
For the Non-Pokemon Characters! Actually it'll probably just be Battle Droids but EH
the vong incursion by Plister29
the vong incursionby Plister29
the sequel to separatist revenge 10 years later after the blue pilling realm the vong has been doing a invasion in the star wars galaxy and its up to the remaining separ...
Star Wars: The Force of Fanfiction | The Maw ✔️ by JoyeEverett715
Star Wars: The Force of Joye Everett
A quartet of short stories written for "The Maw: Star Wars Contests" August 2019 challenge. Each week contains a different prompt.
Star Wars: Way of the Fallen by harmon88
Star Wars: Way of the Fallenby Adam Harmon
How far can you push a Jedi before they break? What makes a Jedi leave the Order? Human Jedi Knight Plo Terrik never thought he'd face that ordeal, even as the Clone Wa...
The Complete CIS Infantry Variants by 2nd_Reich_Ball
The Complete CIS Infantry Variantsby Elias Windhelm
Just all known droid variants in the Star Wars universe to start off my profile
Bat Squad: Season 1 by batleader747
Bat Squad: Season 1by batleader747
The story of the early years of Bat Squad in the clone war. This is the original story coming over from my Instagram that I am taking the time of editing and posting ove...
Star Wars - Vanished by GlennKoerner
Star Wars - Vanishedby GlennKoerner
A Jedi and a squad of clone troopers search for an enemy position as Order 66 is about to be handed down.
Crash Course. A Star Wars The Clone Wars And Pokemon Crossover by razorCT-9987
Crash Course. A Star Wars The CT-9987
Warning: laziness A b1 commander and his b2 brother along with 100,000 b1 battle droid in a world without people. Strange creatures roam the planet. They call themselve...