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Danger Days : Goodnite, Enemy [MCR//Jet Star] by pumpkimpz
Danger Days : Goodnite, Enemy [ dead
[Danger Days Series #3] Ray and Toni had gone way back in medical school, before Korse's reign. Unfortunately, Ray had decided to start the resistance and ran away with...
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Being Bitten by MADcreations
Being Bittenby MAD
Juliette is a human. Your typical quiet girl, the one who's always listening to music and blocking herself out of the world. Romeo is a werewolf. He's your typical popul...
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Danger Days: Look Alive Sunshine [MCR//Fun Ghoul] by pumpkimpz
Danger Days: Look Alive Sunshine [ dead
[Danger Days Series #1] Ace Hunter isn't your normal Killjoy. She's short tempered, violent and has rage issues. She has a deep grudge at Korse. The head of Better Livi...
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Danger Days : Vampire Money [MCR//Kobra Kid] by pumpkimpz
Danger Days : Vampire Money [ dead
[Danger Days Series #2] "I'm a bounty hunter.I don't do favors, I make deals." I said sternly. I simply enumerated my points and how I take my code very seriou...
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Drumline: A Marching Band Story by taylor_h796
Drumline: A Marching Band Storyby taylor_h796
Tommy Hoang joins the Drumline at Lake Braddock Secondary School. Genre: Memoir.
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~Battery~ by ItsHappy_
~Battery~by -=Trash=-
A simple D-cell battery falls in love with Christain Grey. Will it proclaim it's love or hide?
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Our Battery  by rachelleruiz11
Our Battery by rachelleruiz11
Rin,can you create battery with me Nope, i won't this year Then next year Then okay Yess
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Bo4 x reader  by ACTION-WOLF
Bo4 x reader by ActionWolf
Black ops 4 one shots with reader, didn't matter what gender of reader
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DinoGuardianes Digitales ¡VAMOLA! (PROXIMAMENTE) by AnimeTeoriasFanfics
DinoGuardianes Digitales ¡ Lobo del Anime
Esta Historia Va a suceder Años despues de Tri & Meses despues de Last Evolution con la liberacion de los Deboths El Guardian de las Zyudenchi y de los Zyudenryu Torin e...
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Sawamura x Okumura ~ Okusawa ❤️  by Janina154
Sawamura x Okumura ~ Okusawa ❤️ by Janina154
A little one shot about Sawamura and Okumura taking place after Act 2 Episode 45.
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My Family [2] by boscothecat
My Family [2]by Snufmuffin
MY FAM I L Y story based on a story that was based on a group chat ;) REBOOTED 2019-2020!!
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Razed [Completed] by KaiMontgomeryGiggles
Razed [Completed]by Ḳαḯ
WARNING: This book contains dark themes and actions. If these things make you uncomfortable, please feel free to find another book to read. Aaron Fitzgerald couldn't sta...
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Flower boy (An OFF fan fiction) by cherriiecola
Flower boy (An OFF fan fiction)by tobi wobi
This is an OFF fan fiction based off my Au for the game. This will most likely be heavily Batterie based seeing as I ship it myself but there will be moments of no shipp...
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One Shot Book by AkizaKotegame
One Shot Bookby AkizaKotegame
Book of random oneshots. Some will be X the reader, 2characters X eachother and some 3way love trianges and i might do some multiple times and this is strictly gay ships...
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Benefits and drawbacks of Using Leaf Blowers by bestbattery
Benefits and drawbacks of Using Brian Hardy
Leaf blowers have actually come to be more prominent in households as they appear to save a long time throughout horticulture and also drop periods. There are lots of so...
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Battery and Bones by RhiadiHasDied
Battery and Bonesby uranianArmageddons
Whats a description :)