Burn Rubber, Girly (Baby Driver Fanfic) by Greasersbaby101
Burn Rubber, Girly (Baby Driver Fandomweirdo
Doc was a leader of a crime ring, they stole money and seemed to get away with it. Baby was a strong driver and Doc only had him around to pay his debt. Doc had another...
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Puppy Love by Village_of_Strawhat
Puppy Loveby The Strawhats
"Fuck you two." "Uh-- Percy I don't think that's possible. I mean, we're bats--" [COLLABORATION BETWEEN _-vincent-_ AND SolisLumina.] [KIBA X MALE...
  • collaboration
  • kiba
  • solislumina
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Dracula's Bloodline by MKDods
Dracula's Bloodlineby M.DODS
Book 1 in the Dracula's Bloodline Trilogy. No one expected to see unconditional love between father and daughter, especially when the father was a vampire. Vlad has been...
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  • undead
  • blood
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Villain to Vigilant (Jason Todd x reader Dick Grayson x reader) by _holy-water-needed_
Villain to Vigilant (Jason Todd _holy-water-needed_
What will happen when the vigilant named (Y/n) is changed from bad girl to good girl by the two biggest crime fighters? "Yeah...I don't think so." I heard som...
  • bats
  • nightwingxreader
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Gregor and the New Race by NathanBruhl
Gregor and the New Raceby NathanBruhl
Gregor finds it hard to live in Virginia. After moving there from New York, where he fell into a laundry room grate into the Underland, he struggles to adjust to his new...
  • overland
  • action
  • romance
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Bats and Arrows by ironbookworm12
Bats and Arrowsby Sarah W.
These are going to be a series of oneshots between Damian Wayne (Robin) and Lian Harper. I will take requests, and while I may do some lemons if requested, I can't guara...
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The Night One & Two shots by PandemoniumsKey
The Night One & Two shotsby PandemoniumsKey
One shots and two shots for The Night by Daria Cohen and Voltaire. There are X Readers, X OCs, requests and ships etc. Lemons and just regular stories will be included...
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Gregor and the Bloodbath of Regalia by BlueJayWalker10
Gregor and the Bloodbath of Regaliaby Jay Walker
It's been four years since Gregor has ever uttered the words "fly you high," rode a bat, taken part in a prophecy, or been to the kingdom of Regalia in the Und...
  • regalia
  • gruxa
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Gregor and the Bonds of Under by SilverfrostXxX
Gregor and the Bonds of Underby Ren
»»| An Underland Fanfic |«« Although Gregor is no longer needed by the Regalians as the Warrior, he realizes he is still quite attached to the underground city, as well...
  • ripred
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Trolling De-aged by SuperRainbowDolphin
Trolling De-agedby Taz
De-aged Batman and Robin trolling the team!!! After a mission gone wrong, the league asks the team to babysit a de-aged Batman and Robin. Disclaimer for whole story. I...
  • justiceleague
  • trolling
  • batman
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The Forgotten Race by Extremicatia
The Forgotten Raceby Extremicatia
There were two races monsters and humans, that's what all the monster history books say. Humans don't even remember monsters. Though neither races remember the third rac...
  • tears
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Gregor and the Overlanders: A fanmade story based from the Underland Chronicles by Ilusmvaporeon777
Gregor and the Overlanders: A :3
After many years pass, Gregor meets these three girls. They end up getting involved in Gregor's secret. Where will these girls take Gregor on their crazy adventure?
  • vikus
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Dragon Skin by SaltandPerry
Dragon Skinby SaltandPerry
A young boy is sentenced to be locked away in an abandoned castle by a king's hand and is left there to rot. But the king did not know that the castle was filled with ma...
  • kings
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In The End | TWD FF | by TWDFnatic
In The End | TWD FF |by Y A H T Z E E
| Paul"Jesus" Rovia Fanfic | That was it. The end of the world. The only humanity left was the dead & the monsters awakening was the living. Even I, Lucy Crowm...
  • apocalypse
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Welcome To- Somewhere- With a B by HollywoodProdigy
Welcome To- Somewhere- With a Bby Alexis Moonbloom
A story based off of the friendship of two of my dear friends. And of course, accompanied by musical theater songs for all ages. Enjoy!
  • summer
  • friendship
  • sleepaway
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The Missing Daughter by BrittanyBurkett8
The Missing Daughterby Brittany Burkett
So this is my first fanfiction. After reading all the other fanfics with the batfam in them I just wanted to try it out. Please don't judge too hard. Ran away from an o...
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5th Anniversary On the planet of Raksasa, Vampires of all kinds live in unity. Who would have thought their days of living free and in peace will be brought to ruins wh...
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Look Alive, Sunshine  by icryovergnotes
Look Alive, Sunshine by ⌯↫Ari↬⌯
(Cover in the works) "Quell your voice and look alive, sunshine. We'll get through this." Hope you guys like chapters that are shorter than Frank himself. I'm...
  • paranormal
  • bats
  • gerardxfrank
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Young Hope (Young Justice x OC) by Sasha_Hope
Young Hope (Young Justice x OC)by Hope
Hope, That's all you need to survive when you fight monsters and villains. Ha I mean really? Great start to the story Sash. Anyway, I'm Sasha Esperer Sands, I'm the only...
  • sashasands
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Sacrifice by Female-Red-Hood
Sacrificeby Onyx Todd
4 elements, 3 girls 1 boys with the powers of the elements and life or death. Their parents killed in fount of them, and this was at the beginning of time. The year is n...
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