The Night One & Two shots by PandemoniumsKey
The Night One & Two shotsby PandemoniumsKey
One shots and two shots for The Night by Daria Cohen and Voltaire. There are X Readers, X OCs, requests and ships etc. Lemons and just regular stories will be included...
  • romance
  • halfbreed
  • fluffandsmut
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The story that lasted thirty-one days by NehpetsEnal
The story that lasted thirty-one Stephen L W Lane
It is a seasonal Halloween story, comprised of 31 Parts each written with 31 words, one for each of the thirty one days of October, with the story culminating on Hallowe...
  • acrostic
  • zombies
  • poetry
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Drive- Baby Driver - (COMPLETED) by TheDevilishAngelxo
Drive- Baby Driver - (COMPLETED)by TheDevilishAngel
Baby is one hell of a good driver and Kitten is one hell of a smart girl. She does not take shit and he does not speak! Together they are unstoppable and together they w...
  • debora
  • jamie
  • wattys2018
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After All These Years... by Akumahiime
After All These Akumahiime
This is a story about a couple of ocs of mine, to of them which names are Mei and Erebus fell in love with each other, but Mei's brother doesn't approve of Mei dating so...
  • separation
  • cute
  • family
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His Blood Runs Cold  by MEHollinger
His Blood Runs Cold by Madilyn Hollinger
I was only a young thing when I heard the story of Vlad the Impaler. But now, he is known as Dracula, to almost all. My mother used to tell me that it was only a story...
  • bats
  • blood
  • vampires
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Trolling De-aged by SuperRainbowDolphin
Trolling De-agedby Taz
De-aged Batman and Robin trolling the team!!! After a mission gone wrong, the league asks the team to babysit a de-aged Batman and Robin. Disclaimer for whole story. I...
  • youngjustice
  • roy
  • de-aged
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I Love You, My Man Of Steel by Maximoffsprincess
I Love You, My Man Of Steelby Maximoffsprincess
Emelie Hvornum, a girl in her 18's is starting to work at daily planet, where the hot and sweet guy Clark Kent also is working. If only she knew what he really was. Her...
  • bats
  • romantic
  • manofsteel
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Okaasan Lemmi! (FURSONAxFURSONA EROTICA/LEMON) by absolut-ly
Okaasan Lemmi! (FURSONAxFURSONA ***Abso***
WARNING: CONTAINS HYPER-PREGNANCY, SEMEN INFLATION, AND FUTANARIxFEMALE SEX FEATURED CHARACTERS: Lemmi the bat (futanari) Bliss the fox (female) Lemmi wakes up one day t...
  • pregnancy
  • inflation
  • bats
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Villain to Vigilant (Jason Todd x reader Dick Grayson x reader) by _holy-water-needed_
Villain to Vigilant (Jason Todd _holy-water-needed_
What will happen when the vigilant named (Y/n) is changed from bad girl to good girl by the two biggest crime fighters? "Yeah...I don't think so." I heard som...
  • nightwing
  • redhood
  • smutwarning
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Look Alive, Sunshine  by icryovergnotes
Look Alive, Sunshine by Hoe
Cover credit to: @TanithloWrites (thank you so much for taking the painstaking time to create that wonderful cover) "Quell your voice and look alive, sunshine. We'l...
  • dom
  • paranormal
  • sub
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Batman X Joker The Forbidden Love by Fanfiction4youPeople
Batman X Joker The Forbidden Loveby Fanfiction4youPeople
The Joker hasn't been seen in ten years in Gotham City. But what does that mean for The Bats aka Bruce. Well one night at the club for business change everything? Or wil...
  • batman
  • bats
  • joker
Son of Dracula by JEWollstonecraft
Son of Draculaby JEWollstonecraft
Caius Drake was the new boy at school and like every new guy who has a foreign accent and is insanely hot, he fit right in his very first day of school. Girls flirted wi...
  • bats
  • romance
  • dracula
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Gregor and the New Race by NathanBruhl
Gregor and the New Raceby NathanBruhl
Gregor finds it hard to live in Virginia. After moving there from New York, where he fell into a laundry room grate into the Underland, he struggles to adjust to his new...
  • bats
  • rats
  • gregor
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Loki's Maiden by Maximoffsprincess
Loki's Maidenby Maximoffsprincess
Hi my name is Emelie i'm a normal midgardian girl, who was sent to Asgard to be the one and only Loki's servant. Is he really rude and cold? Maybe i could make him think...
  • thor
  • joker
  • dccomics
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Bullets With Hearts(Sonadow) by TheWolfOfTheStars
Bullets With Hearts(Sonadow)by TheWolfOfTheStars
  • romance
  • pain
  • bats
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Dracula's Bloodline by MKDods
Dracula's Bloodlineby M.DODS
Book 1 in the Dracula's Bloodline Trilogy. No one expected to see unconditional love between father and daughter, especially when the father was a vampire. Vlad has been...
  • bats
  • raven
  • doppelganger
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A Mage's Halloween by koda5698
A Mage's Halloweenby Koda
Halloween. A time for most of us to gather as much candy as we can in one night, or stay up and party during the moonlit night. For the mage's, vampires, werewolves, and...
  • witchcraft
  • magic
  • halloween
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Gregor and the Bonds of Under by SilverfrostXxX
Gregor and the Bonds of Underby Ren
»»| An Underland Fanfic |«« Although Gregor is no longer needed by the Regalians as the Warrior, he realizes he is still quite attached to the underground city, as well...
  • gregor
  • rats
  • lizzie
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Brotherly Love(Young Justice Fanfiction) by ScottSummersGirl
Brotherly Love(Young Justice Daughter of Apollo
this is about Wally, Roy, and Dick's brotherly love. BirdFlash at the End of the Story. I don't own anything all rights to DC.
  • bats
  • theflash
  • daddy
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White blood by honey_sprinkles149
White bloodby ❤
Dianna is a normal 18 year old girl, but that changes . she gets bitten by a vampire . After 10 years of being frozen in ice Dianna is finally free. Not knowing what su...
  • slave
  • romance
  • surrogate
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