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Killer Love -Killer croc x oc story by Snapeisacutebean
Killer Love -Killer croc x oc storyby Kringlez
(AU AND OCS OWNED BY ME) (BATMAN IS OWNED BY DC) When Waylon Jones aka Killer croc is taken back to Arkham Asylum,he meets a doctor who actually shows compassion for him...
❝ᵢ ₛₜₐᵣₜ ₜₕₑ dₐy ₗyᵢₙg ₐₙd ₑₙd wᵢₜₕ ₜₕₑ ₜᵣᵤₜₕ.❞ // the riddler. by ShylaQuiet
❝ᵢ ₛₜₐᵣₜ ₜₕₑ dₐy ₗyᵢₙg ₐₙd ₑₙd wᵢₜ sourblizzard
i always thought the choice was mine and i was right, but i just chose wrong i start the day lying and end with the truth that i'm dying for the knife - - (cross-posted...
Random Batman Villian Things by The-feral-pan
Random Batman Villian Thingsby Nightshade
I don't know what this is. There's just a bit of everything here. Playlists, aesthetics, S/O prompts and just some other random stuff.
Psychotic Chemistry  by Michaels_Myers_Girl
Psychotic Chemistry by Michaels_Myers_Girl
Ashlyn Watts is a 21 year old psycho that loves a good challenge. Ever since she could remember she loved the idea of being an Arkham villain. Dr. Penelope Young, her ps...
DC's Batman Villians Mentality Explained... by LilithWinchester0713
DC's Batman Villians Mentality LilithWinchester0713
read title Sources for info are Wikipedia and DC Comic based Wikis
Glory to Gotham  by Connor808938
Glory to Gotham by Connor808938
A tale of villains like riddler penguin joker Harley freeze and many more how They came to be and how the bat became the hero he is
Counterphobia (Scarecrow x Reader) by killalily
Counterphobia (Scarecrow x Reader)by kill -a-lily
Maybe you should have thought this trough more...throughoutly. Trying to build an immunity can be dangerous.
The First Riddle by obesehomingpigeon
The First Riddleby obesehomingpigeon
An enigma has dumbfounded Gotham City Police Department, a fight between two boys, and one left standing. Dectective Gordon doesn't know what to do with young Edward Nas...
We're All a Little Depraved by ashangelic
We're All a Little Depravedby 8,000 snail dicks
We're All A Little Depraved Version 2.0 (hopefully it's better. If you haven't read the first version, don't. It's really cringe and I wrote when I was 13-14) Yes I'm @p...
The Shadow of The Bat (Batman fanfiction) by DeadlyEnchantress
The Shadow of The Bat (Batman DeadlyEnchantress
Gotham was a lost city. Its streets flooded with blood and crime, staining even the most innocent civilians with sin and desperation. No human being was able to save thi...