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Unwanted Allies- Dr. Jonathan Crane Story by CaptainJackieSparrow
Unwanted Allies- Dr. Jonathan Jackie
When Lilah Doute receives a visit from her stepfather Carmine Falcone, she quite distressed upon learning about her new houseguest and even more so when she works out wh...
Dixieland (Bruce Wayne x OC) by LegendsWrites
Dixieland (Bruce Wayne x OC)by AdiraWrites
Two friends, so close that they were almost inseparable. Both orphaned, their families both murdered. Through years of a close friendship, they held each other together...
RWBY: Batman Begins by CatChannel3
RWBY: Batman Beginsby Cat Channel
Bruce Wayne watched his parents die as a child. After years of training, he returns to Vale, reunites with his childhood friend, Weiss Schnee, and begins a new life.
Not A Hero (MCU x Reader x Dark Knight Trilogy) by laserigneous88
Not A Hero (MCU x Reader x Dark Lt. Pete Mitchell
"Because some men aren't looking for anything logical. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn."...
Bad, I'm better [Bruce Wayne] by LovingPetal
Bad, I'm better [Bruce Wayne]by LovingPetal
Jane Benton is a new employee at Wayne Enterprises in the nearly unocuppied Research & Development department. One day Bruce Wayne himself makes his way down to her work...
Fear Revisited [Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow] by lunarmuse
Fear Revisited [Jonathan Crane / «Luna»
He walked away to protect her from what he thought he might become, but when these former lovers cross paths again, will he be so noble twice?
1995 [Jonathan Crane Fan Fiction] by VoidOfNothing
1995 [Jonathan Crane Fan Fiction]by Void
Belle always struggled with her grades: chemistry was the worse. When her parents offer to hire a tutor she is more than happy to accept but when the tutor turns out to...
The Curious Case of Jason Todd by honeyydevil
The Curious Case of Jason Toddby ×
(The second book in The Curious Case series) After the incident with Tim Drake, Jason had made peace with the BatFam, all except Bruce. Now, when Jason takes a major hi...
In The Eye of the Beholder | Jonathan Crane by ScarletAngel1776
In The Eye of the Beholder | Alexis Wondra
*All the Madness We Share Book 1* Who was Jonathan Crane before he was the Scarecrow? Amber Connery knows. What did the eyes of the Scarecrow's childhood friend see? Amb...
Trust | Bruce Wayne by onograce
Trust | Bruce Wayneby onograce
In the lowest depths of Gotham's recession, one man rises up to combat the constant struggle against the city's furthering corruption. In the midst of this dangerous war...
The Curious Case of Tim Drake by honeyydevil
The Curious Case of Tim Drakeby ×
Tim Drake gets into a nasty tangle with Poison Ivy and ends up losing his life. Well, 8 years of it anyway. All Tim can remember is how much he wants his Mommy and Dadd...
Professor Fear (the sequel) - Jonathan Crane by CrimsonTea
Professor Fear (the sequel) - CrimsonTea
Daria and Jonathan consider a relationship that isn't built on fear. Will it survive or will Scarecrow's addiction to terror intervene? Is Jonathan the man Daria thinks...
Nightmare in Red by honeyydevil
Nightmare in Redby ×
Tim wakes from a nightmare and seeks comfort from his big brother. Cover art by LightningStrikes
Philophobia [Dr. Jonathan Crane] by Evilvillains777
Philophobia [Dr. Jonathan Crane]by Villains
"Philophobia is the fear of emotional attachment; fear of being in, or falling in love." Two opposite sides of the same coin. Both joined by their love of fear...
An Unrequited Love {Jonathan Crane x Male Reader} by kefka_connoisseur
An Unrequited Love {Jonathan You won't forget this devil's...
[WARNING: EXTREMELY SLOW UPDATES] A high school boy must keep the fact that he is a homosexual a secret. His crush just so happens to be a young man by the name of Jonat...
Batman begins (Bruce Wayne x reader) by newsies_batman_bale
Batman begins (Bruce Wayne x 🗞🗞❤️🦇🦇🦇
What if Rachel Dawes had a little sister Named Dylan Dawes Dylan dawes is 3 years younger than Rachel and Bruce What happens when Bruce comes back after a long time a...
100 Batman Quotes by JaneSofiaManolidou
100 Batman Quotesby Rosabella
100 Batman quotes...
The Curious Case of Dick Grayson by honeyydevil
The Curious Case of Dick Graysonby ×
(The third book in the Curious Case series) After the deaging of Tim and Jason, the Batfam are desperately trying to figure out the connection between the incidents. But...
The Death of Damien Wayne by honeyydevil
The Death of Damien Wayneby ×
(One Shot) Damien comes to terms with his impending end and looks back on memories of his family. Cover art by LightningStrikes
The First Time by honeyydevil
The First Timeby ×
The first time that Jason called Bruce, "Dad" Cover art by LightningStrikes