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Philippine Mythology by goddessRhoda
Philippine Mythologyby ๛ ελληνιδα θεα
Philippine mythology is the body of myths, tales, and superstitions held by Filipinos, mostly originating from beliefs held during the pre-Hispanic era. Some of these be...
Libulan, the Moon god by stilleaislengeach
Libulan, the Moon godby stille
Libulan is the third child of Lidagat and Lihangin, deities of the wind and the sea and children of Bathala. A tragedy had happened for him to forget his past and became...
Thalia's Beast by Amedrianne
Thalia's Beastby Raena Adrianne
PhilMytho Romance #1 Thalia is an independent woman living a regular life as a tourist guide in the Philippines. Growing up away from her parent's superstitious beliefs...
The Cursed Beauty by Therealsisa
The Cursed Beautyby 𝓐𝓾𝓻𝓸𝓻𝓪
Ever since Miya Batongbakal was born in the world, she wanted to be a beautiful fine lady so that her mom could finally accept her as a daughter. She was never accepted...
MYSTICAL SERIES # 1 Ano ang magwawagi? Kabutihan nga ba o ang kasamaan? Kabutihan kung saan lahat ay masaya at walang pag-aalala. O ang kasamaan kung saan magdudulot ng...
Philippine Gods by Demon_Celvino
Philippine Godsby JustCoast
PHILIPPINE GODS CHRONICLES [PRESENT BOOK] Wala Ka Bang KINAKATAKUTAN? Dala ng kagustuhang mahanap ang kanyang asawa, si Marcus ay tumahak sa isang paglalakbay kung saan...
Each Story She's Told by HAMILTRASH_LAYF
Each Story She's Toldby TrollgelicAaa, TrollizAaaa, A...
Reyna, a 7 year old orphan, is raised by Ms. Carmelita Del Juan in a Foster Home. And helping Ms. Del Juan, are four more people. Mr. Laki Ms. Laya Ms. Hana; and Ms. Ta...
The Seventh Moon by JemCordial
The Seventh Moonby Jeremiah Cordial
When Chris Garcia found out that his life is in danger, overheard from his father's conversation with mysterious visitors, he thought it was the scariest moment he ever...
The Deities of the Philippines by Orikawa_Azeren
The Deities of the Philippinesby RenRen
The gods and goddesses of the different regions of the Philippines We all love to read or watch the Lightning Thief, Thor, The Trials of Apollo and other mythology based...
The Curse Of Bathala by SenoritaLavander
The Curse Of Bathalaby Leanzey Peachy
Does his Daughters can save him?
Guardians & Encants: The Heart of Mayon by xeridanusx
Guardians & Encants: The Heart Mark C.
Gino was living a normal life until he got involved in a car accident. He must now adapt and survive in the spirit world as a student living between life and death with...
Si Malaya ~Ang Bagong Bathala~ by sixofcups
Si Malaya ~Ang Bagong Bathala~by GOLD
Akala ni Ryan ay isa lamang siyang ordinaryong estudyante: nag-aaral sa isang sikat na kolehiyo, black-belter sa Taekwondo, may mga kaibigan, at may girlfriend. Pero nan...
Likha by KathangEncanto
Likhaby Likhang Encanto
An expansion based on an excerpt from my ENCA fanfic and an ENCA story posted on IG. This is my fictional history of the bathalas and bathalumans of Encantadia. Disclaim...
The Talisman Of  Bathala by Clarisse_Silver
The Talisman Of Bathalaby Clarisse_Silver
Book One of the Talia Balatik & The Filipino Deities Series. Enjoy?? WARNING: I DON'T UPDATE CONSTANTLY. -*-*-*-*-*- TALIA BALATIK lived a pretty normal life. Poverty, a...
The Hoarded Wealth by caelumeleven
The Hoarded Wealthby rm
"In this world, it is too common for people to search for someone to lose themselves in. But I am already lost. I will look for someone to find myself in."...
The Immortal Flame by ChrisMien48
The Immortal Flameby Chris Mien
Brother against sister, husband against wife. Behold something sinister, behold the age of strife. Man is blessed, but curse thy selves; favoring the vile stead of purit...
Lupe and The God of the Turbulent Seas (Original First Draft) by RGGallardo
Lupe and The God of the RG Gallardo
Malakas, the first man, and Maganda, the first woman, did not live happily ever after. Maganda's descendant, Lupe, has a humongous crush on Aiken, a hunky new transferee...
Lathala by MsAnthropicChief
Lathalaby Sam Panganiban
labintatlong akda. karamihan para sa mga sawi. ilan para sa mga nagkikimkim ng galit. at isa para sa biktima ng kawalan ng hustisya.
Before Genesis by yunikme
Before Genesisby Lucy the Dreamer
Why did we live? What is our purpose? Why do we exist? Maybe God was bored so he created man? Well, one of the given answers would be because we need to facilitate H...