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Baby Batty by wolf-pup95
Baby Battyby wolf-pup95
A different shifter ddlg story. Instead of a werewolf Mackenzie is a bat shifter who finds a mate in a wolf pack.
She's back (daminette) by damianette_159
She's back (daminette)by Invisibletomyfamily
Marinette comes back to Gotham to see her grandfather. Marinette was adopted by jagged stone and penny rolling after being disowned by her biological parents but little...
Bat Brothers: Schooldays by CanonShipPrincess
Bat Brothers: Schooldaysby CanonShipPrincess
With 4 boys, the Wayne Manor is always crazy. Damian is about to enter middle school! Spend a day in the life with the bat family- a family by day and cimefighters at ni...
Superman x  reader x batman by marydiva_17
Superman x reader x batmanby Mary
these are some of the one-shots that will be happing in the book wife reader ❤️💋 daugther reader 💕 sister reader 💖
The New Family Member (Bat family Fanfiction) by DC_Writer_E
The New Family Member (Bat E.
Emily is just a normal girl who moved to Gotham City two days ago. She meets Nightwing and Robin and then discovers the secret her parents kept from her her whole life...
Baseball Princess by ElenaSmith1
Baseball Princessby Elena
Lindsey Adams does not want to do a spring sport in her Freshman year. However, she needs something to do with her free time. Then it hits her: manage a team. But which...
One Punch Man scenarios by Meilin44
One Punch Man scenariosby Meilin44
Hello everyone, as the title says I am doing OPM scenarios. Various X Reader style! I hope you enjoy!
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SonAdow High School Life by SetForthADream
SonAdow High School Lifeby Set Forth A Dream
Hi, I'm Sonic the hedgehog! I'm a Jr in high school and I've sorta got a problem with a senior... (well more like he has a problem with me) But things are getting a litt...
The Second Capsule by SetForthADream
The Second Capsuleby Set Forth A Dream
A second capsule was ejected from Sapce Colony ARK the day the disaster happened. Rumored that there was another 'Project Shadow' inside, but it had been lost and never...
<rabies> (bat!Eddie fic) by magma0pool
(bat!Eddie fic)by Raven
Steve hears small chirps and squeaks on his porch, so he goes to investigate. he does not not expect to find a little brown bat who seems to really, really, like him. un...
Slashers x creeper reader  by Bat_from_hell
Slashers x creeper reader by Bat_from_hell
I know lm not human all l know was I was taking away from my family to asylum were l would meet strange people [ l don't own the slashers obviously]
FIXING THE DCEU  by jean19983
Since WBs dceu has been falling and failing in all sorts of areas so far, I as a fan,decided to try and do my version of the DCEU which will be more structured and organ...
Nightmares: The Bat Brothers by CanonShipPrincess
Nightmares: The Bat Brothersby CanonShipPrincess
The Wayne boys are all awake. Bruce is away battling the Joker and Scarecrow somewhere in Europe after a traumatizing experience leaves the stone-hard bat boys shaken to...
DamiJon Soulmate AU by Rattack
DamiJon Soulmate AUby we_rlly_built_like_that
Damian Wayne never had time for things such as romance. He had to train and live up to expectations. This all changed when Jon came along. (Aged up characters 15 years o...
Our Little Robin-young justice/robin fanfic by HolyCheerBatman
Our Little Robin-young justice/ Sierra
Robin's been turned into a four year old, watch the Batman become Daddy-man when his bird needs it!
When we first met /// Jaytim First Meet AU by fandomsandfables
When we first met /// Jaytim Babs McB
Timothy Drake is Robin. Jason Todd is Red Hood. Jason wasn't particularly aware that Tim existed, until he broke into the cave. I do not own the characters, only the st...
[Bách Hợp][Edit] Không Ngốc Không Hạnh Phúc - Tuyệt Ca by DzuEver
[Bách Hợp][Edit] Không Ngốc Khô Khúc Thuỵ Du
Tác giả: Tuyệt Ca Tình trạng Raw: Hoàn. Thể loại: GL, đô thị tình duyên, hoan hỉ oan gia, tình hữu độc chung, HE. Couple: Chu Du Du x Hứa Trừng Edit: DzuEver Beta: Tá Đ...
𝙥𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙨 || miraculous ladybug by cosmologyyy
𝙥𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙨 || miraculous ladybugby 宝くじ | lottie
"We were staying in Paris To get away from your parents" - paris by the chainsmokers ↳ Valerie Sterling, a girl who's name held an unholy reputation at her o...
dot. by milk_a3
#19 Mika
Dot, a bat-human hybrid, has no memories of freedom. He knows only disinfectant, drugs and pain; the ones that own him care not about his wellbeing, renting him out to w...
BEING A TEEN SERIES: PERFECT BAD BOY (BOOK 3) Parents generally classify teenagers into two categories, its either you are a good, obedient, respectful teen or you are a...