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Egyptian Gods by Dragon_owl
Egyptian Godsby Dragon
All begun with that dark creature one night. I couldn't even dream of what came next. A 'life' full of surprises challenges was waiting for me. I'm not a human, neither...
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Merlin's fate by AnneliseZea
Merlin's fateby Annie.Z
[This is a Merlin Fan fiction] If there are any trigger warnings they'll be listed on the top of the chapter, Merlin, the knights, and Arthur are on a hunting trip. The...
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Arachne's Son by ghostofPercyJackson
Arachne's Sonby Joshua Son of Pluto
Percy Jackson is not a Son of Poseidon, but instead, the Son of the Spider Queen herself: Arachne aka Sally Julia Carpenter-Jackson the wife of Paul Jackson a Son of Pos...
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Herederos de Egipto by NathRossavel
Herederos de Egiptoby Nath Rossavel
Historia aparentemente larga, pero cada cap es de una hoja en la que se narran las aventuras que vivieron Horus, Anubis y Bastet durante el reinado de Seth como rey abso...
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TMR: Transported to the Harry Potter World by utanoprincess
TMR: Transported to the Harry utanoprincess
Amy is a huge fan of Harry Potter series. But she does not like how Voldemort was treated. She feels it was more the fault of Dumbledore that he always refused to give...
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The Nine Lives of Chloe King ➤ H. Mikaelson & J. Saltzman by Versfa
The Nine Lives of Chloe King ➤ Versfa
❝Another life to come alive. When worlds collide I come alive.❞
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The goddess'revenge by mystic-girl-2003
The goddess'revengeby mystic girl
Born from the eye of Ra for one sole reason , killing those who had opposed her father. But even after doing what she was made for , she was punished for a single act of...
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A Maldição de Bastet - Degustação by ManuSaraiva
A Maldição de Bastet - Degustaçãoby Manu Saraiva
Ísis cresceu ouvindo as lendas do antigo Egito, mas jamais imaginou que uma delas poderia mudar completamente sua vida. Lançamento físico, Maio 2018.
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If You Only Knew (Anubis x Bastet!Reader) by SilverMints
If You Only Knew (Anubis x Insanity
This is based off of the game SMITE! If you don't know what that is, it's basically a third person game involving 6 pantheons of gods, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, M...
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Real Gods? Learning? Friendship? (Kamigami no Asobi) by BataWolfe
Real Gods? Learning? Friendship? ( BataWolfe
Hinami Caduceus is a girl who has trouble expressing herself. Her father disappeared without a trace and had so little information about him. The girl's mother passed aw...
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God Tied by Katherin3Coitier
God Tiedby Katherine Coitier
***Now Available on, Amazon Europe, and Kindle*** Bubastis. The once glorious temple to the Egyptian goddess Bastet, the cat goddess. Bastet was the most be...
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Animal Instincts by Ode2Fantasy
Animal Instinctsby Christina Jean
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An Ankh Pendant. by XBloodyRoseO
An Ankh Madelynn ( Maddie)
For thousands of years, the Egyptian Gods have been in hiding. Some were growing tired, wanting to take back their places as Gods, while others want to continue what the...
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Baird Livingston and the Secret Kingdom by KhryssBattle
Baird Livingston and the Secret Khryss Battle
Baird Livingston is a homeless boy who finds himself in the hands of people from a hidden kingdom that is home to the feared and famous Mourndrid. A terrible hybrid race...
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Sarjikris by BenitaPearse
Sarjikrisby Benita Pearse
If an immortal sat next to you on a bus, would it occur to you he was different from everyone else? If a man walked up to you on a promenade and began talking to you, w...
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The Goddess of Cats by pikachucet2
The Goddess of Catsby pikachucet the second
There are tales of an immortal cat named Bastet. She was once worshipped as the Goddess of Protection, Childbirth, Ointments and Perfume, warfare, fertility among other...
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Whiskey Lullaby by CelticGod
Whiskey Lullabyby CelticGod
REad it and you'll find out.
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Kyleighlyra And Her Soulmates by 9tailsX2
Kyleighlyra And Her Soulmatesby 9tailsX2
DISCLAMER OF DC COMICS ONCE UPON A TIME I DO NOT OWN THE ART OR CHARACTERS EXCEPT MY OWN AND THE PLOT ... Kiya has a vary strong lineage her grandfather is Zeus and her...
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The Bible Of Bast by SolarFeline
The Bible Of Bastby SolarFeline
A long time ago, in Ancient Egyptian times, there is a place called Bubastis, where there is a goddess worshipped, the divine goddess Bast. Also known as Bastet, she is...
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The Immortals by ScarletandAlysa33
The Immortalsby Scarlet Rose & Alysa
Esmae and Alysa have never given their birth parents much thought. They've always been normal girls, or rather, normal orphans who've gone through a string of adoptive p...
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