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Drawing Bases by _Trashy_Storie_
Drawing Basesby Anonymous Z
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Wings of Fire adopts by StarvioletFury
Wings of Fire adoptsby StarvioletFury
I like making OC's but end up doing nothing with them ;-; Put them to good use! 🌕 - all still open 🌖 - most still open 🌗 - some still open 🌘 - a few still open 🌑...
WOF Hybrid Bases by DireWerewolfGirl
WOF Hybrid Basesby DireWerewolfGirl
This is a book of bases I edited to be hybrid!
Wings of Fire bases! by TempestMidnight
Wings of Fire bases!by TempestMidnight
I probably don't have them all YET (well obviously), but I will continue updating with new bases. Credits: Joy Ang Peregrinecella AGoldfishWithAnxiety Leafastarr Glamoro...
WoF Adoptables! by Glorybringer1163
WoF Adoptables!by Glorybringer1163
Just some WoF bases I colored and are up for adoption! See the symbols/abbreviations guide at the beginning if you're confused about how to adopt something.
Art Book by Nightshade8562
Art Bookby Nightshade8562
My art book now that I've gotten better at art! Will be mostly WoF.
book of art and randomness . 1 by itstotallynotem
book of art and randomness . 1by 🖤 — em
➥ IN WHICH ;; i show you my art and other random things .
Ashley in Mad City by Emma70529
Ashley in Mad Cityby Emma70529
A girl named Ashley meets a character from a game on Roblox called MadCity. The character, Max, brings Ashley with him into the game and she becomes a superhero. But lik...
Free Bases! by MakailaTheWriter
Free Bases!by Makaila
In this book, I'll be posting bases that I make, bases I wanna use sometime, and drawings that I have that uses a base in it. Sooo, yeah basically just things dealing wi...
Adopts Yee Yee by evaverselli
Adopts Yee Yeeby Ashylife565
Mostly OTA All made with bases
Softball by Bobbiejelly
Softballby bobbiejelly
Meredith and Cristina talk about their crushes during girl's night.
Adopts 2.0 by Vodka1312
Adopts 2.0by ~Dead•Account~
So, since I'm obsessed with making characters (and made so many that I had to make a second book) I made a place too keep them! Enjoy! (these are all free btw)
"I'm....FABULOUS!" | ☆~Collaboration book~☆ by Osomatsu_Sans_Kitty
"I'm....FABULOUS!" | ☆ Osomatsu's precious Kitty
Hey everyone! I made this book because i wanna make like collabs. If you want to draw your OC in my collabs, rules will be in the first part on this book. So follow them...
art book by In_A_Roleplay_Daze
art bookby I roleplay things XD
bases are not mine , most of these are off pintrest !
Artwork/OC Bios by rainbowdash_ally
Artwork/OC Biosby Ally Alisa
I've decided to make this because I got bored. Welp- hope you guys like! X3