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A different love Language || trump x biden  by lackingguts
A different love Language || v
trump and biden are in lov,,, but the other doesnt know??2 wil they confess ?? whoknwos
Texts • DreamNotFound by bellafeir
Texts • DreamNotFoundby bella
Written as "behind the scenes" of real life. [DreamNotFound]
The Diary of the Butterfly  by tori-ann_
The Diary of the Butterfly by tori-ann_
A poetry collection telling the story of a teenage girl battling depression. Highest Rankings: #1 in poetry - May 4, 2021. #1 in self reflection - May 10, 2021 - May 13...
The Silence She Speaks✔ by Tall_panda21
The Silence She Speaks✔by Lauren
Based on a true story Eleven-year-old Quinn Sage lived a happy life as a small town Georgia girl. She had her loving parents and brother to care for her, and friends cam...
My First And Only  by kekeisme123
My First And Only by lyrical.writings
Explicit Content 💦👅 2 Kids In Love Tryna Make It. 😩
Perfectly Unexpected [Editing] by MiniMoxx
Perfectly Unexpected [Editing]by Alex ☕️
FEATURED by @ChickLit Tabitha had only known love twice in her life. She was abandoned by one of them and married the other. Now the lines between them have blurred. **...
JENNY කියන්නේ පාසලේ ඉන්න දඟකාර මෙන්ම කටකර ළමයෙක් . එයාගේ යාලුවන්ගේ දගකාර කමත් ඇගේ දඟකරකමට දෙවැනි නැ. මේ යාලුවෝ ටික ඉස්සරහට මොන වගේ දඟ වැඩ කරයි ද? මෙගොලන්ගේ යාළුකම් හැමදා...
Actual Ability by SusanASilver
Actual Abilityby Susan A. Silver
Single girl, Sarah Santos learns her older, sister Jan has the actual ability to do paranormal things around her like a poltergeist. *** Sarah works as a nurse's aid by...
Who to Choose? Melody's Story by Emmie_SkyHeart
Who to Choose? Melody's Storyby 𝔼𝕞𝕞𝕚𝕖
Based on the True Story of my Love Life --- Melody Emma Sky is just a normal girl. She has most of her life planned out: Finish Middle School and High School, move out...
The Devil Haunts Me [Buzzfeed Unsolved] by goldsworth
The Devil Haunts Me [Buzzfeed goldsworth
Shane and Ryan investigate some of the most haunted locations in Australia, starting with the Monte Cristo Homestead for the newest episode of Unsolved: Supernatural. Ry...
Fakelove[SABAHAN] by Keiranaputerii
Fakelove[SABAHAN]by OfficiallyQieranaa
-Based on true story- Sypnosys. Hii readerss,nama sy dlm story ni Isabella.Smua yg ad dlm story mmg btul²ap yg trhadap diri sy.Bagaimana sy berdepan sy kesilapn sy.Bagai...
The Fault in our Shrek by verybusted
The Fault in our Shrekby fat whore
Better out then in I always say
Paint by Number by LizzyPeltonWrites
Paint by Numberby Lizzy Pelton
What happens when you find your "why" but then life falls apart? Meet Emma, an artist who is happy with her life but unsure what to do next. She's single, succ...
adventures of mineta  by mikvsas
adventures of mineta by amy
sequel to the award winning, new york times bestselling novel, "Peppa vs Inosuke (Battle of the Pigs" 😍😻 what happens after peppa dies? how does mineta deal...
NAFSU ANJING  by storyaboutfazyyyy
Mengisahkan tentang seorg pelajar baru yg dimana tidak sengaja termasuk ke dalam dunia LGBT atau lebih tepat lagi dunia Gay, ianya disebabkan satu kejadian yg tidak dis...
To Making It Count (Jack Dawson x Reader) by MAIKOSUPREMACY
To Making It Count (Jack Dawson Anya
So I haven't seen many of these so here's how it's gonna go down. Instead of Rose DeWitt Bukater you are (Y/N) DeWitt Bukater. This will go by the plot line of Titanic b...
[✔️] My Angel ~ Jack Avery & Gabriela Gonzalez by happyforherron
[✔️] My Angel ~ Jack Avery & happyforherron
[COMPLETED] "Anything for you, my angel." In which Jack Avery and Gabriela Gonzalez fall in love. ~Based on a true story. Only the facts have been changed~ Dis...
Possessed.| ✓ by LostIn2Sight
Possessed.| ✓by LostInSight ✍️
Everything was fine. Normal. Until one morning, when it all came crashing down in waves of mysterious terror. Aisha, in her teens, running through a seemingly normal ph...
HOW I DIED. by -chimeraki
HOW I 𝔤𝔲𝔦𝔩𝔩𝔢𝔫.
What if a guy on the radio tells you how he died?