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One Piece x Reader One Shots ➳ by VSphinx
One Piece x Reader One Shots ➳by sphinx
luffy: *screams* ONE SHOTSS nami: *beats the shit out of luffy* shutup! luffy: *gets back up with a swollen ass face* one soths chopper: *calls for doctor dramatically...
  • xreader
  • trafalgarlaw
  • ace
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One Piece by LitttleMissOreo
One Pieceby Erica Pugh
Much like my One Piece Cupcake one shots i will be doing one piece again! Now I won't be taking requests, but there are some stories from the old book that I'm gonna add...
  • rayleigh
  • kidd
  • franky
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Author Notes & One Shot Requests by lyndsyh
Author Notes & One Shot Requestsby Lyndsy
Title pretty much says it all. This book will be a place for you to ask questions and make requests. It will also be a place where I can leave notes, post art you know j...
  • onepiecefanfiction
  • oneshotrequests
  • romance
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One Piece Lemons! by StrawHat3D2Y
One Piece Lemons!by Dalylah Hernandez
I plan to do -Ichiji, Niji, Sanji, Yonji X Reader -Mihawk X Reader X Zoro -Zoro x Reader X Sanji -Bartolomeo X Reader -Robin X Fem!Reader -Perona X Fem!Reader -Law X Re...
  • onepiece
  • sanji
  • anime
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One Piece One Shots by shinical_
One Piece One Shotsby Shinical_
Requests are welcome! Warning: slow updates!
  • one
  • kid
  • law
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20 First Dates. {Bartolomeo x Reader} by KiraReno
20 First Dates. {Bartolomeo x Ki-Wi
Just a oneshot, I was very unwell when I was trying to think of ideas for this one so maybe it's a bit plain and might lack emotion - for that, I apologize. But I hope...
  • 20
  • insert
  • first
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One Piece X Reader One Shots by One-Inch-Ash
One Piece X Reader One Shotsby One-Inch-Ash
This is one shots as you read. Mainly one piece male x female reader. Not accepting request!!!
  • ace
  • sanji
  • sabo
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The Development of Baroque Musicians in Terms of Performance by MatthewJefferson5
The Development of Baroque Matthew Jefferson
"The Development of Baroque Musicians in Terms of Performance" was originally written as a Mid-Term paper for Senior Seminar (MUSC 498). This work focuses on h...
  • baroque
  • cristofori
  • richter
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personajes de one piece reaccionando a los fans by fujoshi-neko24
personajes de one piece fujoshi-neko24
donde pondré como reaccionarían los personajes de one piece ante sus alocados fans apoko no carnales psdt: habrá ships como sanlu , kidlaw, RoNa y Marace para las fans...
  • corazon
  • zoro
  • bartolomeo
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Les Invisibles by meteOR__e
Les Invisiblesby l ø ü
Ils sont invisibles et insignifiants . Ils sont deux sur des milliards. " - Viens , il faut rentrer. On n'est pas en sécurité dans la rue. Mais la vérité se lisai...
  • silence
  • monde
  • amoureuse
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Elle n'est qu'une ombre... by JohaneGauthier
Elle n'est qu'une 🍎Sélé & Lénya 🍏
Norowa est une jeune fille de 14 ans livrée à elle-même dans le Nouveau Monde. Elle commence à lâcher prise et envisage de rentrer "chez elle". Heureusement, l...
  • zosan
  • yaoi
  • loki
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Heaven (Law x Kid x Claudia) by Maxinemarii345
Heaven (Law x Kid x Claudia)by Maxine Marii
Claudia, Law, and Kid are best friends, and when Kid and Law find themselves in a tight spot with Doflamingo, Law and Kid calls for Claudia to save them.
  • baby5
  • ace
  • luffy
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Lost and Found (OnePiece Sk story) by DevisedGirl
Lost and Found (OnePiece Sk story)by DevisedGirl
Príbeh o dievčati menom Khin, ktoré sa vydáva na more ako pirátka. Po roku cestovania osamote sa stretáva s kapitánom pirátskej posádky s názvom Barto Club, Bartolomeom...
  • anime
  • meo
  • manga
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Curiosidades de One Piece #2 by Noteplay
Curiosidades de One Piece #2by Noteplay
Esta es la acontinuacion de mis curiosidades aun que dan muchas por descubrir que las disfruten ;) Portada hecha por: Roronoa_Mari
  • luffy
  • zoro
  • sanji
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Barto x Robin (One-Shots) by MamaPiimp
Barto x Robin (One-Shots)by MamaPiimp
Just a variety of one shots that stemmed from my Robin roleplay blog combined with ideas from my Bartolomeo companion. ------ No set update schedule, just if I get somet...
  • bartolomeo
  • fanfiction
  • bartorobin
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Ask Bartolomeo. by Ask-Bartolomeo
Ask Bartolomeo
Ask me questions you little assholes.
  • askanythingyouwant
  • cannibalbartolomeo
  • bartolomeo
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Bartolomeo X Reader Lemons by LemonNoodle
Bartolomeo X Reader Lemonsby LemonNoodle
Series of Bartolomeo the Cannibal lemons, Oneshots. One Piece fan literature, characters (c) Oda Cover art (c) artist
  • lemon
  • bartolomeo
  • onepiece
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Fixpoint [Bartolomeo x reader x Kid] by AbyssCronica
Fixpoint [Bartolomeo x reader x AbyssCronica
This is basically a dream I had a few nights ago. Don't ask, I'm not even sure what it is, I just thought it was worth writing it down. [One Piece] [sci fi!AU] [angst]
  • kid
  • eustasskid
  • piece
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