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Avenger x reader imagines  by barlay123
Avenger x reader imagines by barlay123
All stories will be done by me. I love all the characters in marvel!!! I WILL BE TAKING REQUESTS!!!!!!! Please enjoy
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Avengers Imagines by multifandomqween
Avengers Imaginesby Fan girl #200
REQUESTS OPEN I'm only doing the Tom Holland Spiderman not the other two. Marvel only. You can request me do it after a song. Highest rating #7 peitromaximoff
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24 Hours at the Barns by harshishah0512
24 Hours at the Barnsby harshishah0512
A normal day at the Barns. Ronan and Adam fight. Opal is caught in the whirlwind. Also, the first time Opal calls Adam "Father".
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Which is Which? | Peter Parker x Reader by ImTooInvolved
Which is Which? | Peter Parker x Snow_Baz_
(Y/n) is new to Midtown High School, but things are looking up for her. She meets a very cute boy, gets a best friends, and even a boyfriend! But- everything takes a tur...
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Bucky X Reader by TheOtakuGirl4
Bucky X Readerby The Jelly Bean Queen
You are Y/N L/N the infamous star lords cousin (yes Im doing that my story!)when S.H.E.I.L.D finds that out they recruited you and that's when you meet him A/N:So umm th...
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Heart Of A Horse by ToxicTheGlowingWolf
Heart Of A Horseby :3 :3 PoTaTo :3 :3
-Will Be Added Soon-
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Wanda and Peitro's little sister  by Stormingpixels
Wanda and Peitro's little sister by Headphones
Raelyn is the little sister of Wanda and Peitro. What do think would happen if she had got kidnapped by your fears?
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My Equestrian Journey by Lil_horsegirl
My Equestrian Journeyby Lil_horsegirl
Hey guys! I'm 13 years old and this is just a story of my equestrian life at the barn, struggles, happy moments, etc. All try to post as often as possible! Soooo shall w...
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Wild Things Among Us •(An Avengers Fanfic)• by Tan-Eclipse
Wild Things Among Us •(An Tan-Eclipse
Jade Olzo witnessed her parents and younger brother's murder. It was only years later when she was kidnapped by some Hydra goons that she discovered Bucky and Liasiel B...
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Cautionary Tales by PeterBarns
Cautionary Talesby Peter Barns
Cautionary Tales is a collection of 25 poems with a message in mind: if you're not careful, bad things can happen to you. The poems take a dark look at such varied subje...
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... by RenttoOwnCarports
#11 Rent to Own Cabin Shells
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The Dream  by FlowerSomething
The Dream by FlowerSomething
A war is going to rage and people won't be who you thought they were.
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Classic by Silentsparrow432
Classicby «Anastasia»
{No description as of yet}
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Feeling Blue  by Beta_KJ
Feeling Blue by The Beta
💚 COMPLETE 💚 ⚠️This takes place in Civil War ⚠️ 🥰 Bucky Barns x OC 🥰 -------------- "We're partners right?" "Until the very end." "Can I...
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Lilo's New life by Dakuiti
Lilo's New lifeby Dakuiti
Lilo's life was perfect. well for her it was. with Juma's experiments and her sister by herslef. she was loved. and well care for. Until a social worker take her away. S...
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Jumping Through Life  by Kenny0320
Jumping Through Life by Kenna101✌
Caroline Riche loves to ride her horse named Bentley. So what happens when everything changes? Will dreams be crushed or will they be chased? Find out in "Jumping t...
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Don't You Wanna Stay by StellaDraconis
Don't You Wanna Stayby Stella Draconis
Avengers. Nuff said
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Awoken Book 1 by RosinaAce
Awoken Book 1by Rosina Ace
Lillian Rogers is the 4 year old daughter of Captain America, she stowed away on the ship her father was in before it crashed into the ice. By the time the captain knew...
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Her by itsisreal
Herby Sofiaaaaaa
Ela é a alegria e a inocência Ele é a raiva e a malícia Ela é organizada e inteligente. Ele é desleixado. Ele é misterioso e tem um passado obscuro. Ela é um livro aber...
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