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Stay Together For The Kids - blink-182 by StoryOfALonelyJane
Stay Together For The Kids - jane.
Olivia is somewhat normal, until, a year after her father's death, her mum starts to date again and a certain Mark Hoppus takes his place.
MGK'S DAUGHTER || Jaden hossler fan fiction by maddie__ellen
MGK'S DAUGHTER || Jaden hossler Madsxjxdn
can a model know as nailea baker love a rockstar will her dad let her ... nailea grow up as machine gun Kellys daughter at the age of 8 she become a famous model for c...
The crazy ex//Mikey Tua and Landon Barker  smut fiction by graysongubler
The crazy ex//Mikey Tua and well hi🙈
Mikey and Danielle broke up and now Danielle is with Ethan. Mikey and me are now really good friends I have liked Mikey for a while. But I have to fake date Landon for p...
downfalls high by lucid-dreamin
downfalls highby h. ✵
"and now the minutes become moments. when the high runs out, the downfall is inevitable. i hope you find a soft place to land." inspired by the film by mgk & m...
Tom Delonge (a fan fic) by cchelseaggg
Tom Delonge (a fan fic)by cchelseaggg
as alex, a pop punk girl, starts at her high school, she meets the "bad boy", Tom, through her mutual friends Mark and Travis. But will alex get on a new level...
Prank War by TheDivineMissM
Prank Warby Emily Faith
When seventeen year old Nat Barker is told that she's going to be sent to Military school if she doesn't clean up her act, she decides that doing her homework doesn't se...
All of This by CollynCalhoun
All of Thisby Collyn Calhoun
The life of Cassidy "Cass" and how she is secretly in love with her best friend Tom DeLonge and their journey through life together
Fighting The Gravity: Blink-182 by pixieedustx
Fighting The Gravity: Blink-182by Simone Kelly
Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge and Travis Barker are back together. They're enjoying the ride and doing what they love. They've never been happier, or so it would seem.
Playing At His Level by darlingdarlynne
Playing At His Levelby darlingdarlynne
"I'm not saying you don't know how to fall in love," I said with as much confidence as I could muster. "I'm just saying you haven't, and I'd like to see y...
regeneration - pat barker - summary & analysis by RebelGirl121
regeneration - pat barker - pseudonymous
Craiglockhart War Hospital, Scotland, 1917, and army psychiatrist William Rivers is treating shell-shocked soldiers. Under his care are the poets Siegfried Sassoon and W...
The Road Map of Summer by squid_woman_2020
The Road Map of Summerby Zoozilla
Ranked #2 in autisticsteverogers (Book 3 Steve Rogers' Diagnosis & Family) The hinted road trip from the end of "The Brain" this picks up when school gets out...
My Sister Rose by _Anna_setic_
My Sister Roseby Anastasia.x23
Lisa barker loves her sister, rose, but what about Mr. Gill?
I'm In Love With My Brother's Best Friend by woldie99
I'm In Love With My Brother's woldie99
Once upon a time... Isn't that how all fairytales start? Well yes, however, this is not your ordinary fairytale. It might have a fairytale ending, or it might not. No o...
Team (A Christina Grimmie Fanfic) by Temporary_
Team (A Christina Grimmie Fanfic)by Temporary_
'It’s the bonds you make, the friendships you make, the challenges you face. Everyone here supports each other, encourages each other, and lifts each other up. We’re jus...