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A Christmas Miracle by Crystal_Nymph
A Christmas Miracleby Crystal
On the occasion of Karma's birthday, I challenged myself to a Karmagisa December One shot Challenge! Ranging from sweet fluffs to angsty plots, this story will update fr...
√ tunnel of love by SoKutiez
√ tunnel of loveby ine!!
( LUMITY BARISTA AU ) Amity is an excellent student with a high reputation studying at HexSide University, while also working at Tunnel of Love Caf.. a tunnel of love t...
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The Art of Kissing by samleefar
The Art of Kissingby cliche
"And that, darling, is the art of kissing." He said. Just a small and cliche story about a model, a barista, some secrets, and naturally - misunderstandings. O...
SUGARCANE ━ oneshots by dearmashikyu
SUGARCANE ━ oneshotsby closed
home to all of my oneshots !
coffee with cream ━━ s.cb + l.fx by binosaur_
coffee with cream ━━ s.cb + l.fxby \ binosaur /
━━ where the flirty barista keeps writing notes to Changbin ━━ -barista AU-
The Sweet 'N Salty Café - A Reed900 Story [ABANDONED] by curimystwrec
The Sweet 'N Salty Café - A rem riddle
"Hello, what can I get you?" The detective looked up towards the android and gave an annoyed sigh. "Just get me a coffee dipshit." ...
Altea Coffee and Tea-house by whitelistblixien
Altea Coffee and Tea-houseby BLACK LIST
Lance is working his usual job when Keith walks in and Lance is stunned. He doesn't know why, but the rest of the world is sure they do.
Peonies Mean Healing (And Maybe I'm One) by samdafangirl
Peonies Mean Healing (And Maybe I' samdafangirl
Finn is a simple florist, burdened by a paralyzed leg due to a bullet injury. Before Rey came into his life, he had no one to take care of him. But when someone, or two...
I Can't Let You Go by GayAesthetics136
I Can't Let You Goby Łesbi_Hønest
Vincent "Vinny" Laurens is a 17 year old boy who's very shy and socially awkward. Oh yeah, and he's super gay, too. So, maybe that explains why he's been comin...
The Florist & the Barista~ by VioletIsInTheGarden
The Florist & the Barista~by {♤Violet♤}
Izuku Midoriya works as a florist when one day a cute guy walks into his shop and some chemistry sparks. Shoto Todoroki works as a barista at a local coffee shop. What h...
Honey Or Sugar? (Karlnap fanfic) (barista AU) by Moon_pools
Honey Or Sugar? (Karlnap fanfic) ( MoonPools
Karl works as a boba tea barista at his friends store! He loves when customers come in but slow days are always a bore! Until he meets someone....a guys who's laughs are...
Let Us Begin by LizHendricks5
Let Us Beginby Liz Hendricks
The blond trains Alec into the barista life.
21:00 || XiuChen  by river-of-stars
21:00 || XiuChen by pauᵘʷᵘ
Maybe they were too dependent on coffee― it first became their companion, then their world, enlarged into their universe, and as the two varieties mixed, maybe it had b...
-{| Coffee |}-   a BTS barista AU by KittyQueen8
-{| Coffee |}- a BTS barista AUby Kitty Queen
After your mother's death you move back into the flat above your mother's coffee shop that you have now inherited. Although it all seems the way you remember, the shop i...
Mysterious Hazelnut by beyond-reality
Mysterious Hazelnutby Call me, Miss. E
Coffee have always been key to lighten up your mood in cloudy days. Specially when its made by your favorite barista. But will your past let you live on? ____________...
Let Us Begin by belongtotherain
Let Us Beginby Codi
The attractive blond trains Alec into the barista lifestyle.
Barista Diaries by bangtanoctem
Barista Diariesby bangtanoctem
A collection of short one shot stories with BTS as Baristas. Overview: Seven friends working at the Gray Moon Café will share their experiences and misadventures on fin...