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Fake Lover  by juney2909
Fake Lover by juney2909
Betty was a nerd with only 1 real friend, Jughead was a popular bad guy-an ex gang member. They never thought there fates would collide...but little did they know how th...
Riverdale smut  by oliv_1093jkg
Riverdale smut by oliv_1093jkg
yup you read it correctly
Cold Duty by JugXStiles
Cold Dutyby JugXStiles
Betty and Jughead never met in highschool. Jughead is 3 years older and went to southside high but dropped out to run the serpents. He's a major player. Betty graduated...
barchie: the next chapter by gabbypresIey
barchie: the next chapterby barchiesfreddie
betty & archie's long journey together as adults. (takes place right after 5x08)
Hopelessly Devoted ➳ a.a ♡ b.c. by tiredofmanwhores
Hopelessly Devoted ➳ a.a ♡ <3
betty cooper and archie andrews were supposed to be the best of friends. however, since they both began dating their respective romantic partners they had fallen out of...
You Got Me || j.jones by jetblackashx
You Got Me || j.jonesby eves
With the chaos of Hiram's return and the tragic accident with Fred Andrews, Savanna Marrows has her hands full. Riverdale's been drenched in a shade of black evil and th...
"i love you sweetheart." ~•~ [social media fanfiction] [COMPLETED]
Instagram // Choni by notallthelovehurts
Instagram // Choniby notallthelovehurts
©notallthelovehurts 2019.
riverdale one shots by notusingx_
riverdale one shotsby notusingx_
sex between riverdale characters
faking with the playboy ; jughead x veronica ; vughead ; jeronica  by aaaaa_rtemis
faking with the playboy ; ciacia
[COMPLETED] [highest rank #2 in vughead category & #7 in jeronica catergory] Veronica Lodge, a new actress, got paired up with the famous actor-Jughead Jones. It started...
the bad boy and i ; jughead x veronica ; jeronica ; vughead  by aaaaa_rtemis
the bad boy and i ; jughead x ciacia
[COMPLETED] [highest rank: #1 in vughead category, #1 in jeronica category, #4 colesprouse, #2 in camilamendes and #1 in jugheadjones category] Veronica Lodge, a rich...
Teacher's Pet  by beronicas_child
Teacher's Pet by Maybe Back??
[COMPLETED] [50,000 - 60,000 WORDS] It's the first day of Veronica's Senior year of highschool. She's somewhat excited. She's not really sure how to feel. Her friends, B...
snake charmer | toni topaz x reader  by oksugawara
snake charmer | toni topaz x 𝙺 𝙴 𝙽 𝙳 𝙰 𝙻 𝙻
The night she ran away, she came across a strange town called Riverdale. She couldn't shake the feeling that town gave her, so she decided to stay. She had no idea wh...
Perfect by Rivernugget
Perfectby 🍀Lotta🍀
A sad cute little Bughead story. Betty has been abused all her life by different foster families and bullied by many kids. Now she's 15 and a lung cancer gets found from...
Destined love by devil_is_in_me
Destined loveby devil_is_in_me
"" "look there's the new girl!" Kevin pointed out . I looked to where he was pointed, and saw a beautiful, raven haired girl, with pearls around her...
When You Found Me  by shawtyfangirl
When You Found Me by Rosa <3
Cheryl Blossom was in a dark place after her brothers death. She pushed anyone and everyone away. The only person she had was her cousin Betty. That was until the serpen...
Like it was meant to be |Completed| by devil_is_in_me
Like it was meant to be |Completed|by devil_is_in_me
With everything that has changed, no one really thought that the culprit would ever be caught and punished. It was like all the hope was lost. "it will never change...
Young love by cheryls_tears
Young loveby Limp Noodle
Completed Please vote #38 in bughead After someone in Betty's life dies Betty is given her family home. Cheryl Blossom and Veronica Lodge move into the house with her wh...
Devoted To You[THIS IS NOT A BARCHIE FANFIC] by SerpentBugheadsLove
Devoted To You[THIS IS NOT A SerpentBugheadsLove
Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews are 17-years old. They've been dating since they were 14 and are very happy together. They're the perfect couple. Jughead Jones Andrews i...