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Bubblegum smile//: Jalex✔️ by softkarth
Bubblegum smile//: Jalex✔️by softkarth
[вυввℓєgυм ѕмιℓє ~ α νєяу ѕωєєт ѕмιℓє] Fem!Alex Jack and Alex aren't friends. Jack is a super popular jock, also major fuck boy. And Alex is a major virgin but is happ...
Jalex Oneshots by softkarth
Jalex Oneshotsby softkarth
Smut, fluff and sad oneshots (most of them are smut ngl) top!Jack bottom!Alex ---- requests open! ---- Started 22/07/18
Believe Me? (Jalex, boyxboy) by DownIoad
Believe Me? (Jalex, boyxboy)by ...
An alternate universe Jalex based in high school where i attempt to make the story line original and cute, but it's all a matter of opinion really, i can't brainwash you...
The list//:Jalex✔️ by softkarth
The list//:Jalex✔️by softkarth
go skinny dipping lose my virginity punch someone in the face get drunk drive shoplift... Alex gets diagnosed with cancer, and he makes a list of things he wants to do...
Verboten (Jalex) by Cordelia-Rose
Verboten (Jalex)by Cordelia-Rose
Jalex. Teacher/student. Alex is the new boy who joins halfway through the year, and he intrigues his teacher, Jack. Jack knows that anything more than teaching between t...
Drowning in a River of Denial (Jalex) by AllTimePhan
Drowning in a River of Denial ( ☽ tae enthusiast ☾
[DISCONTINUED] Jack's life sucked. So did Alex's. It got better when they saw each other after six years of distance, though. Trigger warning: Self-harm, abuse. Title...
Forget About It {Jalex Fanfic} by jstadrtyhdlm
Forget About It {Jalex Fanfic}by ~H~
Jack Barakat of All Time Low gets into a fight with his long time boyfriend, which ends in him being kicked out of their apartment and needing a place to go. Jack calls...
✨|| Jalex One Shots ||✨ by L1ttl3Bl4ckSt4r
✨|| Jalex One Shots ||✨by Wonderless✨
Some one shots about Jack and Alex from the band All Time Low! (Imagine shipping jalex in 2020, couldn't be me🤡)
Some kind Of Disaster (Jalex) by LadyMonSTR
Some kind Of Disaster (Jalex)by Azid Fuentes
Jack was a transferee and Alex was --- an emo, suicidal dork --- a douche bag in school. Everyone would say that Alex was a curse, cause everyone who've bullied him last...
Do It For Me. Not Baltimore. (Jalex) by FuenciadoFeels
Do It For Me. Not Baltimore. ( Ashlyn
Everyone wants a genuine love story, but often can't find it. Alex and Jack struck gold, and found true love within each other, and their band. After a surprise marriage...
─═☆Cosas de Jalex Shippers☆═─ by Hoppus_Poccus
─═☆Cosas de Jalex Shippers☆═─by 🧚‍♂️gask-𝑎𝑟𝑡-h✨
Donde describiremos la vida de los chicos(? y chicas que amamos el Jalex. ~E, 2017, 18. Igual pueden pasarse por: "Cosas de Kellic Shipper's" de @GabiiTejedaSh...
Don't Sweat It, Forget It (Jalex One Shot) by jstadrtyhdlm
Don't Sweat It, Forget It (Jalex ~H~
Yeah right, Alex. Nothing Personal my ass.
Keep On Fighting (Jalex One Shot) by jstadrtyhdlm
Keep On Fighting (Jalex One Shot)by ~H~
Jack is finally recovering from the emotional turmoil Alex has caused him. He's finally getting back to himself. That is, until Alex decides to come back.
Just One Kiss {Jalex One Shot} by jstadrtyhdlm
Just One Kiss {Jalex One Shot}by ~H~
Jack's up to something at the APMAs, and maybe Alex isn't too bothered by it.
I Comb the Crowd and Pick You Out by BlackWolfHeartnet
I Comb the Crowd and Pick You Outby BlackWolfHeartnet
Jack Barakat, the big-bad Dom who doesn't give a shit about anyone but his family. When he meets a mute and timid Sub named Alex Gaskarth, he can't help but feel protect...
i wouldnt know what to say if i had you awg + jbb by stanmaarsh
i wouldnt know what to say if i stan !!
depression ment or w/e you might be triggered
The Invite (Jalex One Shot) by jstadrtyhdlm
The Invite (Jalex One Shot)by ~H~
Alex Gaskarth never thought in a million years that he would receive an invitation to Jack Barakat's wedding, and yet there it was. Alex couldn't understand what in the...
Say Something {Jalex One Shot} by jstadrtyhdlm
Say Something {Jalex One Shot}by ~H~
Alex doesn't even know what he did wrong. Jack just won't speak.
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid     {Jalex} by Baracanyounot
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid { Fuckin Bitch
Alex was a pretty normal guy. He goes to college online and lives in a normal neighborhood alone. But there was that one night, his whole life changed. The one night whe...