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The Bank Client by Micah0325
The Bank Clientby Chiqui
She is just an ordinary bank employee. He is a multi-millionaire client of the bank. It all started with one bank transaction... "I may have tried to forget him, b...
Kat Got Your Tongue? (Sherlock X OC) ~BOOK 1~ by Immortality4646
Kat Got Your Tongue? (Sherlock X Kat Styles
"The game, Mrs Hudson, is on!" ~~~ "Tax- ugh." Sherlock says getting cut off as another body runs into him, the other person falling to the ground. ...
Darkness Follows...(BBC Sherlock Fanfiction). by Half-Blood_Holmes
Darkness Follows...(BBC Sherlock Half-Blood_Holmes
Darcy Byrne, a surprisingly intelligent orphan girl from London, stumbles upon Jennifer Wilson's body at Brixton, Lauriston Gardens. She follows the Holmes and Watson du...
The breaking news by catloving
The breaking newsby Shravani
A hot billionaire with secrets and the sexy reporter hell bent on unravelling them. when the chemistry ignites, all is at risk of burning down. Mahi was one step away fr...
Career or Family ties by kweenlahrah
Career or Family tiesby Omolara Fausat Ayinla
Lola Benson has put off settling down and having a family for the sake of her career and despite pressures from her family and loved ones she sees no reason to relent un...
Quarantine Love  by devanshi97bhum
Quarantine Love by devanshi97bhum
The world was facing a pandemic a situation of intense fear and suffering but in mid of all can love bloom ?? Between two individuals who never met before but locked-up...
My Bandit (Showdown Bandit x Reader) by Casino_jam
My Bandit (Showdown Bandit x Sinnersweets
*ON PAUSE UNTIL FURTHER UPDATES* You're a new puppet in Showdown valley and have never heard of the one they call 'Showdown Bandit.' Your encounter with the Bandit himse...
Still Waters by penny4mythots
Still Watersby Mmeri
A banker, a militant, and a billion naira. E choke..!! But these weren't just still waters; they were dead waters. If I threw my blunt out unto it, we'd have a sea of fi...
Showdown Bandit: Oneshots. (Complete.)  by Annoyingsister2004
Showdown Bandit: Oneshots. ( Alex.
(Requests closed.) Showdown Bandit oneshots. Scenarios and even some ministories of characters and others like heroines and heroes. Villains and others. Hope you enjoy...
Tube Romance by graceAwrites2104
Tube Romanceby A
Cover designed by- SteveConverse The story of a London Banker finishing work and taking the tube-(London's underground train) home. He then happens to be in the busiest...
Showdown bandit one shots (taking requests) by Iceprincess417
Showdown bandit one shots ( Olivia Mann
I do not own showdown bandit. The rights go to the meatly and kindly beast.
Welcome to Hollywood (Ronnie Banks fan fiction) by AngieSerrot
Welcome to Hollywood (Ronnie Angie Serrot
Holly Wood is an alter ego of Jessica H. Wood. She prides herself in her work and won't let anyone ruin in, except maybe Ronnie Banks? Her perfect lives get turned upsid...
The Showdown Bandit Show by Foxythelover
The Showdown Bandit Showby [ * Your Typical Weirdo * ]
That story is about the showdown bandit who I named Bill. You can call him whatever name you want. He will tell us about how he's working at his position with his friend...
Random Facts by yelocalgaywriter
Random Factsby Pixl
Random facts that I know. Im also willing to answer questions asked. All facts are triple checked. Also some personal experiences are included. #310 in apple #12 in Bank...
The Life of Bill  by jbmiller5
The Life of Bill by Jody B. Miller
How An Investment Banker Hit Rock Bottom And Rose From The Ashes - A Novella