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dancing in the moonlight by stanbap12
dancing in the moonlightby anon
i wanted love, but i never thought it would happen like this - - - - - - slowburn witchxwitchhunter au
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Just Before The Dawn by xYongguksBoyx
Just Before The Dawnby үσυя ℓσcαℓ cяεερ
A story about a boy, who had already given up when he was found. Can he still be saved? Warning: Depression, suicidal and self-harm stuff. Note: I know there are many de...
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Teacher [BangLo] by KillerDystopia
Teacher [BangLo]by «Trash√»
»FINISHED« Junhong moves to Korea from America, starting at a new school. His teacher makes him feel a completely new type of way. [If the grade they're in is higher o...
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Dream (Banglo ff) YonggukxZelo by blahblahot12
Dream (Banglo ff) YonggukxZeloby blahblahot12
Choi Junhong Loves Bang Yongguk and vice versa. Is what Zelo (Junhong's stage name) wants to say/believe. He knows for sure that he loves the deep-voiced man but he know...
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K-POP B.A.P (BangLo) by xXJiBootyXx
K-POP B.A.P (BangLo)by 지부티
This short.. or not so short fanfic is about Bang Yongguk and Choi Junhong! If you're not into gay love or/smut/ then please kindly leave as this is not for you. I do th...
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B.A.P one shots by sunnysoda
B.A.P one shotsby ✖️HIATUS✖️
You x bap and member x member! Wanna request a one shot? Leave a message in the comments!
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Blood Wars: j.j.k + k.t.h by Lovekiller009
Blood Wars: j.j.k + k.t.hby VKook_Trash
💵🔫🗡💵🔫🗡💵🔫🗡💵🔫🗡💵🗡🔫 3 Monstrous gang's that are active during the night leaving fear at every corner of South Korea. Now how will they collaborate when it com...
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Gasoline [One Shot] by k-ajima
Gasoline [One Shot]by Airi
Junhong learns that there's more to his fiance than he expected This was requested by user The_One_1102 It's very impulsive and open ended but here it is ^^
Text - B.A.P DaeJae by Matoki_ki
Text - B.A.P DaeJaeby Matoki_ki
This is book 2 to 'Reflect' so you should read that book first to understand this one better^^
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noir | banglo daejae by helica4
noir | banglo daejaeby bad ss man
❝Why trap yourself in a maze?❞ czyli historia o niedojrzałej miłości i tej aż nazbyt.
Summer Snow, Winter Flowers by ritsuka10
Summer Snow, Winter Flowersby ritsuka10
Los gemelos Bondoni se han mudado a CDMX, tratan de iniciar de cero después de un traumante evento, cada uno carga con una cicatriz imposible de cerrar pero de distinta...
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Désinvolture. || Part 3/3 by Jalex_Frerard
Désinvolture. || Part 3/3by Savandari
The rise and fall of the Roman Empire didn't happen overnight. Alternatively, Junhong and Yongguk could never be and there was nothing anyone could do about it. This is...
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Artificial Grass [B.A.P Fanfiction] by k-ajima
Artificial Grass [B.A.P Fanfiction]by Airi
Junhong has an artificial heart Completed: September 7th, 2016 - November 1st, 2016
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Dimple [One Shot] by k-ajima
Dimple [One Shot]by Airi
Yongguk becomes infatuated with a smile from his memories
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Rich brat (coming soon) by Hosock_
Rich brat (coming soon)by Coco
what happens when one of the poorest people get a scholarship at the richest and finest schools? Will Byun Baekhyun be able to survive EXO High and it's struggles? !!War...
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loveable «banglo» by saddestgurl
loveable «banglo»by blonde asian people
"No tener amigos no te hace incapaz de ser amado" →more banglo bcuz my otp →school au! →fluff →os →long: +1k
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⌜Normal Acts⌟ ✑ Banglo by Tyallen-nyah
⌜Normal Acts⌟ ✑ Bangloby 오 티아렌
Un couple qui bat de l'aile, un rêve qui ne pourra sûrement pas être réalisé, et un esprit fatigué par la vie qu'il menait actuellement ; voici un bref résumé de l'exist...
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To Belong by JunkzBL
To Belongby JunkzBL
Losing someone dear to you hurt so much especially if that someone is your other half , your love , your everything. You'll do anything to have him back even if you must...
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Oneshots.. de B.A.P by narusshina
Oneshots.. de B.A.Pby narusshina
Historias cortas que a veces se me ocurren de vez en cuando con parejas no tan convencionales..
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