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R6s Operators x Female Reader by JarOfSerenity
R6s Operators x Female Readerby Yuri-ality
{COMPLETED} New account @fromthedeadhouse
The Other Bosak by Wutthefreck
The Other Bosakby Wutthefreck
Y/n was always looked down upon. He was always was the person no liked or cared about. His father always abused him and was forcing him to join the military. Y/n's only...
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Red Bandit (Tordtom) by Supercali1253
Red Bandit (Tordtom)by Da_Strange_Child
Sheriff Tom meets Detective Edd... then he meets a new, flirty bartender... then he meets a red bandit, who Edd had accidentally shot. Are all these meetings linked or j...
Bandit (Toph X male reader) by TurkeyFics
Bandit (Toph X male reader)by TurkeyFics
[Y/N] has been running from the fire nation for quite a while now. He is infamous in the fire nation, even banished prince Zuko has heard about him. He meets his future...
𝐃𝐄𝐂𝐄𝐈𝐓 ∣ CHOI SAN  by christaenity
"when you dance with the devil, the devil doesn't change. it changes you" choi san fic ! bandit au! ©CHRISTAENITY
Hidden Saber (OC x Rainbow Six Siege) by lDepressedEspressol
Hidden Saber (OC x Rainbow Six DepressoMyEspresso
I'm a criminal, I'm a lone wolf, I'm dangerous. My past has defined my future all my life, but not anymore. My actions have caught the attention of a counter terrorist o...
»·F l u t t e r s·« (Kapkan x Tachanka)  by Siegefields
»·F l u t t e r s·« (Kapkan x Siegefields
Tachanka never really focused on a relationship..but Kapkan always made him smile, blush and have his heart flutter. Tachanka thought that he was just sick, but it was o...
R6 Males x Male Reader by OkayOnyx
R6 Males x Male Readerby Elyminated
Rainbow Six Siege Males x You
Forbidden Love | Rainbow Six Siege by catapples
Forbidden Love | Rainbow Six Siegeby catapples
In a world where it's forbidden to love; In a world where love is illegal; In a world where if you die, you don't respawn; In a world where violence is the answer, and l...
The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny by meijjjjji06
The Princess Consort Has A SmL
Description No one told Xie Qiao that the after effects of transmigrating into a fetus would be so great. The moment she did it, she became sickly. Fortunately, she had...
Adopted by Gerard Way by warpedkilljoy
Adopted by Gerard Wayby Jen
Lainey was just an orphan, her parents died on Valentine's Day and she is and outcast. Her idol, Gerard way, surprise adopts her after she almost died falling out of a t...
Royal Blood by LoveRomace1222
Royal Bloodby LoveRomace1222
There was something about being with him that made me... Fearless. ~~~~~~~~~ Howls, creeks, and groans. Meet Dusk. Dusk is, almost your average princess. Although there...
»·>H i s ~ S m i l e<·« [Jäger X Bandit] by Siegefields
»·>H i s ~ S m i l e<·« [Jäger X Siegefields
[Dominic X Marius/Bandit X Jäger] [][][] [Made By Siegefields] [][][] [Work in progress] [][][] [Smut is in this!][][][][Characters Not mine.][Credit to the Artist for t...
Hoodwinked! Bad Guys by BiancaGradaille
Hoodwinked! Bad Guysby Bianca Gradaille
After everything with Professor Marmalade. Things seemed to be normal until Mr. Wolf learns that his nephew Bigby Wolf has been arrested for attempted eating. Now he and...
。・Spark・。  {⋅. Jäger x Bandit .⋅} by Jagerbabey
。・Spark・。 {⋅. Jäger x Bandit .⋅}by Marius Streicher
┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓ This story will be about Marius Streicher & Dominic Brunsmeier. It's very gay;). ┗━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛ ⚠️There will be smut, just a fair warning⚠️ ♡Have f...
That Two Souls ........... An Alasmine FF  by Sidneet_fangirl_10
That Two Souls ........... An Sidneet_fangirl_10
Their love bought them together, But, their fate didn't support them. Their relationship was strong, But, there was a deficiency of trust. That two souls who got separat...
Bluey's Brother by BendySliversream
Bluey's Brotherby Bluey and Friend
Bluey Meet His Long lost older Brother and find the Truth of the Story Bluey and His Brother Good out to Adventure.
Rainbow Six Siege One Shots and Reader Inserts by naomisenpai_0
Rainbow Six Siege One Shots and naomi.x
So I've been playing a lot of Siege recently and I really wanted to start writing for it. These will be reader inserts for the operators and I am happy to take requests...
The Shady Adventures of Fabian by Wuckster
The Shady Adventures of Fabianby Wuckster
It's not easy being a thief. You just don't get the same level of respect as fighters or clerics or those goody two shoes paladins. Heck, even wizards are held in high...
R6S x Male Reader by SoggySocks866
R6S x Male Readerby SoggySocks866
Rainbow Six Siege + You.