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A group chat full of gays! by iwriteforfun166
A group chat full of gays!by iwriteforfun166
Finney move there 5 months ago leaving his other "personality" behind and putting his "past" behind him he got along with everyone pretty great I'm t...
briffin (idk what to call it help) by hgigifijn
briffin (idk what to call it help)by Griffin🙁🙁
okay so like I've aged them up to 17 all of this is from Griffin's pov only btw 'the invisible life of Griffin stagg, he gets tossed about and teased by the other boys f...
My Spanish-man [rinney (the black phone)]  by ShipsAreMe
My Spanish-man [rinney (the The Person
Finney and Robin have a crush on eachother but don't admit it untill they get kidnapped with their friend group. Friend group Vance [Griffen] [Billy] Bruce Robin Finney ...
Griffen and his bsf billy by Lily71433
Griffen and his bsf billyby BRANCElover😍😍
Two best friends that likes each other and something happens
My lover boy Robin x Finney by Yogirlviv
My lover boy Robin x Finneyby
This is a ship from the black phone movie such as Finney x Robin and sightly bruce x vance and billy x giffin
I wish I knew you wanted me. || Brance by hgigifijn
I wish I knew you wanted me. || Griffin🙁🙁
Bruce Yamada, 15 years old and I might say, quite famous for baseball, never found himself ever get into trouble, or do anything bad. But that all changes a bit when he...
One   {Love story One Shot} by LupaSigyn
One {Love story One Shot}by Get Your Moon Shine On
Regina has love Jacob since Forever. After doing high school plays Forever, Regina's chance has arrived. But will a stupid rich girl ruin everything?