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Gianna is beautiful, popular and she hates her life. After her mom remarries, she has to deal with a new stepbrother. Caleb is a 'bad boy' and goes from one girl to th...
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Touching the Sky by LuckyAlice17
Touching the Skyby Alice or Ali if you want!
A dancers life is not easy, but it's a lifestyle that dancers must take to reach the sky. That´s what Alice Creck thinks. She's a Junior at Maryland School of Arts and...
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Traces of Narnia...featuring Peter Pevensie by Nicola4Sparkle
Traces of Narnia...featuring Nicola4Sparkle
A romantic drama set in the Spring of 1942, Great Britain at the boarding schools. Peter struggles to acclimate after Narnia. He meets original character April, a strang...
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l a p s e by heliodor
l a p s eby mercury
a tragedy, a survival, and the story in between. based on a true event. highest ranking: #28 in paranormal
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Tips from a Ballerina by AshleighMartin3
Tips from a Ballerinaby Angel Face
Look into the life of an everyday ballerina. Learn the kind of things she eats, her exercise moves, and how she balances school work with ballet. In this book there are...
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Dance, Dance (Frerard) by violetmoreviolence
Dance, Dance (Frerard)by v i o l e t
At age 17, Frank Iero's dream of becoming a dancer seems to be in reach as he is accepted into a dance academy. What Frank didn't expect was such a flirtatious, condesce...
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The Dancing Princess by kdyb0010
The Dancing Princessby 🌹
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Lena The Ballerina (D. Gray-Man) by 1leone1
Lena The Ballerina (D. Gray-Man)by Leone Brion
Cross persuaded Allen to join a ballet studio with typical intentions of the seduction of a wealthy, self-made socialite. He wouldn't've figured that forced opportunity...
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Wes Side Story by magentasparkles
Wes Side Storyby magentasparkles
A story of star crossed lovers, Wes and Eric, taking place in New York City. A Downtown Fiction fanfic based off of the award winning musical West Side Story. This is We...
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Slippy Toad for smash ballet!!!!! by W4rp3dDragoon5
Slippy Toad for smash ballet!!!!!by Collin James Smith
Slippy Toad slips in!!!!!
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A Dancer's Guide by clovely_clove_sevina
A Dancer's Guideby clovely_clove_sevina
Everything from stretches, to pointe shoes, and dealing with people who think dance is easy.
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Dance Tips by goldensunfleur
Dance Tipsby goldensunfleur
Just some dance tips to help you If you have any requests pm me
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The Ballet Dancer And The Hokey Player by tayy17__
The Ballet Dancer And The Hokey Taylor
AN: This is my first story so please don't judge if its bad okay thanks:) Meet McKinley Fairchild she's a small town girl and no one thinks she'll ever be anything great...
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The Swan Lake ~MLP version~ by LillyASK
The Swan Lake ~MLP version~by Lilly.A.S.K
Read the MLP version of the classic ballet story; The Swan Lake! This is also a bit inspired by the swan princess ^^ CAST Twilight as Odette Flash Sentury as the Prince ...
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Donkeyskin by callicloudy
Donkeyskinby Isobelle Auvergne
A retelling of Charles Perault's fairytale Peau d'Ane, or Donkeyskin. Ten years before the start of our story, a young king married the most beautiful woman in the world...
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Past the Pirouettes and the Bets (Hiro X Reader--Short Christmas Story) by -fromthehallows
Past the Pirouettes and the Bets ( -allegro-
It's been two years since both you and Hiro got into SFIT together, and at 16 years of age you and Hiro have become solid friends...with secrets you never told each othe...
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Chasing Yesterday by _mischiefXmanaged
Chasing Yesterdayby Dahlia Eve
When I picture love, I see the one I love and me dancing in the rain. It is beautiful, peaceful. But while dancing with the one I thought I loved, it felt uniform, force...
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Sneakers En Pointe by punktarts
Sneakers En Pointeby Flaming Trash
When Aoi Setsuna, a "Commoner" was accepted into Mirai Academy, her only goal was to graduate with perfect grades, which meant NO distractions. Enter Distract...
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We'll Brave This Storm by shelivesinafairytale
We'll Brave This Stormby shelivesinafairytale
This is the messy hell of a life of Alice Greyson. Through ups & downs, & twists & turns. From meeting new people, to loosing other people, Alice goes through it all wit...
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All Things Dance by missAG4
All Things Danceby A.G
Read this book to understand all things dance! Ranging from song suggestions and tips to funny stories and experiences!
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