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The Game Vs Human   by cupcakespins
The Game Vs Human by cupcakepins
the cover is made by @jkwithme A liltte girl name balla and her classmates are working but the wardis thang happen well balla and her classmate live to see ther world or...
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Grier and His Friends by StoriesOfO2L
Grier and His Friendsby AutumnJanaeBrown
This story is about Nash Grier and Bella Grier that get in a few fights. Nash always had his friends stay the night and they do something everyday together. Bella on the...
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Lamar, Balla, Big D by LamarBigD
Lamar, Balla, Big Dby Long Dick
Lamar is a balla from Los Santos, you dig nigga.
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Circus Of Emotions by AlyssAbyss
Circus Of Emotionsby AlyssAbyss
Balla has worked in a circus all 16 years that she's been alive. She wishes to leave and have a more normal life, but she can't leave her beloved younger sister who love...
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Confesions From A College Love Story by ashleyivy22
Confesions From A College Love ashleyivy22
College romances don't always go as seemed. Especially when you find yourself in a love triangle between your over protective brother's two best friends. This is the st...
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jacob X Bella by CWLOVER2019
jacob X Bellaby T B
what happens when Edward leaves Bella . now all she has is Jasper Jake Alice and Emmett. she feels aas if her life has turned upside down but when Jacob revealed his fee...
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The truth we all need by mariah_star
The truth we all needby Mariah
I could not look at him straight in the eye, I knew if I did it would be the one of the many worst decisions I've so far in my life. They always said that the truth will...
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Dance Acedemy by catanddogwriter
Dance Acedemyby Ava Horowitz
It's hard being the new girl. But when Brit Boy or BB hits the dance floor she soars over everybody else. But I have to follow guidelines so there has to be the bad gi...
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Layla by Elenaa
Laylaby Elenaa
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Decisions  by jadaballa
Decisions by jadaballa
Kylie Henson, A normal teenage girl has a crush on lee Branson, who is her crush for years, but when her ex best friend Claire likes him too who will he choose
Fallin' Hard by wheadee
Fallin' Hardby W H I T N E Y
In the decadent game of Friends with Benefits, there is only one golden rule: don't fall in love, and for Castidad and Tremaine somebody's about to learn what it means t...
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