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ask baldi & his friends~!  by littlepotato4evur
ask baldi & his friends~! by littlepotato4evur
Hello my fellow sinners~ it is me! Lil'potato senpai! I was just wondering if I could do so. Something that involves drawing AND writing, so why not an ask baldi? Cuz' w...
  • arts
  • dare
  • ask
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Jah Bless You (A Jah x Reader Love Story) by ewimsuchahalsey
Jah Bless You (A Jah x Reader ewimsuchahalsey
You lived a boring sad life before you met him, and your boyfriend Post Malone had cheated on you with your gay best friend Sans. But then you met Jah, and then in the m...
  • jamescharles
  • jah
  • sad
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Ask or dare baldi's basics  by belladevil666
Ask or dare baldi's basics by Belladevil666
Ask or dare these guys plz!!
  • princibaldi
  • math
  • stuff
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female baldi x Reader /lemon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) by Kacchanfem
female baldi x Reader /lemon ( ͡° Kacchanfem
for ya amazing ppl out there and this was made on phone so it might not be the best
  • baldi
  • lemon
  • romance
posting random images everyday until my Joy-Cons get fixed by frozenstarry28
posting random images everyday FrozenStarry 28
Please mom, I can't play smash with a crappy Joy-con.
  • minecraft
  • stevenuniverse
  • undertale
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Forever... by CarelessWhisper2020 CarelessWhisper22
A Gotta Sweep x Principal x Arts and crafters fanfiction, which takes place in the medieval era, 1587, in the kingdom of Arcana. King Lucifer- Principal Stephen Miles...
  • fantasy
  • sweep
  • baldi
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Baldi x reader (Incomplete) by winterflake10
Baldi x reader (Incomplete)by Depressedgachagirl
You wake up to hear news that your going to a new school to find out your teacher has a little crush on you....... ;)
  • baldi
  • selfharmawareness
  • suicideattempt
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RP with me anything you like by monsterHumanity
RP with me anything you likeby Lucas
This is mostly like creepypasta, invader Zim, moomin, villainous, just normal oc meetups, Harry Potter, Detroit become human, danganronpa, camp camp and baldi basics. (m...
  • david
  • gavin
  • danganronpa
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Baldi... ({Sequel to Chrissy...} Baldi's Basics, Principal x Baldi) by greenyumy
Baldi... ({Sequel to Chrissy...} greenyumy
An accident at the science lab turned Baldi into a girl! And the peaceful, kind principal who secretly like Baldi got more crazy and admit his feelings to her. Baldi had...
  • baldi
  • homosexual
  • sequeltochirssy
An Art Thingy by LunaGalaxy0
An Art Thingyby Luna Galaxy
I'll be posting art and stuff here. I also have a YouTube channel. I mainly draw Baldi's Basics and Doki Doki Literature Club. Hope you guys like my art. I might start a...
  • art
  • baldi
  • ddlc
No Running in the Halls! (Wild Kratts x Baldi's Basics) by greenyumy
No Running in the Halls! (Wild greenyumy
His brother was dragged into a school. Martin went after him...and the Kratt brothers are stuck in the school! In order to escape, they met a man name Baldi who told the...
  • gayness
  • baldi
  • wild
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Principal X Baldi by SyonderDaRose
Principal X Baldiby SyonderDaRose
This is a story where Baldi has a crush on the principal, but it would be wrong to date his boss, and then he would technically be gay...Will he finally tell Principal a...
  • plottwists
  • fanfiction
  • fandom
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~Amor doloroso~ Susan x Baldi (BBIEAL) - OFFICIAL by KatChan_2004
~Amor doloroso~ Susan x Baldi ( Katherine Nivelo Macias
La relación y la unión entre ellos era tan cómoda desde que Susan y Baldi estaban casados, pero un dia, Baldi decide ir a trabajar a la escuela de su mejor amigo, la cua...
  • playtime
  • bully
  • baldi
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Prince Charming! [Baldi X Principal Of The Thing] by Addicted_Horror101
Prince Charming! [Baldi X ʎuunq
"I don't like males." " about we find that out?~" "BALDI!"
  • lemon
  • baldi
  • horrorromance
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Playtime Is Over by Donut1010
Playtime Is Overby Donut1010
After the player got all the notebooks in the school house... Baldi is angrier that he didn't catch the kid for he failed many quizzes. The Principal tries to calm him d...
  • bully
  • playtime
  • principal
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