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The Son of Hades by Lightning-Writer
The Son of Hadesby Lightning_Writer
"Freak!" "Monster!" "You'd be better as a villiain!" "Go to hell!" Words. Words can cut deeper then any blade. Where as a blade...
goodbye by sugar_sugar012
goodbyeby Sugar
Midoriya doesn't have a good life. He makes it seem as though everything is fine, until someone finds out a secret he was supposed to keep. How will everyone react to Iz...
Bakutododeku fem Deku by Yaria-Chan
Bakutododeku fem Dekuby Yaria-Chan
What happens when some class 1A students get suspicious of the two most popular boys in school? Then follow them to find out about a secret relationship. Warnings (13+ i...
Roommates?! (TodoBakuDeku) by MF35903
Roommates?! (TodoBakuDeku)by HOMO
An incident occurs in the UA dorms where the class needs to share rooms in pairs, the only exception being Todoroki, Bakugo, and Midoriya. The three students aren't exci...
Lost And Found by Fanficreaderbnha
Lost And Foundby MoreExpressoLessDepresso
Izuku Midoriya has had a rough past, his mom died giving birth to him. And his father is no where to be seen. But with the help of others will he be able to move past th...
"why?" - todobakudeku - soulmate au by L0nely_Huffl3puff
"why?" - todobakudeku - soulmate auby L0nely_Huffl3puff
Soulmate au, where everybody has a soulmate. Izuku has two, Katsuki and Shoto, but Katsuki bullies Izuku. Izuku lied about having soulmates. And never replies to the con...
Our baby  by hope1299
Our baby by kk.slays
Todoroki and midoriya try to take care of a bratty little while still trying to become a hero. Warning will contain little space,ddlb,bxbxb,and fluff (May contain spoile...
Bakutododeku can't let go  by RAFAPRIMA
Bakutododeku can't let go by Rafa prima
the story contains smut . abuse toxicity romance . love if you're not into these then this story is not for you preview - Todoroki and Bakugou just started dating...
Am I Gay? (BakuTodoDeku yaoi.) by Eliha_mathews10
Am I Gay? (BakuTodoDeku yaoi.)by Eliha_mathews10
This is where Bakugo, Todoroki and Izuku are all going to high school and are question their sexuality when they see each other and start to think various...different th...
Izuku's secret  by XArchie87
Izuku's secret by XArchie87
Izuku's life isn't perfect he has a rough time at home and has depression and anxiety but it's not all bad. He just has one huge ass secret, and he's determined to keep...
A Hero's name by Kur00_T3storou
A Hero's nameby Kuroo
"If you think your going to have a quirk in your next live, go take a swan dive off the roof." Bakugo carelessly said. Deku however, had enough of his torment...
Chaos by TinySpiderLily
Chaosby YunyaNii
So in this story Izuku have a quirk that let him randomly "borrowed" someone's quirk for a day Meaning each day Izuku will have a random quirk and the owner o...
The Bitter Taste of a Broken Heart by Isa_Loves_BNHA
The Bitter Taste of a Broken Heartby Todobroki Shoubro
"If you told Todoroki Shouto he would be coughing up flower petals, he wouldn't have believed you for a moment. However, here he was, two flower buds growing in his...
His secrets; The tale of a dragon king, a prince and an adventurer by Mizuki_Itsuki
His secrets; The tale of a Cassian, The Idol
Three boys. Three mysteries. Three twists. Will the truth be revealed? Will they figure it out? Will he succeed? Which side is he on? Only time will tell and surely, as...
Safe Haven (Depressed Izuku x Todoroki x Bakugou by Ure_boi_lucas
Safe Haven (Depressed Izuku x Lucasss
Izuku also known as deku is struggling at home after his mum died when he was five years old his dad began to get violent. Izuku didnt know how to escape. Izuku is suic...
My Hero Academia Storys - Ideas by VandaSkrablova
My Hero Academia Storys - Ideasby Vanda Škrabálová
Hi! In this book, I will write stories from one-shots, comics, pictures, my dreams or stories from other authors that I love and inspired me but I will try to make them...
Bakutododeku Lemon Vegetable by ThatWeeb69
Bakutododeku Lemon Vegetableby P I E S
Gender AU by Wingfox
Gender AUby Wing/N
This AU is basically my spin on the MHA Universe, many things aren't cannon. Most of the pics are mine unless stated other wise.
Cross-Dimensional by Yaoyorozu-Boo
Cross-Dimensionalby I_Is_Yelena
What would happen if A boy named Izuku was born with a quirk called dimensional where he could conjoin dimensions. But one day when izuku was getting bullied by his chil...
BNHA reacts to ships by KiriDeSharkBoi
BNHA reacts to shipsby BakuDeku
there will be a lot of gay in this!