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You & I (Bakugou x Uraraka) by Ms_UwU
You & I (Bakugou x Uraraka)by C
I shouldn't have walked away. I'm a fucking idiot. I throw my fist at the wall beside my dorms door, it leaves a hole that almost goes straight through the other side of...
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His Shadow |Bakugou x Uraraka AU| by oliverz_
His Shadow |Bakugou x Uraraka AU|by ᴏʟɪᴠᴇʀ
❝Uraraka, I will make you happier than any other guy could. I promise.❞ . . . . . 🌹Kacchako Story + Dating Scenarios🌹 ⚠️[WARNING NAUGHTY LANGUAGE]⚠️ ⚠️[WARNING NSFW MO...
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kacchako/bakuraka by bnha_ships164
kacchako/bakurakaby BNHA ships
just a cute little story about an angry pineapple who has a secret crush and a bubbly girl who just figured out her feelings for a certain boy. will include fluff and sm...
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Ochako Uraraka's Secret by trinity_flienton
Ochako Uraraka's Secretby trinity_flienton
Let's find out about Ochako's secret that only herself and some of her friends knows.
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Uraraka x Bakugou by TotallyOriginal7
Uraraka x Bakugouby TotallyOriginal
Bakugou bumps in to Uraraka in the hall way and develops feelings for her. How will this tsundere handle his emotions ?
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Secretly Married [Kacchako - BNHA Fanfic] by LouHimeSama
Secretly Married [Kacchako - Hime 👑
Uraraka and Bakugou are just plain classmates in school. They dont always interact specifically they aren't close friends. Bakugou have his Bakusquad while Uraraka have...
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Love and Hot Springs || kacchako by OtakuGoth
Love and Hot Springs || kacchakoby animelover
Its summer time and everyone doesn't know what to do so they decide to go to the hot springs together as a class During this trip, everyone gets to know a little more a...
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Kacchako - Antigravity Kisses by scythis95
Kacchako - Antigravity Kissesby Hana Mac
Bakugou's personality is reversed when he's attacked by a villain, and Uraraka realises just how much she misses the angry boy. Kacchako (Katsuki Bakugou x Ochaco Urarak...
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Heroes Paradise (Bakugou x Uraraka) by minozie
Heroes Paradise (Bakugou x Uraraka)by minozie
A summer trip to a beautiful paradise creates opportunity for an unexpected relationship to blossom. Two hearts with a strong gravitation to another combine into an expl...
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Until you're mine by Mangetsu9
Until you're mineby Mangetsu9
"I didn't mean to fall in love with you Uraraka, but I did. Since our fight at the sport festival you showed me your strenght, your determination, your sweetness. Y...
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Take a chance (Katsuki X Ochaco) by LuckyBlackCat2304
Take a chance (Katsuki X Ochaco)by LuckyBlackCat2304
--On Hiatus-- Katsuki Bakugou is a loud-mouthed, arrogant idiot. Ochaco Uraraka is a peppy, spirited little-angel. But what happens when they start to see each other as...
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Who Could It Be? /Kacchako Soulmate AU/ by allmightysnail
Who Could It Be? /Kacchako Snail God! Fear Me!!
When you reach the age of 1 words appear on the wrist of your Dominant hand, these are the first words you hear out of your soulmates mouth. What happens when your words...
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Of Secrets and Confessions by ChisatoHachirobei
Of Secrets and Confessionsby Mei
Katsuki likes Ochako but then she likes Izuku. Both parties didn't interact since the Sports Festival but their relationship turned 180 degrees when he caught her practi...
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Cactus by slimthicckaitlyn
Cactusby slimthicckaitlyn
🌵 he's prickly on the outside, but he's soft on the inside🌵 ⚠️there may me smut and kissing⚠️ •please no hate! Ily guys• •updating and fixing things•
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My Queen (Kacchako) by NaviPear
My Queen (Kacchako)by NaviPear
Ochako is useless without her staff and is frantically trying to search for shelter from this unforgiving storm. She sees a dark cave up the mountain and makes her way u...
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LOVE HURTS • KACCHAKO by softshoto
"What exactly is Deku to you?" - HIGHEST RATINGS #1 - friendzone #4 - kacchako #3 - uravity #20 - bakuraka #8- noquirks #6 - kacchan #2- ochako #67 - 2019 #2...
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The Bakurocket! by PQuintanilha
The Bakurocket!by Prisca
It all started with a spark... That's all it ever takes to ignite anything! (A BnHA Kacchako/Bakuraka/KatsuOcha fanfiction)
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Kacchako one-shots  by hcneymilkk
Kacchako one-shots by http://svn
Title says it all. Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN BNHA OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS
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Canciones para Cantar en la Ducha by thedeepbluesky
Canciones para Cantar en la Duchaby thedeepbluesky
Si Tsuyu le preguntara, Uraraka podría o no podría contestar que canta duetos de canciones de Bruno Mars todas las noches a las ocho, cuando ella y su vecino misterioso...
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Lost ❥ Kacchako by graaceave
Lost ❥ Kacchakoby 𝕚𝕞 𝕓𝕒𝕓𝕪
٩꒰ ˘ ³˘꒱۶#16 - Kacchako ❥ Second Year Katsuki Bakugou, at his hot head prime, eyes the pink-cheeked girl from afar. Despite his deep admiration for her, he has too muc...
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