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Mine - BakuTodo by yatsuz
Mine - BakuTodoby Yatsuz
Don't take what's others unless your name is Bakugou katsuki. ~ Todoroki has developed a unhealthy crush on Bakugou. He keeps thinking about him and getting distracted b...
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Bakutodo Smut by depressed_gay_otaku
Bakutodo Smutby Elaine💕
Class 1-a goes to the beach and something...happens I'm just making this because I'm bored so don't get offended (Smut, soft fluff, curse word warning) Also sorry if I s...
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UA Summer Camp (And All Of The Hormones That Come With It) by ayatodoroki
UA Summer Camp (And All Of The ayatodoroki
Class 1-A and 1-B go to a summer camp to "improve as heros". Kirishima is excited, until he starts noticing a few certain classmates trying to hook up , him an...
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 • Gone Viral • by yatsuz
• Gone Viral •by Yatsuz
Todobaku/bakutodo Basically Class 1-A Posting about a short tempered boy and this half hot half cold dude. There will be some story to it. }{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{ All art credi...
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My Property~(TodorokiXBakugou) Omega x Alpha story. by jamesh1414
My Property~(TodorokiXBakugou) jamesh1414
Bakugou owns Todoroki. Todoroki was sold to Bakugou by a shelter for omegas. Omegas are at the bottom of the rants, they are basically slaves to Alphas and sometimes Be...
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TodoBaku - Soft! Bakugou x Flirty! Todoroki by Meggierules222
TodoBaku - Soft! Bakugou x :|
Bakugou slowly starts to trust Kirishma, But... Todoroki is jealous. Todoroki slowly but surely gets Bakugou to trust him But also they fall in love on the way.
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ⓃⓄⓉⒽⒾⓃⒼ ⒺⓋⒺⓇ  ⓁⒶⓈⓉⓈ ⒻⓄⓇⒺⓋⒺⓇ ~ A Todobaku story by trxsh11
Highschooler Katsuki Bakugou enters a new school, not expecting anything but the best. This changes when the villians come in and he starts to develop feelings for Shoto...
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What's This (Todobaku Oneshots) by Tomura_Sass
What's This (Todobaku Oneshots)by Imawi Jannete
One shots of Todobaku which you will surely love! different A.U.s updated every Saturday! Free to tell me ideas! Even the crazy ones!
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Incorrect Todobaku by MindEverLoss
Incorrect Todobakuby RandomlyStudios
Just funny Todobaku stuff #1 in KatsukixShoto 1/4/20 #921 in mha (out of 36k stories) #13 in Incorrect Quotes
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Todobaku/bakutodo by yatsuz
Todobaku/bakutodoby Yatsuz
Super cringey old book Only read if you don't mind my awful mistakes
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Love for dying boys [Todobaku] by allPanicAnd-noDisco
Love for dying boys [Todobaku]by optimus prime
(COMPLETED) (Ignore all "successfully edited" I'm going to start over) Bakugou lies in the hospital, because of his anorexia, of course he is slowly dying from...
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Bakutodo Oneshots by xoxoHotMe
Bakutodo Oneshotsby dimitri’s hoe
Cute, Angsty, Fluffy, and NSFW oneshots about Bakutodo
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TodoBaku - 3 AM by MindEverLoss
TodoBaku - 3 AMby RandomlyStudios
/Text Fic Both Katsuki and Shoto have trouble sleeping for each of their own reasons. But one day Shoto hears a loud scream in the dorm, obviously from Katsuki. So he se...
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TodoBaku - New Number by MindEverLoss
TodoBaku - New Numberby RandomlyStudios
/Text Fic /COMPLETED Shoto texts Katsuki with his new number. Originally he was planning to ask him out, but what happens when he instead keeps his identity hidden? Does...
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TodoBaku Oneshots! by the_emo_muffin
TodoBaku Oneshots!by ☠️Emo Muffin🧁
Some good ol' Todobaku oneshots
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Drowning (Todoroki X Bakugou) by jamesh1414
Drowning (Todoroki X Bakugou)by jamesh1414
Todoroki has been abused and raped for years, until finally someone offers him help, but little did Bakugou know it might be too late for Todorokis sanity.
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A Broken Cell (Bakugou x Todoroki) by OnePunchOtaku
A Broken Cell (Bakugou x Todoroki)by OnePunchOtaku
A short (?) story of some TodoBaku involving a study session, a cafe, a broken cellphone, and a yandere looking to make Bakugou her own. Not interesting at all, right? D...
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❝Redamancy❞ || BakuTodo Omegaverse || EDITING by nehdarling
❝Redamancy❞ || BakuTodo nehdarling
"I can't do this if you aren't going to enjoy it. What the hell do you need me to do?" "I...I don't know - I'm fine, really." "I'm going to st...
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You're not alone | Bakutodo (Todobaku) | Omegaverse by akadoroki
You're not alone | Bakutodo ( todobaku stan
Just in case, this story will contain smut 👌🏼 Katsuki: Alpha Shouto: Omega Shouto somehow managed to hide his real "identity" that he's an omega, since his f...
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-TodoBaku- Lunchbox by MindEverLoss
-TodoBaku- Lunchboxby RandomlyStudios
{COMPLETED} One day Shoto finds himself a beautiful spot to eat lunch. But a blonde male who has already claimed this area isn't very happy about that. Both of them are...
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