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Forgotten for a reason by redpan45
Forgotten for a reasonby DinoGum
izuku Midoriya a normal boy till the age of four when he was abandoned in a forest by parents. Was left to die that is what he thinks he has been there for 12years.With...
Izuku Secret by JiraLucifuge
Izuku Secretby JiraLucifuge
Izuku Midoriya his a students of the famous hero school UA he his loved by almost Everyone in the school for his kindness and his heroic spirit but most of the school do...
Class 1A ignores Izuku for a week by izumomolover25
Class 1A ignores Izuku for a weekby Izumomolover
Mina came up with a prank that got everyone Involved but 2 but it didn't last long when he gets back and knows that he is ignored for something he didn't do
The Quirkless Model by Karmatic_Dreams
The Quirkless Modelby Vamp
this is an idea from PaleKittenVoid, so check it out! the idea was in their convos, go follow them please!!!
It's deadpool,but It's Izuku Midoriya. by redpan45
It's deadpool,but It's Izuku DinoGum
It says it in the title so I don't know why you are reading this.... Well to give a small bit of info... He has deadpool's abilities That's it.... Don't know what else...
You Betrayed Me, You Don't Deserve My Friendship  by Devdog756
You Betrayed Me, You Don't Devdog756
U.A's staff decided to put Class 2-A and 2-B's trust to the test by conducting an experiment were the U.A Traitor is among the classes and they asked Izuku to play the p...
Toxin - The Deadly Hero (izumomo) by Cipher_301
Toxin - The Deadly Hero (izumomo)by CiphΞr
Izuku Midoriya was a struggling kid. His mom was dying, and his bullying continued to get worse. He was told as a little boy that he had a quirk because of his single jo...
I'm Okay... (FemDeku) by AnimeShipsRMyLife
I'm Okay... (FemDeku)by AnimeShipsRMyLife
Didn't know what to name the story. Anyway basically Deku was abused as a child up until the the second year of junior high. She was later adopted by All Might because h...
Cold hearted  by izumomolover25
Cold hearted by Izumomolover
As Momo and shoto dated for 2 years a certain green haired person started to get cold and only focused on himself until one day Momo got cheated on and and looks to Izu...
Random Flower Petals by _Red_Riot_
Random Flower Petalsby Red_Riot
Kirishima thought that everything would be easy and that he wouldn't be doing the impossible like coughing up Flower Petals whenever he was near Bakugo but if a book did...
"Are you ok, Deku?" by ReeeFish
"Are you ok, Deku?"by Pogboi the Immortal
Sometimes shit goes sideways, sometimes God fucks you over, and on rare occasions, both happens. Read on to find out about how Class 1-A betr-- "Oops, don't want t...
todoBaku oneshots by acrodemon77
todoBaku oneshotsby acrodemon77
it's what the title says this is going to be a book of todoBaku oneshots. there will be other ships in this books as well. the characters are not mine they belong to the...
Picture Perfect (Bakugou X Kirishima) by SadBivh
Picture Perfect (Bakugou X SadBivh
Kirishima is a 18 year old boy with a talent for photography. One day when a rich family calls his parents photography agency requesting a photographer to take their fam...
I'm Taken by Key3ss
I'm Takenby ur mom's husband's mom's wife...
Izuku Mydoriya a laid back hot guy with a powerful quirk. Zoom the ability to alter the human body, multiplying and decreasing the mind, iq, and strength. What happens i...
Deku X Shota (mr Aizawa) by sketchy_artist_2006
Deku X Shota (mr Aizawa)by Sketchy artist
Deku the shy cinnamonbun soon finds OuT he has a really bad crush on his teacher, mr Aizawa, also known as shota or eraserhead
I'm pregnant? TodoDeku  by Sero_XX_Shipper_
I'm pregnant? TodoDeku by Sero_XX_Shipper_
One day Izuku Midoryia, an omega, finds out that he fell pregnant after he and an alpha made love from being wasted. He goes to his friend, who's more like a brother, K...
omegaverse kirixbakugo. 👀 Smut Warning  by tetsutetsu134
omegaverse kirixbakugo. 👀 Smut myfriendscallmebroccoli
I know some of you might not like this but I'm making this for a friend so please go add her @kirishimaswifey321
the host hero amalgam by Soretopic43
the host hero amalgamby Soretopic43
This will be a dadmight and izuocha story What will happen is izuku got a quirk in the age of 4 and this quirk is symbiosis izuku gains the symbiots venom and carnage an...
The Villain Kid in U.A (Katsuki Bakugou love story) by Scriptwriter___
The Villain Kid in U.A (Katsuki ScriptWriter___
Twice has twin girls, one who follows in his footsteps, and then (y/n) who wants to save the world and become a hero. (Y/n) becomes the villain kid of U.A, and finds so...
Deku The Cold by MrDogeManDa1
Deku The Coldby MrDogeManDa1
After a traumatic childhood experience deku shuts out all emotion. Can the girls of class 1-A save him from the depths of his darkness or are they to late?