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I'm Just Trying To Help (A Zak Bagans Romance) by SabrinaMayy
I'm Just Trying To Help (A Zak Sabrina 🌙
Marilyn Anderson always lived in fear of the paranormal. Since she was little, evil things have not only haunted her - but her family. And It didn't help that her mother...
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Zak Bagans Imagines by DcSupernatural
Zak Bagans Imaginesby MarvelousQueen
Pretty self explanatory.
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Your Very Own Ghost Adventurer by juehs34
Your Very Own Ghost Adventurerby Alex
You are a tour guide at the Historic Ohio Statehouse and been attacked by the paranormal, but you never have told anyone. That changes when a certain ghost adventurer wa...
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{COMPLETED}The ghost boy that stepped in. (Zak Bagans x reader)  by cranky_nestor
{COMPLETED}The ghost boy that Robert Henry
You've just came out of an abusive marriage. Paranormal activity gets in your way. You contact the G.A.C for help. Can Zak help you and your child, Ashley. Please give...
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zak bagans imagines  by SophieNorthcott1
zak bagans imagines by Sophie Northcott
more of Zak bagans imagines
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You found Me (Zak Bagans) by _unacknowledged
You found Me (Zak Bagans)by Rosalie
Being sent to a mental asylum when you're only a teenager and completely sane can be pretty rough. When Roxanne is finally let out she has no where to turn to except to...
She's mine, pt. 1 (Worthy) by molly0123
She's mine, pt. 1 (Worthy)by Molly22575
Disclaimer: I do not own, nor have any connection to Ghost Adventures, it's crew or any known associates. My portral of any cast or crew members are strictly fictional a...
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OUR STORY (Zak Bagans fan fiction) by Linda_0u0
OUR STORY (Zak Bagans fan fiction)by Linda_0u0
Will Zak save June from herself before its too late? Will she ever be truly happy and able to open up to him? Find out the story for yourself :)
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Zak bagans imagines by have33
Zak bagans imaginesby Mrs_mendes
Zak bagans imagine
Dark Salvation (Ghost Adventures) by FearTheInsanity
Dark Salvation (Ghost Adventures)by Marek
(Book 1) Luna Storm, the perfect ghost hunting machine. Raised by concerning parents, Luna set off to discover what true paranormal is. She has dedicated her life to fin...
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Our Ghost Baby (Zak Bagans x Reader)  by cranky_nestor
Our Ghost Baby (Zak Bagans x Robert Henry
This is a sequel to The Ghost Boy Who Stepped in. Y/n and Zak start a whole new adventure together. They even bring a child into the world together. But does Dan get in...
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Stop Running (Zak Bagans Fanfic) by muchfanfics
Stop Running (Zak Bagans Fanfic)by muchfanfics
After running from place to place, Lea had bumped into Zak, Nick, and Aaron. She is determined that she is just trying to help them, but she ends up getting a job with t...
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All I Did Was Help (Zak Bagans Romance) Sequel to "I'm Just Trying To Help". by SabrinaMayy
All I Did Was Help (Zak Bagans Sabrina 🌙
When your boyfriend is Zak Bagans – anything can happen. Marilyn and Zak have been through everything at this point. They thought they had everything under control, now...
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Staying In Love With Zak Bagans , The Sequel To Falling In Love With Zak Bagans by rosejoella
Staying In Love With Zak rosejoella
Married to the one time Player Mr Zak Bagans and now a family, Can Jo stay in love with him, now work is coming between them, can she trust him, and will she start to lo...
Is This Love? (Zak Bagans FanFiction) by DreamingOfAFairyTale
Is This Love? (Zak Bagans Jupiter
Ghost Adventures Imagines by ChelsOk4
Ghost Adventures Imaginesby Haytham Kenway
Just read it.
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His Secret by its_McKenzie8
His Secretby McKenzie
McKenzie(20) and her boyfriend Zak Bagans(25) had been dating for about 6 years, and were traveling to go see McKenzie's best friend Jami. When they got there, Zak was k...
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Dealings With Demons (Zak Bagans/Ghost Adventures) by morganlynnm3812
Dealings With Demons (Zak Bagans/ M
24 year old Kristen Cole has long since dedicated her life to the paranormal ever since her first encounter at age 14. The encounters of her teenage years is what drove...
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Echo Lily (Ghost Adventures) by HannahxMetallica
Echo Lily (Ghost Adventures)by HannahxMetallica
Echo Lily is an amazing seven-year-old with a rare ability - speaking to spirits. She has helped lost souls pass into the next life, but she has also come very close in...
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zak bagans imagines  by SophieNorthcott1
zak bagans imagines by Sophie Northcott
just a book for all baganettes & Zak lovers I had a book before but had to use my sisters account she doesn't use this one my names amz Tyler & I have other books plz en...
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