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Sing with Me by ryuujitanaka
Sing with Meby satan
Him And I (Taekook)  by taekookforever3000
Him And I (Taekook) by kookietae
One side their is "A cold hearted Alpha" The all almighty 'Jeon Jungkook' his pack is his whole life and he don't let anything happen to it. He is a loner hav...
Tales of a Closeted Fanboy by hyunchanee_exo
Tales of a Closeted Fanboyby ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
Baekhyun is referred to as the school's prince charming - he's perfect and everything both boys and girls would want in a lover. Beautiful, brilliant, straight As studen...
Demons (Baekhyunxall) by R_CBae614
Demons (Baekhyunxall)by 🌹
11 demon princes came to earth due to their father's request. What they did not expect was finding a basket with a small infant sleeping with a warm blanket wrapped arou...
A Certain Stupid Smile (A Harry Potter AU) ✔ by hyunchanee_exo
A Certain Stupid Smile (A Harry ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
(COMPLETED) Byun Baekhyun has always hated the idea of love or anything remotely close to it, and he is reminded why when he allows Gryffindor's Quidditch Captain Park C...
Exo Imagines [ open for requests ] by xobaekchenxo
Exo Imagines [ open for requests ]by Baektochen
Not your normal Exo Imagines. :) This book of imagines will never fail to make you smile or cry. You are able to choose who do you want and genre that you want your imag...
I Love You, Best Friend by YuiChihiro
I Love You, Best Friendby Gaara-kun
"I love you, Best Friend." ---- Jongdae is a film student and Baekhyun is an art student. Both are studying in Seoul Institute of the Arts.
Free of Charge // Baekchen by chenwhinery
Free of Charge // Baekchenby chenwhinery
The Well is the nickname given to Byun Baekhyun as he is known to grants favors for a price, so when Jongdae is transferred to Baekhyun's high school because of the Yoon...
Classmate  by chan_luv_soo
Classmate by jaeyongieee
Do kyungsoo, the class president got into trouble because of Park Chanyeol, the troublemaker throwing his to the window. A short fic for Chansoo day 6/12 Stuck at summ...
[EXO]Let BaekChen Talk by ChennieChim
[EXO]Let BaekChen Talkby ChennieChim
Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! We are EXO!! Dedicated to all BaekChen fans ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ Ft. Exo Members and etc. { Memes, moments, randoms, imagines and others. } [Any ideas?] = P...
A Chance at A Fairytale by Olympianlove
A Chance at A Fairytaleby Olympianlove
Yixing was just a normal person. A little more anti social and reclusive than others but still normal. Fresh out of college, he spent his days lazing in his shared apart...
Brothers with benefit (chenbaek) by animelover7_8
Brothers with benefit (chenbaek)by pr♛ncess
Baekhyun's been the only child, for as long as he can remember. And of course it does get lonely, so why not adopt a cute little brother ?
No words (Baekchen)  by maddddieeeeee
No words (Baekchen) by Madi💓
When Chen transfers to Seoul High his whole life changes when he sees him..
Of Promises, Work And Love by aiSHEteru_O1
Of Promises, Work And Loveby SeLene Park
Baekhyun is married to his own CEO. As a famous artist he has face a lot of scenes in his acting life but being a father/mother. How can he handle it together with his l...
Massacre Of Innocence: Project Inhuman by FantasyCatcher-Alice
Massacre Of Innocence: Project FantasyCatcher-Alice
Its a story of broken and lost people who found their hope, light and comfort in the soul of strangers..a story of happiness and friendship who beats the odds and formed...
Love ??? by KimKhaingMyeon614
Love ???by Tokiaeri_11
Cobarde [Chansoo] by sweet_chandx
Cobarde [Chansoo]by EXO IS LOVE
·Es una portada simple, pero creo que es bonita. ·One-shot. ·Personajes principales: Park ChanYeol y Do KyungSoo. ·Personajes secundarios: Byun BaekHyun, Kim JongDae y K...
Full Size Bed // Baekchen by chenwhinery
Full Size Bed // Baekchenby chenwhinery
Their hotel sucked ass, but at least their memories would last. --- Rated PG-15 for language and sexual references. Word Count: 6.3k --- Some EXO Cameo Appearances: Kyun...
Why Are You Like This // Baekchen by chenwhinery
Why Are You Like This // Baekchenby chenwhinery
All it took was a slip of the tongue... and a curious and open mind.