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The fake girlfriend deal. ||BEING HEAVILY EDITED|| by Itty2bitty
The fake girlfriend deal. || Katie
Yuna is taking college as her chance to finally overcome the trauma of her past. To become comfortable in being feminine, to slowly get over her fear of guys. Riven, is...
Charlotte Hunter Crossmaker  by Akret_Cross
Charlotte Hunter Crossmaker by Taigai Hardluck
Warning! This story contains: murder, mention of torture but no details, gender equality in our story couple and a dominant female in the couple so ya, fluff, 18+ REFER...
Follow The Wind by justagoatboy
Follow The Windby oliver
Nergal ran away, away from everything that made him smile and things that caused him pain. There is one problem Nergal is a prince and his brother Vivlío will stop at no...
running away to somewhere new || dsmp runaway au by bonesforboo
running away to somewhere new || bones
**DISCLAIMER** Everything until chapter 18 is all old writing from before! Runaway bench trio + adopted by SBI au,what a great mix! Quick summary! The bench trio live in...
An Omega Boy by ShadaoFlame
An Omega Boyby Shadao
The Vatli family, known for its prestige and social class, is inflamed due to the rank of the first lady's child, an omega...
Thomas Morfin  Prince-Riddle by Lovegood_3
Thomas Morfin Prince-Riddleby My_3ndl3ssP4in
In this AU, Severus had changed his Last name from Snape to Prince. Eileen never died and Severus had a Little 13 year old Sister. What if Voldemort's Attack Succeded...
Kenny X Reader by Last_Ones
Kenny X Readerby Last_Ones
New town? Fine.New school? Fine. New crush? A bit of an issue. Disclaimer: No art is mine!!
Lyle's adopted daughter by MishelaRisteska
Lyle's adopted daughterby Jasperlover3000
What if Lyle and Erik never went to jail, what if the case was closed, and they were supported from killing they're abusive and rape parents, Erik and Tammi had Talia an...
He called me a mooncake by invisible1girl
He called me a mooncakeby Jinx
I'm In my teenage years and I'm living a strange life in a not really good family, I'm a bisexual girl and I love to write dark poetry. Romance is my favourite. This per...
Mother knows best by lceRose
Mother knows bestby T.G Book-Keeper
This story revolves around a 18 to be, teenager with a life a little more complicated then most teens his age. Living with his overly religious mother, he makes his way...
Stuck In The Den by StupidMentalFuck
Stuck In The Denby Felix
Fae is a young wolf shifter, he's sixteen but his wolf is still just a puppy. Fae ran from his abusive pack about a month ago and has been on the run from city to city s...
My Little Sceret by Mafia-Majesty
My Little Sceretby ~Mafia Princess~
Ariana was from a very religious household, meaning no premarital sex. So when this 15 year old got pregnant and the baby daddy didn't want the baby she didn't know what...
The mafia man that saved my life (season 1)  by RewanMegawer
The mafia man that saved my life ( RewanMegawer
"I know we said we are not ready yet but I can't take it anymore... I am sorry Loren but I have to. Always remember I LOVE YOU you were so brave" ...
Double Life by ShLoRo
Double Lifeby ShLoRo
Emersyn has spent her entire life helping other people. Her family have never been the strongest, her Dad walked out long before she was 1 year old and her mum continued...
Shadow Angel by Moonlightlupin
Shadow Angelby Ciel
After two days of complete shit, Kane has to make the biggest decision ever. Possibly get killed while being the bodyguard for the son of one of the biggest mafia bosses...
dekubaku: mermaid au by daughter_of_wisdom1
dekubaku: mermaid auby Ajanae Lloyd
When Kastuki was little he would have never thought that he would end up married to a human, much less a prince. This started as a fanfic writing contest between me and...
The wings you make by bt4f1y
The wings you makeby fix.on
Yara, or Na-bi, some people like to call her thought her school life would turn back to normal after the summer break but she meets Park Eun-ho in the most unexpected wa...
Knocking On Death's Door by ChloeTheCookie14
Knocking On Death's Doorby Chloe
When Mark's older brother, Lachlan, turns up dead on the riverside, police state it was a suicide, which makes absolutely no sense to Mark. Mark knew Lachlan better than...
mental health quotes by ShortBlondeAndFruity
mental health quotesby Riv
not my quotes in you have any you want to put in here let me know, also let em know what mental health problem it goes with. ANd remember your worth a lot more than you...
The Red Computer  by A_Lonely__Ghost
The Red Computer by Lonely Ghost
Elaina and Stephanie have been through a lot together. There last car ride left them with memories they couldn't forget. With feelings they couldn't forget. Now trying...