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Arcane Academy by Demigod_Queen88
Arcane Academyby Ashlee Jo Stafford
First off, NOT MY STORY as always. Credit goes to ame3565 I got it off of ff but it can also be found on AO3. However, it is not on here so I thought to give it to you f...
The right path by Desdes00
The right pathby Desdes00
When Voldemort hits Harry with the killing curse the night of the Hogwarts battle, a choice will present itself for young Harry to make. What will he choose? I do not ow...
The Silver Tongue  by NataliaAlianovna_
The Silver Tongue by Natalia Alianovna Romanova
What if harry potter grew up differently with his aunt by his side and knowing about the magical world. In this story he learned things not many would. So find out in Th...
Here We Go by NataliaAlianovna_
Here We Goby Natalia Alianovna Romanova
Hello this story is again Dumbledore bashing along with molly,ginny,Molly,, Ron. to find out what the stories about read the first chapter!
My World Is Changing by Soulfire100
My World Is Changingby Soulfire100
Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived Hah, that's gonna change. (No, he won't die) Harry's world changes during potions class. Wings and markings pop up. Just what creature is...
Twins Rejection by Azeel3000
Twins Rejectionby Azeel3000
HP fanfic. "I, John Potter reject my twin, Harrison James Potter." He- he rejected me. I'm....going to die. This story is discontinued and adopted!!!!
Twins and the Philosopher's Stone by Thewoodlandking1345
Twins and the Philosopher's Stoneby Blaine Wood
HP fanfic. Harry has a twin sister, and so does Draco. Manipulative Dumbles, Dumbles bashing, Lucius not truly evil. Very Powerful Harry, Lenora, Natalie, and Draco. Wea...
Magic's Triple Threat by WereKitty999
Magic's Triple Threatby WereKitty999
So, I've had this idea floating around in my head for a while. I would like to insert three female characters into the HP verse and see where my mind takes me on our lov...
Harry Potter and The curse of Jealousy ~(Discontinued)~ by Im_JustASimp
Harry Potter and The curse of Im_JustASimp
This story is currently being rewritten. You are free to read this if you wish but it is not finished, and never will be. Rewrite is inside
A New Beginning  by CrucialSummer
A New Beginning by CrucialSummer
Fed up with the way the Wizarding world of Britain treats him, along with the dangers he now faces. Harry, Hermione and Mcgonagall with the help of madame Maxime and Vik...
Little Snake  by A_Cup_Of_Tae__
Little Snake by potato-nim
Who knew that Lily and James Potter had twins? Harry James Potter and Marilyn Lily Potter. What's sad is that on an unfortunate night that settles upon the Potters, Jam...
Who I Truly Am by Starling_Bat
Who I Truly Amby Lady_of_Anxiety
Harry Potter Has Many names The Boy Who Lived,The Boy who wouldn't die,etc....But a few things they got wrong 1.Harry James Potter is V.B.R 2.He's a She 3.She's not a Po...
Back To The Start by KaiCos22
Back To The Startby AnimèAngel
Having enough of the shortcomings of the adults meant to help and protect him, Harry takes control of his life in a flurish that no one saw coming. Turning his back to t...