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[ ON HOLD] Louis' Protective Bestfriends // Zourry by tommowaylove
[ ON HOLD] Louis' Protective Bittersweet_Goodbyes
Louis Tomlinson have to Bestfriends, who I might add are really protective of him. Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. Both older than Louis by 2 and 3 years . These bad boys k...
Another Bad Boy Story [Ziall] by fallintoz
Another Bad Boy Story [Ziall]by ria
Zayn Malik. The name that every student in Bradford's Private School for The Artistically Talented fears. He's got the attitude. The looks. The money and yeah, he's als...
✏️The Stepbrother: Zarry A.U.✏️ by rain-berry-zarry
✏️The Stepbrother: Zarry A.U.✏️by rainberryzarry2.0_
A story where Harry is a punk rock, and Zayn is a Bradford bad boy. Two completely different boys, from two different worlds. What'll happens when the two parents fina...
Cold Water || Zayn Malik Version by malikskink
Cold Water || Zayn Malik Versionby malikskink
-Zayn Malik Version of @smileyourpretty 's Cold Water(Niall)- Renee Delilah Parker would describe herself in three words: crazy, ambitious, and fun. She's not your avera...
Only one punch away- ZIALL by rainbowgirl6839
Only one punch away- ZIALLby rainbowgirl6839
Zayn see a cute girl (Niall) and falls in love with her.but soon zayn realized that was the girl that his sister used to bully in middle school will his sister agree...
My Reality by crazyangie1
My Realityby crazyangie1
Clarica starts high school and meets Zayn in band.Zayn falls in love with Clarica and they become a couple, but Clarica dosent know as much about Zayn as she thought she...
Nothing like us || Niall Horan by niallfasterr
Nothing like us || Niall Horanby ⋆∾Κια∾⋆
"You need to stay away from me" "Baby if only it was that simple" After the death of her mother, Riley Jane Corbett has to move in with her dad who h...
Back On The Road by Shanice_
Back On The Roadby Shanice_
A teenage girl suffers from a fear of loneliness because she has problems with her parents. She doesn't get any attention from them, so she searches it somewhere else. ...
Hate Me by imblondedealwithit
Hate Meby Andra
When Jade Winters first moved into the small town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, she didn't expect her life to be anything but normal. But it all changed the day that sh...
Persistence- A Zayn Malik fanfic by directioner-Writer
Persistence- A Zayn Malik fanficby directioner-Writer
It all started when Kathrine moves to Bradford.In Bradford she is not happy.She knows she will never be, but then someone comes and crushes her walls down. Zayn is the t...
Unconditionally in Love by MadForMalik1Dx
Unconditionally in Loveby E
A 18 year old girl who has lived in New York her whole life, moves to Bradford for her Mum and Dad's job, little did she know that her life would turn upside down for th...
The Theory of Liam Payne⇪Ziam au✔️ by butt3rflyTA3
The Theory of Liam Payne⇪Ziam au✔️by ☆☆☆
"I've been writing this since the first day I've met you Li" [completed]
Broken (Zayn Malik) by emilyharris_
Broken (Zayn Malik)by emilyharris_
Zayn Malik has had Depression for as long as he can remember. He was diagnosed at 13 but it started earlier. Ever since he watched his father repeatedly beat his mother...
Hopelessly Fallen by banginhemmo
Hopelessly Fallenby Mouny
Sage had moved from school to school, ever since she was younger. She has been all over the country. New York, Texas, even Minnesota. Now, her and her family moved into...
The Seventh Seal by AurrieEls
The Seventh Sealby Michelle
"There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable." ~Mark Twain Zayn doesn't associate himself with the lowlife humans that stampede o...
You're Mine. by ksking99
You're ksking99
-Bad boy Zayn and Talia Hale, are not meant to be mixed into eachother's worlds- Zayn is a cocky, demanding, rude, drug dealing, gang leader; the definition of bad boy...
Going Nowhere by addslove
Going Nowhereby addslove
Regina, known as Gina is a senior in high school. Her life changes as she meets the bad boy Zayn Malik who wants nothing to do with life, unless she is apart of it. Can...
Possessive Bad boy (Dark Ziam) by Starzonfire
Possessive Bad boy (Dark Ziam)by Starz
Meet Liam, a sweet and very kind lad, have a counter with Zayn, leader of the bad boys of the school, and Zayn is never letting him go. Never encounter with a possess...