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His Rebellious Nerd by Summer_melody1909
His Rebellious Nerdby Summer melody 🎶
Every bad boy wants a good girl who is bad only for him and every Good girl wants a bad boy who is good only for her. Amelia brooks is a nerd allergic to socializing. S...
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Ocean Of Lies by buttercreamSQ
Ocean Of Liesby Michaelbadjackson
There's one rule about love: don't mess around with those who have partners. But when Madison met Michael Jackson her life changed... Was it for the better? Or worse?
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Falling Slowly  by Awkwardgirlx
Falling Slowly by Awkwardgirlx
How can you believe anything when you're life is filled with lies. But one boy changes everything I thought I knew and now I'm falling slowly for the bad boy next store...
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For Us: Junior Year by Thegeod
For Us: Junior Yearby George Daratanas
Orleston is on the rocks, Tigers are on top and our group is back trying to figure out their lives after a shocking last year. For Us it's back, better, bigger and wit...
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The Life of a Crazy Bad Ass by whatisagoodusername2
The Life of a Crazy Bad Assby Full name? Nah, I'm good
Alexis Daniels was forgotten by everyone, but her immediate family. Her mother sent her away at the age of seven. She has been living in a house in the alps ever since...
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Fight For Me by capitalObsessed
Fight For Meby :)
Bailey Carson has trust issues. Trust issues bad enough to ruin every relationship she's ever had. Trust issues that make functioning in the real world a hard thing. Tr...
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It's a Little Complicated  by tilliza2342
It's a Little Complicated by tilliza2342
Elizabeth Scott, an 18 year old high school student destined for a career in medicine meets her perfect match in golden boy Cole Hawkins, the star athlete at the boys sc...
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Stained by authorstained
Stainedby authorstained
"You said you'd ruin me, so congratulations Damien you have." If only I had some kind of warning, a sign even, before he came crashing into my life... he got...
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The Boy Down The Road by TheGabrielleT
The Boy Down The Roadby TheGabrielleT
Astrid just moved into a new town. A new school. New people. A fresh start. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Astrid has the chance to become popular, but will she ta...
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Unwanted Romance by leahliebenberg
Unwanted Romanceby leahliebenberg
A troubled teen that goes by the name, Katie Miller, she doesn't think fondly of the meaning to carry on with life. She just 'does' so... After a huge broken heart she l...
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Ying Yang  by booksandpages333
Ying Yang by :))
"How do you really feel?" The soft husky voice oozed through my ears. It was as if the words fell from my mouth. Almost like my brain didn't even comprehend t...
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Along time. (Alex and Ashley) by FANfics_Lydia
Along time. (Alex and Ashley)by Lydia
Hi I'm Alex. I'm a young boy who lives in a world of love and kindness. But one day that all changed. Hi I'm Ashley. I'm a young girl. Living in a world of harm and fear...
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So I Stayed? So What, I love you..... by xXWhimsicalMusaXx
So I Stayed? So What, I love xXMusaXx
Started: November 27 Ended: ? Wattpad Published: Nov 30 Warning ⚠️: Cliche Brother's Best Friend Storyline ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ You know the hardest thing in life is w...
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What Maddie Wants by tthegirlyoudontknow
What Maddie Wantsby thegirlyoudontknow
When Maddie meets Levi, she's intrigued. He's quiet, smart, handsome and mysterious, and she's drawn to him like a magnet. When Levi meets Maddie, he's in trouble. His...
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She never listens by pancakexsyrup
She never listensby 🍡lonely•munchies🍡
Kaden is the school bully, though she doesn't say or do anything to earn such a title. She simply ignores people, especially teachers. Kaden is a smart, cunning senior i...
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My Bad Boy  by safashaqsy
My Bad Boy by Safa Shaqsy
Lana has a crush on Josh, who is a typical bad boy. Sam secretly loves Lana since middle school, but he know Lana likes Josh. Josh has a black motorcycle, and keeps star...
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The Bad Boy Skated Into My Heart  by shahdite
The Bad Boy Skated Into My Heart by shahdite
☆SKATING INTO MY HEART☆ *** Shade Turnito, a new girl, moving into the blazing Arizona heat. Her intodruction to her new highschool started with Anthony Blaylock. Shade...
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No Boys Allowed by blondechick123
No Boys Allowedby E. R. M.
"This is your fault! I should've never left! I should've been here!" I scream at him. His cool gray eyes don't express any hurt or anger. He crushes me in his...
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His by wensday-adams12
Hisby wensday-adams12
Victoria Adams She has a beautiful set of long dark black locks and her pale body is curvy while still being skinny But no one knows because she hides the good girl i...
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My Friend's Step Brother  by marielledov
My Friend's Step Brother by marielledov
Meet Myra, a 18 year old girl who's in senior year. She moved into a new school called Norwood High. Where she finds new love, friends, and enemies. Myra is just a crazy...
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