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Bad by starry9th
" Once you in my life, there's no going back..", he smirk like he's gonna blow me off. But his arms still tightly wrap around my waist. I gulped and said, &quo...
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Falling For Malachy by dyersygirl
Falling For Malachyby Cody
Chasney Smith is just your regular teenage girl. Sarcastic, fiesty and outgoing. Malachy Evans however is your hot and popular bad boy. Although Chasney wouldn't go as...
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Barbosa Brothers by austeakette
Barbosa Brothersby Austea E. Kette
[Updates every week] "Have you missed me that much, darling?" "You?" I huffed."Pff." "I bet you were suffocating without having someon...
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I slept with my crush [] by the_moon_lie
I slept with my crush []by the_moon_lie
It a story about a girl name Min seo-yun. she is sister of min yoongi. They both study in same college and most importantly. she has a crush on her brother's friend Kim...
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H A T E A N D L O V E ! by bautistayang
H A T E A N D L O V E !by Binibining Erna
it's beautiful... just read it...
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lust povs / imagines by naomisbody
lust povs / imaginesby naomi
this is just lust imagines a different imagine every part .
5 Years Ago by PiyaliMajumdar
5 Years Agoby Fantasy lover
"I hate that school" shouted Naomi. "Especially that boy. He almost destroyed my whole life." Naomi faced an awkward situation. which she is still em...
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It's you  by HessasVariety
It's you by HessasVariety
Aliceion's life is perfect.Both her parents are lawyers and she's the only child.She goes to the perfect private school and has the perfect grades and the perfect friend...
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You Wanna Bet? by LorriMoore
You Wanna Bet?by Lorri Moore
Oh, sheesh kebab I can't believe I'm doing this. I tap Jackson on the shoulder: "Jackson?," I call him. "What is it sugar?," he turns around. My la...
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We're Just Friends by MaddisonSanderson
We're Just Friendsby Maddison Sanderson
What happens when you realise you are in love with your best friend? Especially when all your friends ship you together. Let me tell you.
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The Jock next door by Lujy_313
The Jock next doorby ~ surviver ~ ✨
Asher Cooper is your regular jock at school. Though he has problems in his real life he's good at hiding it and his emotions. Later on he starts hanging out with his ne...
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Her Prince Charming 🥺 by unknown_Phan09
Her Prince Charming 🥺by em.006
Ella a normal suburban girls world gets turned on its head when a new kid transfers to her school..... #fiction #original
Holding Back by joymoment
Holding Backby Joy
"I love how this book is turning out!😍 Not cliche at all!" - i_hatecliche "We might live next door to each other," Haley said, "but we don't li...
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Seven Devils by thriftywitch
Seven Devilsby Thriftywitch
"Fulton County 911. Where is your emergency?" I open my mouth to talk but nothing comes out. Just heavy breaths as I continue to stare at the lifeless body in...
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The soccer girl next door  by Awardy159
The soccer girl next door by Awardy159
Alleah moves from London back to her home town Australia for her mums business but little does she know she's in for a hella of a ride because mr bad boy Harden, lives n...
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H.D. University by kazumizen
H.D. Universityby KazumiNakamura
is it Heaven Dean?or Hell Devil?
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My brothers best friend  by sofwanaa
My brothers best friend by sofwanaa
"what's wrong?"I step back! "Nothings wrong!its just that ur so cute!" He leaned in into me "pls stop!" "ur my brothers bestfreind&quo...
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Best friends | shawn mendes  by deadlyyvampire
Best friends | shawn mendes by 𝑬𝒎𝒐 𝒈𝒊𝒓𝒍 🥀
Elizabeth Collins, has been best friends with the boy next door since she was 5 years old... what happens when she starts to catch feelings? Read to find out (Warning la...
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Why did you fall for me? by sofiaxox99
Why did you fall for me?by sofiaxox99
Faye Richards is new to the school. Very cliche I know and then we have our "bad boy" Jake Colby. Except Faye wasn't stupid and didn't fall at Jake's feet. Ev...
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Plenty of Fish in the Sea by macaroni_isthename
Plenty of Fish in the Seaby Mac
Sometimes in life, we encounter feelings that refuse to let us go. Melanie Warren is one of those people who like to ignore those feelings. She pushes through life as sh...
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